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Magister I L5964 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Magister I L5964

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Magister I L5964

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Pilot OfficerRalph Geoffrey PRIOR (111128) Pilot Magister I L5964  Forum Post 1941-12-0816 EFTS United KingdomChigwell (St. Mary The Less) C

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411208 - Unaccounted airmen - 8-12-1941What were the places of death registration for: A - Killed on active service: AC2 Leonard A. ARNOLD - 1412625; AC2 George G. BAKER - 1419915; AC2 Trevor G. BEYNON - 1419889; AC2 Francis G. HASSALL - 1489047; LAC (Pilot) Edward McALLISTER - 1372895; AC2 Samuel H. NOAKES - 1456628 - age 32; Cpl (Pilot u/t) Kenneth P. SEXTON - 657841; LAC (Pilot u/t) Ronald J. SHEWARD - 657730; AC2 Felix W. WALTON - 1456610, and AC2 Leslie W. YEA - 1419775. B - Killed on active service (while engaged on non-operational flying duties or on the ground through enemy action): AC2 Arthur CRAVEN - 1417519 - age 32; AC2 Desmond L.J. EVANS - 1419886; AC2 Kenneth L. MUSGROVE - 1456819, and P/O (Pilot) Ralph G. PRIOR - 111128. C - Not found in Flight archives: AC2 John COSTIGAN - 1081535, and AC1 Alec C. POPELEY - 1101568 - 405 Sqn (Pocklington, Yorkshire). D - Also looking for the unit of: Sgt Robert A. HAMON - 1256292, whose name is commemorated on Panel 44 of the Runnymede Memorial. E - Proposed aircraft losses for this day: Lysander III - V9492 - 6 AACU - crashed in forced landing Alderley Edge, Cheshire. Lysander III - V9515 - 8 AACU - crashed in forced landing Bieri Farm, 1˝ mile SW of Llandridod Wells, Radnor. Oxford I - P8997 - 2 FTS - undershot landing at night 1 mile SW of Akeman Street. Oxford I - R6017 - 3 FTS - crashed on overshoot at night Bibury. Spitfire I - R6898 - 61 OTU - flew into ground Bramley, Hampshire. Tiger Moth II - N6938 - 7 EFTS - crashed in forced landing Wythall, Worcestershire. Tiger Moth II - T7918 - 28 EFTS - crashed on landing Meir. Magister I - L5964 - 16 EFTS - broke up in air and crashed into River Trent, Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire. NOTE: Most of above-mentioned airmen may have been air raid casualties. It's known that on same day following airmen of 22 Recruit Centre (?), Whitley Bay, Northumberland, were killed in an air raid: AC2 Thomas C.R. CLEMO - 1415855; AC2 Francis D. HILL - 1419739, and AC2 Reginald SPRY - 1420220. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 15th February 2009 09:29:16
411208 - Unaccounted airmen - 8-12-1941Lysander V9492 was a non fatal accident, somewhere I have the crew details, the pilot was PAF with and RAF W/Op. December 8th 1941, “Force landed in Lysander V9492 at Alderley Edge, Nr Wilmslow. Pilot + wireless operator slightly injured.” Pilot Officer Prior was killed in Magister L5964. December 8th 1941, “P/O Prior crashed when a wing came off his plane over Burton at 12.30 hrs. His body has not yet been recovered as the plane dived into the river. His pupil LAC Morris had a lucky escape being thrown out when only about 100 ft up, his parachute opened just before touching the river, he then swam ashore dragging his parachute with him. Except for slight shock he is fit for flying again.” Prior's remains were not found until May 1942, he was identified by the identity card and leave pass in a pocket. May 21st 1942, “At 21.50 the body of an airman was received from the River Trent, presumed to be that of P/O Prior, missing believed killed in a flying accident on Dec 8th 1941, when the aircraft piloted by him fell into the river.” May 22nd 1942, “The M/O reviewed the body recovered from the River Trent and by means of Form 1250 in pocket of body established the identity of the corpse as P/O Prior.” ....Read More.alclark on 15th February 2009 11:15:45
AiB AVIA Class ReportsThis file is in better condition in the TNA. More files have photos and the extent of report is expanded from those previously in AVIA5/19 Far fewer mistakes in aircraft serial transcription AA759 Spitfire V 22/10/1941 W1129 AA801 Spitfire IV 29/10/1941 W1132 AB646 Oxford II 30/11/1941 W1149 AB693 Oxford II 20/09/1941 W1111 AH432 Havoc II 21/11/1941 W1143 AH582 Airacobra I ??/10/1941 W1125 AH847 Tomahawk Ia 20/10/1941 W1126 AH856 Tomahawk Ia 31/05/1941 W1031 AH888 Tomahawk Iia 30/04/1941 W1015 AH922 Tomahawk IIa 11/09/1941 W1105A AL562 Liberator II 23/11/1941 W1146 AM260 Liberator I 14/08/1941 W1089 AM261 Liberator I 10/08/1941 W1086a AM915 Liberator I 01/09/1941 W1100 AN522 Fortress I 22/06/1941 W1048 AN534 Fortress I 28/07/1941 W1072 AN536 Fortress I 09/01/1942 W1165 AP475 Oxford II 07/02/1942 W1177 AR671 Mohawk IV 30/01/1942 W1175 AW209 Beaufort I 29/07/1941 W1072a AW215 Beaufort I ??/06/1941 W1040 AW395 Havoc I 26/01/1942 W1171 AW850 Anson I 13/01/1942 W1169 BB912 Havoc I 22/04/1941 W1010 BD786 Hurricane Iib 30/08/1941 W1097 BJ494 Havoc I 29/09/1941 W1115 BL407 Spitfire V 24/12/1941 W1159 BL432 Spitfire V 14/02/1942 W1180 BL480 Spitfire V ??/01/1942 W1174 BL491 Spitfire V 08/03/1942 W1191 BL538 Spitfire V 09/03/1942 W1190 BL568 Spitfire V 10/01/1942 W1167 BT488 Hotspur II 19/12/1941 W1157 HM178 Argus I 15/03/1942 W1196 K5608 Shark II 24/02/1942 W1183 K6110 Tutor I 07/09/1941 W1103 L2887 Skua II 15/05/1941 W1023a L3152 Roc 30/07/1941 W1076a L3284 Henley I 03/06/1941 W1032 L4297 Wellington I 29/04/1941 W1013 L4575 Oxford I 05/05/1941 W1019 L4622 Oxford I 15/11/1941 W1139 L4636 Oxford I 25/10/1941 W1130 L4851 Blenheim IV 01/07/1941 W1055 L5964 Magister I 08/12/1941 W1152 L6195 Botha I 18/11/1941 W1140 L6396 Botha I 11/03/1942 W1194 L6449 Botha I 10/06/1941 W1038a L6750 Blenheim I 24/01/1942 W1173 L6845 Whirlwind P 11/06/1941 W1039 L7248 Lerwick I 21/10/1941 W1127 L7300 Manchester I 23/11/1941 W1144 L7310 Manchester I 21/06/1941 W1046 L7315 Manchester I 29/06/1941 W1053 L7318 Manchester I 15/09/1941 W1107 L7428 Manchester I 18/11/1941 W1141 L7863 Wellington Ic 06/01/1942 W1163 L8084 Magister I 25/06/1941 W1051 L8164 Magister I 11/12/1941 W1153 L9567 Halifax 14/09/1941 W1106a L9652 Oxford I 14/09/1941 W1005 L9935 Beaufort I 07/02/1942 W1178 N1474 Whitley V 17/06/1941 W1042 N3286 Spitfire I 15/08/1941 W1090 N3627 Blenheim IV 08/08/1941 W1086 N3935 Magister I 05/06/1941 W1034 N4563 Oxford I 04/05/1941 W1018 N5453 DH.82 Tiger Moth II 07/07/1941 W1058 N6019 Stirling I 08/05/1941 W1020 N6087 Stirling I 18/11/1941 W1142 N6431 Oxford II 30/01/1942 W1176 N6595 DH.82 Tiger Moth II 17/09/1941 W1108 N7574 Master I 25/09/1941 W1112b N7581 Master I 30/08/1941 W1098 N7704 Master I 07/06/1941 W1035 N7765 Master I 25/09/1941 W1113 N7927 Master I 14/05/1941 W1022 N7996 Master I 17/03/1942 W1199a N9318 DH.82 Tiger Moth II ??/06/1941 W1037 N9643 Anson I 22/04/1941 W1009 N9817 Anson I 15/05/1941 W1023 P1294 Hampden I 30/10/1941 W1133 P1368 Albemarle I 28/02/194 ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 11th November 2011 11:47:59

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