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Henley  L3418 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Henley  L3418

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/2364Sergeant R I Perry: killed; Sergeant E Jacobs: missing believed killed; aircraft accident, Malltraeth Bay, Henley L3418, 1 Anti-Aircraft Cooperation Unit, 6 July 1940.C16471876

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Henley L3418

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantEdwin Clifford JACOBS (581101) Henley L3418  AIR81/2364 1940-07-061 AACU United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantRobert Ivan PERRY (562254) Pilot Henley L3418  AIR81/2364 1940-07-061 AACU United KingdomPwllheli Borough Cemetery

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400706 - Unaccounted airmen - 6-7-1940and those also interested in........... Thanks to your info on Sgt E.C. JACOBS - 581101 (1 AACU) I could find the matching aircraft. It was Henley TT.1 serial L3418 that dived into the sea off Malltreath Bay, Anglesey, caused presumed as glycol leak. The body of the pilot, Sgt Robert I. PERRY - 562264, may have been recovered from the sea. He lies buried at Pwllheli Bourough Cem., Caernarvonshire (UK8493). Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 12th January 2008 11:20:55
400706 - Unaccounted airmen - 6-7-1940Hi Henk, Here is the RNLI record for L3418 JULY 6TH. - HOLYHEAD, ANGLESEY. An aeroplane had crashed into the sea in Aberffraw Bay, but nothing could be found. - Rewards. 6 5s. RNLI Records of Service 1939-46 Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 12th January 2008 11:41:00
400706 - Unaccounted airmen - 6-7-1940Thanks for info on L3418. What is preferred as possible crash location to add in my files: Aberffraw Bay or Malltreath Bay ? Regards, Henk. NB: Also have an outstanding e-mail re aircraft type (PR or not PR). ....Read More.Henk Welting on 12th January 2008 12:28:55

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