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Mohawk IV LA161 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Mohawk IV LA161

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  02 Apr 42 Aircraft Name  Mohawk IV Serial Number  LA161
Unit  151 OTU Operating Airfield  Risalpur Country  India
Aircrew details Plt Offr Malcolm Hartnoll Edwards(411869)
Details Undershot runway hit obstacle
Source Air Britain

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Identification of a Kiwi pilot - India 1 OTUYep! Mohawk LA161, 2 April 1942. Thanks for this Errol. I didn't know those books. Hard to get I think today. Phil ....Read More.Phil Listemann on 11th September 2016 03:22:34
Identification of a Kiwi pilot - India 1 OTUPhil, I saw a preview of your book on Google showing accidents of LA161, LA160 and LA162 I just got today the book "[URL=""]Ketchil[/URL] - Biography of Vic Bargh" by Neil Frances He has a photograph of a Mohawk from OTU - LA164 showing signs of nose over damage. The tail is crushed. the wingtip is badly mangled. apparently had bent props and the front windscreen seems to be missing. but otherwise the aircraft is straight and on its wheels. Looking at the ORB. it may have been this loss [TABLE] [TR] [TD="align: right"]1942-08-13[/TD] [TD="align: right"][/TD] [TD]Mohawk[/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD]Plt Offr[/TD] [TD]Mackelvie[/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD="bgcolor: #b6d7a8"]151 OTU[/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD]Risalpur[/TD] [TD]flipped over on back after heavy braking[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] ....Read More.Jagan on 14th January 2017 05:19:46

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