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Blenheim IV L9297 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Blenheim IV L9297

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/2054Pilot Officer R J Carter, Sergeant J M Longley, Aircraftman W K Lambert: killed; Aircraftman C A Wadman: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Andover, Blenheim L9297, 2 School of Army Cooperation, 3 May 1940.C16471491

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Blenheim IV L9297

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Pilot OfficerReginald John CARTER (78271) Pilot Blenheim IV L9297  AIR81/2054 1940-05-032 SoAC United KingdomSouth London Crematorium, Mitc
Aircraftman 1st ClassWilliam Kirby LAMBERT (358419) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Blenheim IV L9297  AIR81/2054 1940-05-032 SoAC United KingdomBosham (Holy Trinity) Church C
SergeantJohn Miller LONGLEY (581463) Blenheim IV L9297  AIR81/2054 1940-05-032 SoAC United KingdomPenton Mewsey (Holy Trinity) C
Aircraftman 2nd ClassChristopher Arthur WADMAN (630909) Air Gunner Blenheim IV L9297  AIR81/2054 1940-05-032 SoAC United KingdomBarking (Rippleside) Cemetery

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ThreadPost TextAuthor
Names on War Memorial in Bosham SussexAnne, Have some more for you: LAMBERT was on Blenheim IV L9297 of 2 SAC crashed mile N of Andover. Casualties: Sgt J.M. Longley - 581463 P/O R.J. Carter - 78271 AC2 C.A. Wadman - 630909. APPLETON was on Typhoon IB MN928 of 247 Sqn hit by Flak near Flers and crashed Le Mesnil Guerard, Calvados, France. First buried Le Mesnil Guerard, reinterred Banneville la Campagne War Cem. Calvados. J.K. HOULE was on Wellington XIV NB964 of 621 Sqn missing on a ferry flight to Wadi Halfa, Sudan. Casualties: W/O E.B. Holloway - 1377343 F/Sgt T.K. Clucas - 1683573 F/Sgt J.W. Wilson - 1683541 LAC J. Parker - 950688 LAC R. Price - 1644248. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 13th January 2009 12:11:09
Names on War Memorial in Bosham SussexHi Anne I have a William K Lambert,34, registered at Andover in the 2nd Qtr of 1940 and in Warner's "Blenheim" is recorded the t/o crash at Andover of Blenheim IV,L9297 with the loss of all on board incl. an AC1 W Lambert among the crew members The unit was No2 School of Army Co-operation, based at Andover Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 13th January 2009 12:16:06
Blenheim Crash 1940 in AndoverHi Andy, In response to your question I offer brief details of seven Blenheim crashes in that period involving aircraft of 2 School of Army Co-Operation, the main user of Blenheims at Andover. 03/05/40 - L9297 - Mk IV - Engine failed on take-off, it stalled and spun in. Crew killed. 31/05/40 - L1296 - Mk I - Crashed on take-off. 06/07/40 - N3555 - Mk IV - Hit trees on night take-off, killing the crew. 18/07/40 - N3566 - Mk IV - Engine cut on take-off, swung and hit hedge. 06/08/40 - L4853 - Mk IV - Lost height on a night take-off and hit the ground. 1 killed, 2 injured. 04/09/40 - L9022 - Mk IV - Undershot a night landing and hit a tree. 1 injured. 10/09/40 - K7073 - Mk I - Engine cut on overshoot and crashed. 1 injured. I hope these brief details might get you a bit further and I would be very interested in seeing a copy of the eye-witness account if you can manage it. All the best, L9172 ....Read More.L9172 on 1st November 2009 02:40:27
CWGC WW2 Air Forces Query DB (now with serials, AIR81, Unaccounted airmen data)Added several features over the past week. Start with this link [URL][/URL] 1. Date Search now supports Month (YYYY-MM) in addition to Year and Actual Date 2. Results now show Trade (in Yellow box), Aircraft type and serial (in blue box) and AIR/NA/Forum reference in Red or YEllow box. 3. You can also search by aircraft serial number or by trade (search boxes on top) 4. Clicking on the serial number of an aircraft in this view will take you to the detail page - [URL][/URL] that will show Casualities, AIR references, related posts in the forum that contain that ac's serial. 5. Finally gives a feature to link Henk's / Alex's Unaccounted airmen thread posts to the airmen entries - i did this for 1947 - eg [URL][/URL] [IMG][/IMG] There are a total of [B]124319 casuality records in this database. About [B]3292 records (2.65%) have the extra details populated. i.e all entries from 1939-01-01 till 1940-05-31 (just nine months of the war!)[/B][/B] i created a webpage from which entries can be updated. As this is all manual work in linking entries to serials and references, I would definitely appreciate extra help / volunteers for this. send me an email on admin AT if you are willing to chime in. this is the webpage. To use it you just use the forum credentials (after i give permissions), to login to a webpage and entries can be made.. [IMG][/IMG] ....Read More.Jagan on 22nd November 2018 07:44:31

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