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Hurricane I  L2049 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hurricane I  L2049

Block 1, Hawker Aircraft Ltd. 15 Dec 37 - 6 Oct 1939 More information in: Dr. Colin James Pratt-Hooson's Hurricane Site

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/397Pilot Officer J E R Wood: injured; Hurricane L2049 failed to return from an operational flight, 14 May 1940.C14502068

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Pre War 32 Sqn Hurricane Accidents - Bale Out Query!The pre war 32 Sqn ORB is lacking in any detail of many 32 Sqn Hurricane. I have a list of the following 5 32 Sqn incidents before September 1939 26 February 1939 HURRICANE L1675 of 32Sqn crashed on approach, Biggin Hill. 6 April 1939 HURRICANE L1672 of 32Sqn crashed on approach, Biggin Hill. 2 May 1939 HURRICANE L1647 of 32Sqn taxied into tractor at Sutton Bridge. 9 July 1939 HURRICANE L1661 of 32Sqn abandoned 5m S of Herne Bay, Kent. 11 August 1939 HURRICANE L1662 of 32Sqn hit hill in low cloud, Tatsfield, Kent. The only one mentioned in the ORB is 11 August 1939 Biggin Hill 8.8.39 to 11.8.39 No 32 Squadron took part in the Anuual Home Defence Air Exercise, being employed as a night Flying Squadron. During the night of 10/11th August Flying Officer Artur Robin Buchanan Wollaston and Pilot Officer Harold Stewart Olding were killed by crashing into hills near Tatsfield This is confirmed by Flight Flight AUGUST 17- 1939 P / O . Harold Stewart Olding (flying solo) lost his life in an accident which occurred on August 11 at Tatsfield, Surrey, to an aircraft of No. 32 Squadron. F / O . Arthur Robin Buchanan-Wollaston lost his life in an accident which occurred on August 11 at Tatsfield, Surrey, to an aircraft of No. 32 Squadron. And also Hull Daily Mail for Fri 11 Aug 1939 Killed Two R.A.F. pilots lost their lives in two separate crashes during the blackout at Tatsfield. Surrey, early to-day. They were Flying Officer Arthur Robin Buchanan-Wollaston and Pilot Officer Harold Stewart Olding, both of No 32 Squadron. Each was the pilot and sole occupant of the machine, and although the accidents happened in the same area, they had no connection. A google search throws up more info on this incident Accidents at Biggin Hill over the years. August 1939: Flying Officer Olding volunteers for black-out patrol on a night of poor visibility. The Merlin engine of his Hurricane cuts out and he crashes into the hill at Tatsfield. Minutes later Flying Officer Robin Buchanan-Woolaston is ordered to drop a flare by Olding's crash site. He too flies into the side of the hill less than 100 yards from the previous wreck. Both men are killed Now here are my problems. I can't ID a second Hurricane loss for 32 Sqn on 11 August 1939 other than L1662! Hurricane by Edward Bishop provides a list of 32 Sqn 'L' Series Hurricanes Note series of Initial issue No.32 (F) Squadron, Bigginh Hill, 2/40 L1596, L1647, L1655, L1658-L1668 (initial issue), L1670, L1672, L1674, L1675, L1835, L1836, L1841, L1972, L2049, L2050, L2063 whereby Aircraft for the few: the RAF's fighters and bombers of 1940 Michael J. F. Bowyer has 'Hurricane L1662:SD-V of 501 Squadron typifies the early wartime markings of fighters and features the Watts propeller of the first Hurricanes.' So we have reference to L1662 after begining of WW2 - So we may have have a mis Id somewhere Als ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 24th October 2012 04:11:45

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