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No.7 Sqn air engagements 1941Hi, I found Tom Docherty’s book “No.7 Bomber Squadron RAF in World War ll" very interesting. I hope I can get some complementing information on this Forum regarding two episodes. 18 December 1941 No.7 Sqn sent 9 Stirling on a daylight attack to Brest. There are three claims mentioned without name on the gunners. “P/O Matkin bombed successfully from N6121… His gunners claimed a Bf109 destroyed and one damaged.” “N3668:MG-B flown by P/O G.C. Bayley. Bayley’s rear gunner shot down an Me109 during the fight” Both aircraft were damaged during the engagements. These claims seems to in accordance with two claims on this raid mentioned in “New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force (Vol. I)” by H.L. Thompson: “Two New Zealand gunners who had successful engagements were Flight Sergeant Smith and Sergeant De Joux. Smith's machine was attacked by several Messerschmitts in turn as it approached the target. He scored hits on one of them as it came in and the pilot was seen to bale out. De Joux's Stirling was attacked twice while over the target. In the first encounter the automatic mechanism of his guns was put out of action, but by the skilful use of his turret hand-rotation gear and also by operating the releases of his guns by hand, he managed to bring fire to bear on the enemy machine during the second attack and set it or fire.” Can anyone confirm which pilots de Joux and Smith flew with? Any other information about these engagements is also welcome. 3 October 1941 A Junkers 88 attacked and shot down a Stirling near Bourn. “Sgt S.G. Matkin tried to intervene by positioning his Stirling so gunners could fire on the Ju 88. They claimed to have damaged it, but the intruder broke off and then bombed Oakington before disappearing in the night.” Can anyone confirm the name of the airgunners (de Joux?) and/or give more information about the engagement. Thanks in advance Peter ....Read More.phasselgren on 12th December 2007 01:26:20
Spitfire N3266. Where did it crash??For what it's worth, Spitfire Ia, N3266, suffered in two incidents whilst in service with 41 Squadron. The first of these was on 7 September 1940, when Sgt. Roy C. Ford was shot up and force-landed, unhurt, at West Hanningfield, Essex. It is believed this occurred during an eight-aircraft patrol of the Hornchurch area, which intercepted a force of approximately 50 enemy bombers (Do17s & Do215s) and their escort fighters, enroute to a bombing target. The second, as Robert quite rightly points out, was ten days later when Sgt. Harry H. Chalder suffered combat damage off Dover, but was not hurt. This occurred during a 14:50 eleven-aircraft patrol of the Manston area, which encounted a formation of 30-40 Me109s. Steve ....Read More.Steve Brew on 26th January 2008 02:53:35
48 Squadron Loss 11 April 1942Thanks to Digger putting me on the right track with this one I've been able to dig up some further information from my Norwegian friends. These details are taken from the War Diary of the Marine Flak Gruko on 11th April 1942 - the group command for the flak defence batteries around Bergen, a Kriegsmarine unit and has the following relating to the Hudson loss:- Fluko = Flugwachkommando Marstein = probably a Flugwach unit with the task of reporting enemy aircraft activity based at Marstein lighthouse. 0530 - Warning! Fluko reporting: 1 Hudson 60km south of Bergen flying low, heading northeast. 0546 - Fluko reporting: Plane is circling in position 6D 0550 - Marstein reporting: Firing at a Hudson approaching from west. 0552 - Marstein reporting: Fire ceased after firing 79 rounds with a 2cm flak 30. 0602 - Flak Alarm! 0603 - Fluko reporting: 0601, 2 Me109 scrambled from Herdla. 0606 - Fluko reporting: 1 Hudson in 10B flying low, heading north. 0608 - Fluko reporting: The Hudson shot down in position Gr41493 by Me109 (32 km NW of Bergen). 0621 - Fluko reporting: 0613 & 1620 2 Me109 landed at Herdla. In addition to those entries from the war diary, a local booklet from Blomvåg area called "Krigstid i Blomvåg" (Wartime in Blomvåg), has the information that the bodies of three crew were recovered at a place called Skarvøytjølpa and a fourth was found near a place called Kollsøyvågane. The airmen were buried at the cemetery in Blomvåg with full military honours by German soldiers and with the many local Norwegians in attendance. It is thought that the airmen were moved to Sola cemetery some time in the 1950's as was the case with many of the war graves in Norway that had initially been in small local cemeteries. So far I don't have the details of the Me109 that shot the Hudson down but hopefully that will turn up in due course. If anyone has the info I would be pleased to hear. Regards Linzee ....Read More.Linzee on 13th March 2008 07:59:46
48 Squadron Loss 11 April 1942Hi Finn, Thanks for the info. The German documents indicate that two Me109's were sent from Herdla to intercept the Hudson and say that it was shot down just after 0600, the name of the German pilot continues to be a mystery so far. I am pretty sure that Jan Josef Safarik has the wrong detail in having it shot down near Stavanger (if it is indeed the same Hudson he is referring to) as the action took place further south nearer to Bergen. Perhaps the confusion comes because the airmen are buried at Sola (Stavanger). We've posted on TOCH to see if anyone there can come up with the name of the German pilot. Mvh Linzee ....Read More.Linzee on 16th March 2008 08:33:56
BoB Claims, 810145 Sgt. Aubrey C. BakerCan anyone tell me, please, when 810145 Sgt. Aubrey Cyril Baker claimed three probable victories whilst serving with 610 Squadron between 27 July and 29 September 1940? I know he claimed one destroyed Me109 on 24 August 1940 and another on 29 August, during which he was himself shot down in Spit. I, X4011. However, I have a copy of a typewritten document from the CO of 610 Squadron to the CO of 41 Squadron (he joined 41 Sqdn. on 30 Sep. 1940), which is dated 1 October 1940, and clearly states that during his time with 610 Squadron Baker "caused the following enemy casualties whilst serving with this Squadron. Destroyed TWO; Probable THREE." Although I have been able to establish the two aircraft he claimed destroyed, I have not found record of the three probables, and he is neither mentioned in Aces High (he went on to achieve further vics and receive the DFC), nor in Tony Woods' listings, as he does not cover this period. Can anyone help, please? Thanks Steve ....Read More.Steve Brew on 5th April 2008 05:55:00
BoB Claims, 810145 Sgt. Aubrey C. BakerHi Amrit Thanks for that; I didn't even realise this resource was available. This gives me two of his probables, a Do215 and an Me162, on 29 August 1940, the day upon which he also claimed one of his two Me109s destroyed. It also confirms his second Me109 destroyed on 24 August. This still leaves one probable to find, but puts me ahead of where I was before, so thanks. I had a bit of a play around with the link you gave me and it appears that it provides just the one section of the ORB, early to late August 1940. Are other periods also available on the same site? Cheers Steve ....Read More.Steve Brew on 5th April 2008 06:49:37
Sgt Marmaduke RIDLEY - 565201 KIA 26-8-40Thanks Guys there are actually 3 Spits he could have been on R6633 was shot down in combat with Bf109, Pilot bailed out off Dover 26.8.40 (12:00), P/O WALKER (rescued, wounded in foot) - Now if he was rescued, was this from the sea ? If so cannot be Ridley's - I have also seen this incident refered to as R6701 R6758 combat with Me109 over Dungeness, forcelanded near Adisham 26.8.40 (13:20), P/O R MARPLES wounded in the leg - If forcelanded cannot be Ridley - This incident has also been listed as R6633 R6701 Shotdown in combat with Me109 over Dover/Dungeness, "crashed at Adisham, Kent 26.8.40" - I have also seen incident has also been listed as R6758 - I think the crashed at Adisham, Kent 26.8.40" is in error and is condused with the aircraft that did forcelanded near Adisham Now I would like to know if Ridley's body was recovered from the Sea (and put ashore at Dover) or did he fall on land? Did Walker land in Sea or or land? rescued sounds to be like on Sea ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 8th April 2008 11:46:37
vredenhof schiermonnikoogHello Klass From CWGC and BCL1, I think the man you refer to was: Aircraftman 1st Class (W.Op./Air Gnr.) ALAN WILSON Age: 18 Date of Death: 29/09/1939 Service No: 551660 He was the son of Duncan and Jessie Wilson, of Sandyford. Newcastle-on-Tyne. Buried at SCHIERMONNIKOOG (VREDENHOF) CEMETERY Grave 16 144 Sqn Hampden I L4127 PL- Op: Heligoland F/O NC Beck P/O R Turner AC1 A Wilson Sgt PEB Sprotson T/O 0640 from Hemswell. Crashed into the sea between Heligoland and Wangerooge. May have been shot down by a Me109 flown by Hmptm Dickore of 1./ZG26. AC1 Wilson is buried in the Vredenhof Cemetery on the Dutch Island of Schiermonnikoog; his comrades have no known graves and are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. 144Sqn lost 5 Hampden bombers and 20 airmen on this op. Regards Andy ....Read More.Andy Ingham on 28th April 2008 08:26:56
S/Ldr Gerald Scott - 16 SquadronHi All, I am looking for any information on Sqd Ldr Gerald Scott who I believe was with 16 Squadron although when he joined the squadron I am not sure (he was certainly there by late 1942). I believe he may have been based at Manston when Wolfgang Teumer crashed his ME109 near the airfield in 1940 and was one of the first on the scene. I have looked in the normal places, google, the LG etc. but cannot pin him down. I am aware however that Scott is quite a common name. I would be grateful for any help, TIA, Russ ....Read More.RussG on 3rd May 2008 03:09:23
Pilots from Southern RhodesiaHi Andy Not quite an answer to your question, but thought this might interest you anyway: FINNIS, John Frederic Fortescue ‘Jack’, Flt. Lt., SR80035, SRAF/RAFVR, S. Rhodesian; de Havilland FI, SRAU, Belvedere & Salisbury, 1938; grntd. com. in RAFVR as Prob. Flt. Lt. for DoH, 1 Aug. 1940 (sen. 5 Dec. 1939); 1 Sqdn. (Spit. I), Northolt, early Sep. 1940; 1 Dam. Do17, 7 Sep. 1940; 229 Sqdn. (Hurr. I), FM 18 Oct. 1940; 1D Me109, 14 Nov. 1940; postings wanting Nov. 1940-Jun. 1942; IFA in Hurr. I, P3588, Little Hulton, 13 Feb. 1941; conf. as Flt. Lt. (since prom.), 1 Aug. 1941 (gaz. 19 Sep. 1944); attached 41 Sqdn. for patrol (Spit. Vb, W3654) w. Actg. Flt. Lt. W. Palmer (Spit. Vb, W3852), 16:55-17:25, 11 Feb. 1942; Temp. Sqdn. Ldr., 1 Jun. 1942 (sen. 1 Mar. 1941); Flt. Cdr., 127 Sqdn. (Hurr. IIb), Shandur, Egypt, 9 Jun. 1942; Actg. Sqdn. Ldr. & CO, 33 Sqdn. (Hurr. IIc), N. Africa, 20 Jul.-31 Oct. 1942; postings wanting, Nov. 1942-Sep. 1945; RAF com. as Flt. Lt. (Temp. Sqdn. Ldr.) rel. on reversion to SRAF, 8 Sep. 1945. I believe Finnis was only attached to 41 for one sortie, but am yet to find any evidence of further activity with 41. Sorry, no DOB or photo. Trust this is of interest Steve ....Read More.Steve Brew on 3rd June 2008 05:47:02
Pilots' ForenamesHi all Despite several years researching 41 Squadron’s ca. 360 WWII pilots, I still have a handful of men whose forenames remain a mystery, and was hoping someone on the forum may have some ideas. In each case I am seeking forenames and, where possible, further biographical data, but at the same time would also appreciate some form of confirmation that anyone nominated actually served with 41 Squadron. They are: [‘d/u’ implies ‘date unknown’] 1. BEARD, A. W. Sgt. Plt., 1331949, RAFVR; b. Wanstead, 4 Dec. 1922; ed. Friend’s Sch., Saffron Walden; enl. in RAFVR, Uxb., 21 Jan. 1941; 22 EFTS, Cambridge, d/u 1941; 31 SFTS, Kingston, Ont., Can., d/u 1941; 5 (P) AFU, Tern Hill, Salop, d/u 1941; 52 OTU, Aston Down, Gloucs., d/u 1942; 41 Sqdn. ca. 25 Aug.-Last mentioned 24 Dec. 1942, (This is not: 1159543 WO Arthur William Beard, com. Prob. Plt. Off. (197771) 17 Mar. 1945; Plt. Off. conf. & to Flg. Off. (WS), 17 Sep. 1945) 2. GARRIE, T. A. ‘Tommy’, Flt. Sgt., 1348819, RAFVR; b. Edin., Scot., 10 Sep. 1921; ed. Bellevue Int. Sch., Edin.; joined RAFVR, ACRS, London, 18 Aug. 1941; 2 BFTS, Polaris Flt. Academy, War Eagle Fld., Lancaster, CA, USA, d/u 1942; Sgt. Plt., d/u; Flt. Sgt., d/u; 41 Sqdn., 18 Sep. 1943; occ. post war, Post Office, Edin. 3. GIBSON, J. C. Sgt. Plt., 1168675, RAFVR; b. Rugby, 12 Dec. 1921; ed. Rugby Sch.; enl. in RAFVR, 5 Jul. 1940; 3 ITW, Torquay, d/u; 16 EFTS, Derby, d/u; 9 SFTS, Montrose, d/u; 59 OTU, Crosby-on-Eden, d/u; 130 Sqdn., Port Reith, 18 Jun. 1941; 41 Sqdn., 25 Aug.-23 Oct. 1941; 11 TT Flt., Shoreham, 25 Oct. 1941 (re-des. 1488 TT Flt., 1 Dec. 1941, re-des. 1488 (F) Gunnery Flt., 10 Jun. 1942, re-des. 17 APC, Southend, 18 Oct. 1943); WO, d/u; MiD, 14 Jun. 1945 4. GORDON, W. G. Flt. Sgt., number?, RAFVR; 41 Sqdn., 23 Oct. 1945; FA, eng. failure on take-off, but uninj., Lübeck in Tempest V, 1 Dec. 1945; to 2 FIS, Yatesbury, 7 Jan. 1946 5. GRAHAM, G. R. Sgt. Plt., number?, RCAF?/RAFVR?; 412 Sqdn. RCAF, Digby, 26 Sep.-13 Oct. 1941; 41 Sqdn., 15 Oct. 1941-Last mentioned 9 Dec. 1941. (This is potentially: Glenn Roland Graham, R.62937, RCAF; b. 14 Dec. 1920; enl. in RCAF, 23 Sep. 1940-25 May 1945; com. Plt. Off. (J.17350), 16 April 1943; rejoined RCAF (32382), 1 Aug. 1950-29 May 1971, but as a service number is not mentioned in the 412 Sqdn. ORB, it is impossible to say if the man mentioned in 412's ORB is R.62937 Glenn Roland Graham, and his full service file cannot be accessed until a man has been dead for 20 years) (Potentially also Flt. Sgt. Graham with 3 Sqdn. during Op. Jubilee, 19 Aug. 1942) 6. KERANS, J. Flt. Sgt., number?, RAFVR; 41 Sqdn., 23 Oct. 1945; demob., Class A, Dec. 1945 7. MARSHALL, J. R. Flt. Sgt., number?, RAFVR; 41 Sqdn., d/u; posted away, 22 Mar. 1946 (compassionate leave) 8. McCARTHY, O. D. Flt. Lt., number?, RAFVR; 41 Sqdn., 3 Sep. 1945; released under ‘Class A’, 4 Jan. 1946 9. NORMAN, ?. ‘Monty’, Plt. Off., number?, RAFVR, released under ‘Cla ....Read More.Steve Brew on 14th June 2008 05:20:17
P2865 Hurricane 46 Sqn Lost 24.7.40 MysteryAccording to Air Britain Crash Logs, this Hurricane crashed at 'Pear Tree Farm' near Derby on 24.7.40 killing Pilot Officer (Pilot) ASTON MAURICE COOPER-KEY aged 21 #40802 I believe in a subsequent Air Britain Aeromilitariam, this has been updated to 'Suggested Pear Tree Farm, Eglinton' As this article makes clear The location should actually be 'near Osmaston Park, Pear Tree, Derby' Now another Mystery, a google Search on P2685 Hurricane reveals that it was Serving with No 303 (Polish) Squadron Diary - September 1940 Now the issue I have, is which reference is correct? Was P2865 with 46 Sqn and lost on this date, and if so what was 'P2865' with 303 Sqn a month later when P/O ZUMBACH destroyed a 1 Me109 and had 1 Ju88 probable on 9th Sept 1940 This information is perpertuated around a couple of Polish airforce websites Paul ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 6th August 2008 06:23:49
scharnhorst 23.7.41S/Ldr COX of 7 Sqd Pilot records hitting the Scharnhorst with a single 2000lb AP during the attack of the 23rd July 1941. The hit observed on the stern of the ship at LaPallace. I am trying to establish how badly damaged the ship was from this attack but unable to find anything. 7 Sqd ORB confirms the strike, the rear gunner shot down two ME109's on this sortie. Any help or direction on this would be warmly received. Colin. ....Read More.colinpateman on 18th August 2008 06:53:16
Blenheim - aircraft serialHello Henk 25 Mar’41 TRJ (n.b. not V), Crew F/Lt Palmer, Sgt West, Sgt Buckley, Duty DUNDEE, Time Up 1440, Time Down 1830. Shipping reported off Dunkerque. Attacked off Calais by 2 ME109s, when just below cloud. A/G fired but was killed instantly by cannon shells entering the turret. A/C returned to Manston and landed there. (AIR 27/555) Note TRJ took off from Thorney Island which I know has a detailed station ORB, so between that and Manston, one or other might contain the Blenheim’s serial. Kind regards Pierre ....Read More.Pierre Renier on 19th August 2008 05:44:40
Luftwaffe losses help.Can anyone assist with German losses. 23:7:41 Stirling N6037 of 7 Squadron Pilot S/Ldr Cox. Rear Gunner Sgt Capel. Aircraft was attacked by 6 ME109's after attacking the Scharnhorst at La Pallice. Rear gunner shot down 2 of the attacking fighters. Rear Gunner awarded immediate DFM for this action, recommendation confirms two aircraft shotdown. Can anyone point me in the right direction to establish the details if possible please. ....Read More.colinpateman on 21st August 2008 07:00:41
410507 - Unaccounted airmen - 7-5-1941Hi Henk, Scott and Livings 1 CACF Blenheim IV Z5758 Shot down by Me109s while spotting for guns off Cap Gris Nez, France. HSL122 and 123 Observed aircraft crash into mid channel and burst into flames. Recovered two bodies. Position 168 degs South Foreland 6 miles. AIR29/445 Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 14th September 2008 08:13:00
Spitfire 28 Aug. 41Hi Gildas I looked into the activities and losses of 28 August 1941 for the son of a 41 Squadron pilot who was killed over France that day. I'm not sure if any of the below is of assistance, but hope in the least that it crosses out at least one contender for this date. 41 Squadron Casualties, 28 August 1941 Bodkin, William F., R7255, shot down, KIA, Fécamp, France The 41 Squadron ORB states, “Weather. Wind S 20-30 mph. Cloud 10/10 at 5000’. Visib. 2-6 miles” This weather would have been for Merston, but if the 10/10ths cloud persisted across the Channel it would have been perfect Rhubarb weather: arrive in cloud cover, duck below it for the attack, then duck back into cloud cover to hide and get away. An entry for 15:10 states, “6 aircraft rhubarb. Sgt. Bodkin over Le Havre.” No, I haven’t left a word out. This is quoted verbatim, so the writer, rather frustratingly, left out the crux of the statement. I guess the missing word could have been “missing”, but maybe more information was left out? Either a fighter or Flak could have been the culprit but, unfortunately, there is no clear indication at all. The only other supposition I can make, albeit cautiously, is that as Bodkin's name appears on the Runnymede Memorial, it is possible his aircraft went down in the Channel off Le Havre. The F541 of the ORB adds: “6 A/C Rhubarb 1510-1620” and shows the pilots on the mission were as follows, with additional data added by me from other sources: Pilot - Rank - Aircraft Gaunce, Lionel M., Sqdn. Ldr., Spit. Vb, W3374 Bush, Charles R. Flt. Lt., Spit. Vb, W3636 Bodkin, W. Fred, Sgt. Plt., Spit. Va, R7255 Gourdeau, Joseph C. R., Sgt. Plt., Spit. Va, R7213 Ranger, Plt. Off., Spit. Vb, AB872 Unfortunately, although it says it was a six-aircraft operation, I’ve only got five listed. Sorry, I don’t know whether I have made the error or whether the sixth aircraft is missing from the page. It could also be that six pilots set out but one returned early due to trouble with some form of equipment. Tony Wood gives a listing for this date, which I understand constitutes all aerial action on the Channel Front on 28 August 1941. Of the three operations listed, the 12 Group operation was the largest, but took place in the region of Rotterdam, and so was too far north to have been a part of what 41 Squadron was involved in. The 10 Group operation took place in the evening near Morlaix. Due south of England, as it is, it is too far southwest of where 41 Squadron was. The only 11 Group operation that day was 41 Squadron’s sweep to Le Havre, and the only claim made the entire day by the RAF on the Channel Front was Squadron Leader Gaunce’s one damaged Me109 off Fécamp. Tony Wood suggests Bodkin was lost to Me109s at Fécamp. Whether it is his assumption that Me109s were responsible (as the Squadron was clearly intercepted, as evidenced by Gaunce’s claim), or whether Wood has addition information (certainly not available from the Squadron, Wi ....Read More.Steve Brew on 23rd September 2008 03:32:52
Spitfire loss - 10th of August 1941Hello folks, Many thanks for all the info and ideas: Is the writing of this mention in the same style as the rest of the page ? Or was it added later ? Joss - The writing is in exactly the same ink as the rest of the entry, unlike some of the other entries where he has added info after in pencil or red/black ink, if I had access to a scanner at the moment I'd scan it and put a link on here for you to see for yourselves, if I get the opportunity later in the week I'll do so. Also, many thanks for the info from the Morris book, I've seen it mentioned in the 485 Sqn book, maybe next month if the budget allows ;-) I still wonder if he was using an aircraft from another Squadron though... Also, are there any records you can research for High Speed Launch rescues etc? The pattern of Ops recorded in his logbook that month are as follows: 1st - Spitfire II - 'A' - Formation for film taking - 0:15 2nd - Spitfire II - 'J' -Rhubarb-Hardelot-Shot up goods train & lorry & coastal steamer-1:40 3rd - Spitfire II - 'C' - To Leconfield - 1:15 5th - Spitfire II - 'C' - Redhill - 1:15 - Spitfire II - 'A' - Close escort - St Omer - bombers turned back owing to cloud-1:20 7th - Spitfire II - 'D' - Close Escort 6 Blenheims - St Omer - 1:45 - 1 ME109F Probable - Spitfire II - 'D' - High Cover escort - Lille - 2:05 9th - Spitfire II - 'D' - High Cover Escort - Bethune - Lens - 1:55 - Spitfire II - 'D' - Fighter Sweep - St Omer - 1:05 - 1 ME109F Probable - Spitfire II - 'D' - Lysander Escort - Calais - 1:55 10th- Spitfire II - 'A' - Fighter Sweep - Graveline - 1:15 - Shot up by 109F Baled out in channel 12th- Spitfire II - 'E' - Top target cover - Bethune - 1:50 - 1 ME109E Damaged - Spitfire II - 'E' - Led Squadron on attacks on glider - :25 - Spitfire II - 'Z' - Close escort to Le Trait - 1:50 14th- Spitfire VB - 'H' - Cannon Test - :40 - Spitfire VB - 'M' - Medium Escort - Boulogne Harbour - 1:20 So, while he flew on the 9th and then the 10th what missions did the rest of the Squadron fly on the 10th and 11th I wonder? Your thoughts will be much appreciated guys. Tom ....Read More.Tom_W on 29th September 2008 05:20:12
410623 - Unaccounted airmen - 23-6-1941Hi Henk Kates,21,registered at New Forest, Hampshire, Sanders,is registered at Dover. He died on Blenheim Z6271, which was attacking the airfield at Mardijk, and was attacked by Me109's. It crashed at Dover on return with the loss of Sanders(KIA) and with Sgt A Ballands(pilot) and Sgt R Yorke(Obs) reported in Warner as safe. The op was Circus No 20. Ewers didn't show on the register Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 16th October 2008 12:48:05
Air strikes on Munsterland - October 1943Hi Mark At the time 602 squadron was part of 125 Airfield (later 125 Wing) and for 24 October 1943 the 125 Airfield ORB states: "The squadrons operated to-day from Bradwell Bay, carrying out two operations. Fighter opposition was spasmodic, but it did not evidence itself. During the first Op. escort cover to 72 Marauders occasional attacks were made by small groups of enemy aircraft taking advantage of the intense cloud prevailing. In the game of hide and seek which followed, only occasional glimpses of the enemy were seen and no contact was made. Better conditions prevailed later, immediately on their return the aircraft were refuelled and at 1600 hours took off again, escorting twelve Mitchells to the Amsterdam aerodrome Schiphol. Eight Me109s were spotted and engaged after the squadrons crossed the French coast, two were destroyed by 602 squadron, while the operation proceeded to plan. Altogether a successful trip, bombing was excellent, hits being made on the field and dispersals, though some tank trouble forced 5 of the pilots to return before reaching the Dutch coast." Thus it would have been impossible for 602 squadron to attack Cherbourg and the Munsterland on 24 October 1943 as they were operating from Bradwell Bay in Essex against targets in Holland. Although it is a full and interesting account of the days activities against the Munsterland 602 squadron were not part of either the Perranporth or Churchstanton wings. From 25 October until 31 October nothing other than local flying was allowed due to the adverse weather conditions, and before that date operations by 132 & 602 squadrons had been in areas other than Cherbourg, in the main operating from Detling, mainly as escorts to USAAF medium bombers. In "Fighter Command War Diaries part 4 - July 1943 - June 1944" by John Foreman he gives an excellent and comprehensive report of the activities of 24 October 1943."October 24th - a fairly typical day" as he calls it - the only mentions of 602 squadron confirm my report from the ORB. He lists 8 Spitfire squadrons in the 10 Group Ramrod 94 to Cherbourg and the Munsterland, and 602 is not one of these - 165, 222, 306, 331, 332, 402, 404 and 421. They are also not part of a later attack that day by Bombphoons of 183 squadron, escorted by Biggin Hill Spitfires. Clostermann's logbook for October 1943 - it shows 9 entries between 7 - 14 Oct, with a move to Detling from Newchurch on 12 October. Then it shows 5 entries from 16 - 20 Oct from Detling, with the last entry being on 20 October showing him flying IX 66 Q Abbeville - sweep - Arras. No further entries appear for October and it has a small, indistinguishable photo 2 lines under the last entry. Certainly nothing about Cherbourg appears on that page in any of the entries. cheers Allan ....Read More.allan125 on 31st October 2008 01:29:23
Spitfire P9450 64S 5/12/40Hi, FCLvol1 revised just has Shot down by Me109 over Kent coast. Buried Boulogne. Is it known where the aircraft came down ? in the UK or the Sea ? So if the action was over Kent I would go with Henk on this. Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 2nd November 2008 08:46:37
Liberator AM924 28/05/42 Norway/SwedenI'm making this post after having contributed to a query on Keypublishing Forum during which it was established there was a query about the same aircraft on this fourm in February 2003 A good few of the people who responded on the 2003 thread here still visit regularly so I thought they might find it of interest. Grab a drink, it might take a while! The loss was 120 Sqdn Liberator AM924, shot down/ditched in an area near the Lofoten Islands off Norway. Crew as follows:- F/O Walton - evaded P/O Corkran - evaded Sgt T J Culnane - died from burns sustained during fire while in escape dinghy Sgt Pickering - wounded, evaded Sgt Booker - evaded F/Sgt E A Allgood - died onboard aircraft during attack by Me109's Sgt B F Smith - died onboard aircraft during attack by Me109's The following account comes from Lofotboka - a yearbook for the local Lofoten historical society. There was no name attributed to the article and I've not been able to establish which year it was produced. Some additional details of locations have been added by Morten Moe to assist with making a bit more sense of the geography of it. The article was written in Norwegian and Morten Moe has translated it into English for me. The aircraft was a Liberator with a seven man crew, serial AM924. It had been on a reconnaissance mission on Tirpitz. After take off from Stornoway in Scotland at 0500 hrs the navigator had led the aircraft safely over the North Sea to the Røst (south of Lofoten) where it turned north towards North Cape. The reconnaissance mission was unsuccessful; they could find no sign of Tirpitz. On the way back it was decided to cross over the Lofoten islands to search in the West fjord (a large fjord west of Bodø). Suddenly the British airmen became aware of three German Me109's and an air battle commenced over Hellsegga by the notorious Moskenesstraumen current on the southern tip of the Lofoten Islands. The allied aircraft turned west heading for Shetland while it tried to go steadily lower closer to the surface of the sea to avoid the gunfire from the German fighters. AM924 was hit several times and shrapnel and bullets penetrated the hull. During the first attack, the tail gunner, Brian Smith was killed and John Pickering took his place. He hit one of the German planes but was himself later hit by a bullet in his arm. The third air gunner, Edwin Allgood was also killed during the attack. When the German planes broke off the attack the Liberator continued on its course flying at approx 100m above the sea they discovered that there was a fire in the bomb bay. During the air battle the rudder was damaged too and the aircraft was very difficult to control. Eventually they had to ditch in the sea west of Moskenessøy (the southernmost major island in the Lofoten), and the crew got into the dinghies after having fought their way ....Read More.Linzee on 16th November 2008 07:46:27
85 Squadron Hurricane V7343 on 31st August 1940Is anyone heading for the NA at Kew ? I am unable to get down there right now myself but I do have a reference below.. I am interested in the short but distinguished career of Gus Gowers DFC. He is credited with three victories during the Battle of Britain The first on 18 August - Ju87 - Foulness Island - 85 Squadron - Hurricane I P3966. The Squadron ORB says, "Gowers attacked a JU 87 from dead astern with a 5 second burst and the enemy aircraft was almost completely blotted out by smoke and dived towards the sea." The last two days of August 1940 saw Fighter Command experience the fiercest forty eight hours of the whole battle in which Gowers bagged two Messerschmitts. Firstly, on 30th August -Hurricane I V7343-he shot down an Me110 over Bethenden. The 85 Squadron ORB says, "F/O Gowers fired two bursts of 5 seconds and 7 seconds and caused a large piece of damage. Petrol streamed out as the enemy dived vertically. 4 enemy ME109 destroyed." The third kill on 31 August - Bf109 - Folkestone area - Hurricane I possibly V7343 again. The reference at Kew is AIR 27/703 for the ORB for that period, plus the Appendice in AIR 27/707, which may (or not) contain Combat Reports. The Combat Reports for 85 Squadron are in AIR 50/36. If anyone has a copy of the ORB or is heading for the NA then I would be delighted to hear from them. Mark ....Read More.mark surridge on 21st November 2008 05:20:31
Unaccounted Spitfires - September 19411. Who went missing in Spitfire P8752 of 610 Sqd on September 21st 1941? "Presumed shot down by Me109s near Le Touquet." 2. Who was killed in Spitfire L1054 of 53 OTU on September 25th 1941? "Lost height after take-off from Llandow and dived in sea off Llantwitmajor, Glam." 3. Who went missing in Spitfire AD207 of 403 Sqd on September 27th? "Missing while escorting Blenheims to Cassel. Believed shot down by flak." 4. Who went missing in Spitfire AB795 of 616 Sqd on September 30th? - no details. Regards John ....Read More.JohnE on 21st December 2008 09:16:35
Help!!!Is there someone of our French members who can help me to make a photograph of the grave of Capitaine Albert Wiccaert who is buried at Dunkerque Cemetery row 75, gravenumber 27. Albert Wiccaert was the pilot of Potez 63-11 which was shotdown over Poppel(Belgium) and crashed at Oirschot(Holland) on the 13th May 1940 by a Me109(Lt Friedrich Butterweck). On the 13th May 2009 we will erect a memorial to this crew at Oirschot as well. Thanks very much in advance Adrian ....Read on 29th December 2008 07:16:53

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