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Lysander II  N1203 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Lysander II  N1203

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Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 18 Aug 40 Aircraft Name Lysander II Serial Number N1203
Unit Parachute Pract Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

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Lyansder SD operation 17-8-40 P/O CoghlanI am researching early RAF SD operations, and the Lysander flight by F/O Coghlan on the night of August 17. He was carrying a Belgian SIS agent calle Henri Leenaeerts, and he failed to return. Coghlan's body was apparently washed ashore some weeks later, and he was buried in Boulogne. The Lysander presumably did what Lysanders did on contact with water, and sank like a stone. Coghlan's log-book shows that up to 3 August he had had one half-hour 'experience' flight as pilot in March 1939 before being posted to Ringway on 7/8/40; Verity reckoned that it took a month for him to learn enough; Coghlan had a week. There is doubt over the aircraft he was flying, and contributors to this forum may be able to help, as it has already contributed to the debate. AHB believes it to have been R2625, on the basis that two Lysanders (R2625 and R2626) were alloted to 419 Flight on 10/8/40. As R2626 was still around in 1944, R2625 looks to be the one. However, Joss Leclercq on this forum reckoned it to be N1203; and Ken Merrick in 'Flights of the Forgotten' p 33, quotes both R2625 and R2626 as being on charge a year later. (I spent yesterday in the PRO/NA trying to find supporting documentation.) If either Henk Welting, John Larder or Joss Leclercq are still with this forum (and recent postings indicate this is at least partly so), can I please resuscitate this topic. Nick Livingstone ....Read More.deadrock on 19th November 2008 07:52:43
Lyansder SD operation 17-8-40 P/O CoghlanNic, I've COGHLAN on R2625 (419 SD Flt/138 Sqn), body washed ashore 23-9-1940. As far as I know CWGC has Coghlan as 56 Sqn. N1203 was assigned to Para Pctce Flt, Ringway and missing 18-8-1940 on SD mission. Was Coghlan homebound or the Belgian SIS-agent Henri Leenaerts also missing ? Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 19th November 2008 10:23:28
Lyansder SD operation 17-8-40 P/O CoghlanThe more I read this, and taking into account what is written in Flights of Forgotten (especially as Merrick says 419 Flt formed at North Weald, on 21st August 1940 - but Lysanders R2625 and R2626 arrived 10 August 1940) - and they were still around when 138 San formed in 1941). I think the overwhelming evidence points to Couglan being on N1203 especially as he was posted to Ringway and that was where N1203 was based with the Parachute Practice Flt Aircraft of the Few says R2625 with 138 San as well ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 19th November 2008 04:55:24
Lyansder SD operation 17-8-40 P/O CoghlanBingo! ORBs for Ringway, North Weald, 56 Sqn, 138 Sqn already trawled. Almost certain that no ORB for 419/1419 Fllght ever existed. Re Lysander N1203, I would really like to be able to nail that N1203 was one of the aircraft alloted to the 'Parachute Practice Unit' (which never really existed); and that N1203 was reported lost on 18/8/40. Henk, can you please let me know the provenance of this information? Nick L ....Read More.deadrock on 20th November 2008 05:44:17
Lyansder SD operation 17-8-40 P/O Coghlan[QUOTE=deadrock;18520]Bingo! ORBs for Ringway, North Weald, 56 Sqn, 138 Sqn already trawled. Almost certain that no ORB for 419/1419 Fllght ever existed. Re Lysander N1203, I would really like to be able to nail that N1203 was one of the aircraft alloted to the 'Parachute Practice Unit' (which never really existed); and that N1203 was reported lost on 18/8/40. Henk, can you please let me know the provenance of this information? Nick L[/QUOTE] According to RAF Training and Support Units from Air Britain it was the Parachute Training Centre (IIRC) at Ringway in 1940 Air Britain 'N' Serials has N1203 allocated "missing 18-8-1940" - but I do not remember what unit it said is was allocated to at the time - but I do believe the above ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 20th November 2008 05:56:12
Lyansder SD operation 17-8-40 P/O CoghlanNick, Serial R2625 came from a crash sheet drafted by the late Hans de Haan. Hans was a wellknown Dutch air war historian who passed away about four years ago. Reading all messages in this thread I also apt to believe that the serial may have been N1203 of the Parachute Practice Flight Ringway. Date of missing 18-8-1940 may have been the date that the aircraft was expected to be back at base. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 20th November 2008 09:43:42
Lyansder SD operation 17-8-40 P/O CoghlanHave looked at the record cards in the RAF Museum yesterday. R2625 has nothing after its arrival at Ringway on 10/8/40, when it was allotted to the Central Landing School. Though there is an entry for 138 Sqn, it is undated, and there is a note on the reverse "Required operationally equipped with night flying gear, front but no rear guns". R2626 lasted until 1944, when it was 'reduced to produce'. If R2625 had lasted with 419/1419/138 Sqn, it would have had similar full documentation. N1203 is recorded as being allotted to No. 4 Sqn. on 14/6/40, folllowed by a pencilled mark 'SOC' (struck off charge). On the reverse, the write-off/stricke-off details are as follows: "18.8.40: EA. O.(3) Burnt out." I have checked the 4 Sqn ORB: there are entries for flights using N1204 and N1205, but nothing near the date for N1203. Nor is there any record in it of the a/c being burned out. 4 Sqn was based at Clifton after moving from Linton-on-Ouse, with detachments at Manston and Detling, and it looks as though anything that happened on these detachments wwas not recorded in the unit ORB. How the data on N1203's card became translated into an entry in Air Britain of: "26/4/Para Pctce Flt, Ringway. Missing on SD operation 18.8.40" is not clear. Perhaps the date was too much of a coincidence to resist. The case for R2625 being the Lysander lost on 18/8/40 is strengthened by S/Ldr Nesbitt-Dufort's logbook. He joined 1419 Flight in April 1941 as a Lysander pilot. He flew twelve different Lysanders with 1419 and 138 Sqn, including R2626 many times in 1941, but never R2625. This indicates that it probably wasn't here; as he was i/c the Flight's Lysander operations he would have flown all the Flight's aircraft. Anyone with any more knowledge of 4 Sqn? ....Read More.deadrock on 15th May 2009 10:01:37
639993 Jack Stanley Southern, RAF Aircraftman 1st class, wir.op. Died 14th Jan 1941Hello, Dennis, I can't offer no certain date (others may), but to me it should be around August 1940. We had a discussion about it (Franek probably took part in it). First casualty I know of is F/O John Hunter COGHLAN, DFC (37719) who is buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, who lost his life during the night 17/18 August 1940. CGWC gives his previous unit (No. 56 Squadron) while he was actually on strenghth of Parachute Training Unit, Central Landing School. He was based in Ringway, but it's likely he took off from a station closer to France, in Westland Lysander Mk II N1203. His body was washed ashore in France, hence his burial in Boulogne (13-B-2). His log-book is kept in Kew, in the AIR4 series, but no detail about this last part of his flying career unfortunately for us. Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 18th January 2011 06:09:32
Clarrie WaterburyHi Rob, Some time back you where enquiring about Mosquitoes operated by Spartan Air Services. At the time, I had a casual glance at the following publication: de Havilland Mosquito:An Illustrated History Vol.2. Thirsk,Ian. Manchester:Crecy Publishing,2006. On p.376 of this volume, there is a potted history of Mosquito B.XXV N1203V (ex-KA997). Briefly, it mentions the preparation of the Mosquito for a solo round-the-world record flight in 1954, by Mrs Dianna Bixby. The flight was sponsored by the Flying Tiger Line and the Aviation Export Company. The President of the Aviation Export Company, was one Mr Clare*M Waterbury. *(elsewhere, Claire). What do you think, any connection? Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 30th March 2013 06:37:32

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