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Magister I L8136 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Magister I L8136

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AiB AVIA Class ReportsThe TNA index for AVIA 5 has a number of errors in the transcription of serial numbers that prevent easy searches. The following is very much a work in progress for AVIA5/19, the first wartime file, to provide an index of: Aircraft Serial Number, Aircraft Type, Date of Incident, W reference 2199 Blenheim IV W914 AM266 Catalina II ??/01/1941 W958a AR651 Mohawk IV 08/01/1941 W947 AR658 Mohawk IV 02/01/1941 W945 AR664 Mohawk IV 01/02/1941 W958 AR666 Mohawk IV 06/08/1940 W853 G-ADPF Tiger Moth W822 G-ADVH Monospar W748a G-AESO Tiger Moth W747 K4927 Hart Trainer 08/12/1940 W934 K6011 Swordfish 29/11/1940 W928 K6248 Anson I 21/03/1941 W989 K6272 Anson I 21/06/1940 W795 K6296 Anson I 01/04/1941 W997 K6718 Spitfire P W949 K7019 Harrow II 21/10/1938 W621 K7114 Blenheim I 09/03/1941 W984 K7156 Blenheim I 05/07/1940 W808 K7190 Whitley I 02/05/1939 W654 K7229 Whitley I 05/03/1941 W983 K7260 Whitley I 18/12/1939 W718 K7435 Audax I 11/10/1938 W619 K7594 Battle I 11/12/1937 W581 K7732 Wellesley I 29/09/1938 W617 K7933 Gladiator I 16/06/1938 W604 K7950 Gladiator I 19/11/1939 W709 K8503 Shark II 20/02/1941 W969a K8733 Anson I 21/02/1939 W639 K8996 Whitley III 18/10/1939 W693 K9001 Whitley III 19/09/1939 W684 K9002 Whitley III 21/07/1939 W669 K9223 Battle I 01/10/1940 W886 K9419 Battle I ??/03/1939 W641 K9838 Spitfire I 16/03/1939 W643 K9965 Spitfire I 08/09/1939 W679 K9977 Spitfire I 30/12/1939 W719 L1100 Blenheim I 03/01/1941 W946 L1153 Blenheim I 18/07/1938 W607 L1160 Blenheim I 07/11/1938 W623 L1164 Blenheim I 03/09/1939 W677 L1232 Blenheim I 05/06/1940 W784 L1358 Blenheim I 10/07/1940 W814 L1549 Hurricane I 20/07/1938 W607 L1577 Hurricane I 01/02/1941 W959 L1629 Hurricane I 02/02/1939 W635 L1717 Hurricane I 27/11/1940 W926 L1791 Hurricane I 25/07/1940 W827 L1849 Hurricane I 07/07/1940 W810 L1870 Hurricane I 29/07/1940 W827 L1936 Hurricane I 04/07/1940 W797 L1955 Hurricane I 29/07/1940 W832 L1989 Hurricane I ??/07/1940 W827 L2162 Sunderland I 20/09/1938 W616 L2944 Skua II 27/07/1940 W829 L2946 Skua II 11/01/1940 W724 L3036 Skua II 14/11/1939 W708 L4054 Hampden I 07/04/1940 W749 L4136 Hampden I 20/04/1939 W649 L4161 Hampden I 05/09/1939 W678 L4243 Wellington I 15/05/1939 W656 L4261 Wellington I 01/03/1941 W979 L4290 Wellington I 21/07/1939 W670 L4395 Mentor 21/03/1940 W745 L4547 Oxford I 06/11/1939 W703 L4571 Oxford I 18/09/1939 W683 L4580 Oxford I 13/09/1938 W615 L4702 Lysander I 28/04/1939 W653 L4762 Lysander II 28/04/1939 W652 L4853 Blenheim IV 06/08/1940 W838 L5356 Battle I 29/10/1940 W900 L5947 Magister I ??/07/1940 W807 L5948 Magister I 10/05/1938 W602 L6016 Hereford I 09/05/1940 W765 L6160 Botha I 02/05/1940 W775 L6205 Botha I ??/08/1940 W850 L6612 Blenheim I 19/12/1940 W941 L6679 Blenheim I 16/11/1940 W912 L6970 Defiant I 11/06/1940 W791 L7004 Defiant I 07/06/1940 W787 L7278 Manchester I 21/03/1941 W988 L7596 DH.86 28/07/1939 W672 L8060 Magister I 16/08/1938 W614 L8136 Magister I 11/11/1938 W624 L8331 Magister I 15/04/1940 W754 L8369 Blenheim I 25 ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 7th November 2011 08:36:22
Crash Miles Magister L8136 213 Sqn ? November 11 1938A website has the following for this"MA Miles Magister Mk.I. L8136 RAF "213 Sqn" Control lost, spiralled into ground,due to aerodynamic design fault at Shillington, Bedfordshire. Pilot Frederick Christie was reunited with Elizabeth Cooper in 1976 who came to his aid following the incident." Firstly, I have found a report in a newspaper at the time which says "Western Morning News Sat 12 Nov 1938 PLANE HITS HUT Workman Killed, Airmen Escape When a plane taking off from the R.A.F. aerodrome at Henlow, Beds, yesterday struck a hut in which two men were working, one of them was killed and the other injured, and the 'plane was severely damaged. This accident occurred not long after an incoming plane from the same aerodrome had come down and been damaged at Shillington. a few miles away. An officer was hurt in that mishap. The Henlow depot fire tender had left for Shillington when the other accident occurred on the Henlow aerodrome sports ground. The machine caught the hut, slewed round, and landed badly damaged on the football pitch" The incident which the Henlow fire truck was going to is clearly Miles Magister Mk.I. L8136 However, I cannot find an officer called Frederick Christie, (there is a F J Christie at the Air Ministry) I wonder if it is the same man Can anyone provide more detail on this accident to Miles Magister L8136 on this date, the actual pilot and if he baled out or not, I say '213 Sqn' because newspaper articles indicates the Magister was based at Henlow and 213 Sqn was based at Wittering at the time Note: The Civilian who was killed in the hut was H. Abbiss from the Air Ministry, the man injured was called Dilley. Thanks ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 29th June 2012 06:04:03
Crash Miles Magister L8136 213 Sqn ? November 11 1938Hi Paul L8136 is listed as only serving with Wittering and Henlow so in 1938 was probably allocated to Wittering and hence confused with 213 Sqn. There is no F Christie in the August 1940 AFL andd the CWGC doesn't have any F or F J Christies killed before 1942 Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 29th June 2012 06:17:24
Crash Miles Magister L8136 213 Sqn ? November 11 1938Update 213 Sqn ORB hs the following P/O B.J.E. Lane and R.F. Weatherhill involved in crash in Magister L8316 sustained minor injuries. Aircraft written off 213 Sqn were at Wittering - the only issue I have now, was did Lane and Weatherhill bale out - I suspect so as their is a an AVIA 5 Report W624 on this incident "Miles Magister Mk.I. L8136 RAF 213 Sqn Control lost, spiralled into ground,due to aerodynamic design fault. " This leads up to a another question. What was the aircraft that crashed at Shillington, Bedfordshire? Newspaper reports state "This accident occurred not long after an incoming plane from the same aerodrome had come down and been damaged at Shillington a few miles away. An officer was hurt in that mishap." - This appears to have been the incident that Sergeant Frederick William CHRISTIE was involved in but it cannot be Magister L8316 - also reading thereport it seems more now to be a force landing as newspaper report say 'come down ' and would explain how Elizabeth Cooper came to his aid following the incident. ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 9th August 2012 07:36:36
If anyone is going to Kew soon and could look up 1 reference for me...I would be greatful - please PM me It is a prewar incident in the AVIA 5 records as W624 it refers to Miles Magister Mk.I. L8136 Kind regards and many thanks Paul McMillan ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 17th September 2012 10:15:43
Crash Miles Magister L8136 213 Sqn ? November 11 1938Hi Paul i was interested to read your investigation into the Miles Magister L8136 incident, Frederick Christie is my great uncle and was in a Miles magister crash in shillington he told me about the incident when i was a young boy,he was alone in the aircraft Miles Magister) doing aerobatics and he experienced control problems,he fought the unfortunate situation but was unable to recover from the subsequent spin and impacted the ground,later investigation found that air flow separation of the boundary air layer over the control surfaces had occured, this caused many similar incidents to the early version of this type of aircraft which prompted a modification,as i got older i contacted my great uncle for more information but unfortunately at the time he was in his 90,s and suffering from dementia and unable to recollect the event,i looked on aviation safety network website and found the incident you also looked at for November 11 1938 after reading the description about the aircraft lost control and spiralled to the ground it could only be the incident my great uncle described to me many years earlier,after reading your investigation perhaps now the information regarding the aircraft reg/date is ambiguous i can definately confirm to you that my great uncle Frederick Christie was not involved as you concluded in the ground incident that occurred earlier that day at henlow where there was an unfortunate fatality to a member of ground staff...Best Regards ....Read More.ian mcleod on 1st March 2013 04:52:38

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