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Blenheim IV L8855 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Blenheim IV L8855

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400706 - Unaccounted airmen - 6-7-1940Sorry for so many names this time......................... What caused the death of: P/O (Pilot) Jack C. BURRASTON - 42379 (from Australia ?) - died of wounds or injuries received on active service (Flight Global), buried Cranwell (St.Andrew) Churchyard, Crandwel & Byard's Leap, Lincolnshire (UK1931). P/O Burraston allotted same svcnr (42379) as P/O A.F.B. RAMSAY - 4 Sqn - killed 21-4-1940 and buried Trefcon British Cem., Caulaincourt, France. In same cemetery as Burraston lies buried with same date of death: LAC (Pilot) Ronald H.W. PARKER - 905524 - died of wounds or injuries received on active service (Flight Global), and LAC Basil DREAPER - 529489 - whose name I can't find in The Times and Flight Global archives, buried Henlow (St.Mary) Churchyard, Bedfordshire (UK3102), and Sgt Edwin C. JACOBS - 581101 - previously reported missing later believed killed on active service (Flight Global), commemorated on Panel 15 of the Runnymede Memorial, and Sgt (Pilot) Robert B. MURGATROYD - 519962 - 9 Sqn Honington, Suffolk - killed in action (while flying in operations against the enemy - Flight Global), buried Honington (All Saints) Churchyard, Suffolk (UK2856). He may have been killed aboard an aircraft that safely returned to base, and Sgt (WOp/Ag) Shepherd SOTHERAN - 751010 - killed on active service (Flight Global), buried Hartlepool (Hart Road) New Cem., Durham County (UK341). Aircraft losses for this date: Blenheim I - N3555 - 2 SAC - collided with another aircraft during take-off at night and crashed 2 miles west of Andover, Hampshire (already have as a casualty: P/O George R. LAMBERT - 42846 - RAF [from Canada]). Blenheim IV - L8855 - 264 Sqn - crashed (no further details). Gladiator II - N2266 - FF Shetlands - crashed on take-off Sumburgh. Hind I - K5413 - RAFC - flew into ground 1 mile south of South Clifton, Nottinghamshire. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 12th January 2008 07:45:42

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