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Halifax I  L9504 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Halifax I  L9504

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/8989Sergeant I Jackson: killed; Sergeant C E R Parsons, Sergeant J Watt, Sergeant L D H Izzard, Sergeant R W Long, Sergeant W T Palmer: uninjured; rear gunner baled out over enemy territory, Halifax L9504, 35 Squadron, 8 September 1941.C16924831

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Halifax I L9504

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantIvan JACKSON (1019202) Air Gunner Halifax I L9504  NA/PRO 1941-09-0835 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyKiel War Cemetery

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ThreadPost TextAuthor
Identity of AirmanHi Eddie, L9504 TL-H to HAMBURG on 31 Oct/1 Nov 1941 Took off 1759 Landed 2305 A/c attacked by probably two a/c which appeared to be HE113 at position approx 54 deg N 07 deg E, height 14,000 ft between 2025 and 2035 hrs bomb jettisoned in sea. Considerable damage to a/c. Tail gunner Sgt Rivedale wounded in face and observor (nav) P.O Abels wounded in left shoulder. Remainder of crew safe. Landed at 2305. Sgt P B Robinson Sgt Larson P/O Abels Sgt Hood Sgt Howard Sgt Rivedal Sgt Hindle. I believe he was injured as shown above in Oct of 41. I believe my Uncle had mentioned him to my mother one time, as an american tailgunner he liked in his crew. My Uncle was Sgt Larson 2nd Pilot, listed above. Linzee had kindly provided me with the info above. Regards Bert ....Read More.Bert A1 on 4th December 2008 08:43:13
sgt Ivan jackson 35 squadronThere was a post asking a similar question about this airman by Henk Welting on 4th May 2001. I have tried searching for it as I know I posted a reply (way back in the days of the old board). Stupidly at the time I printed Henks question but did not print my response! Thankfully, I can refer to the 35 Squadron ORB's for that period again and give a reply of a similar nature to the one I posted back in 2001 thus: Sgt Ivan Jackson (1019202) was Tail Gunner in Halifax L9504 TL-H flown by Sgt Norman. They were on an operation to attack Berlin but on reaching the enemy coast the Captain found time insufficient to reach primary target on schedule. Proceeded to Kiel but when within four to three miles the aircraft for some unknown reason went into a spin and out of control. The Captain then gave order to 'standby to bale-out', jettisoned bombs and succeeded in righting the aircraft. Tail Gunner, Sgt Ivan Jackson, was found to have baled-out apparently he only heard 'bale-out' as the Flight Engineer also did although he could not do so before all was well again. The aircraft returned to base safely. Hope that helps and if anyone is able to dig up the original thread from the old board in 2001 that would be great. Regards Linzee ....Read More.Linzee on 23rd August 2010 05:44:25

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