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Hurricane I N2402 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hurricane I N2402

Block 2, Hawker Aircraft Ltd. 29 Sept 1939 - 1 May 1940 More information in: Dr. Colin James Pratt-Hooson's Hurricane Site

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  06 Aug 41 Aircraft Name  Hurricane I Serial Number  N2402
Unit  9 FTS Operating Airfield   Country  UK
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/4013Sergeant J T Shaw: uninjured; aircraft accident, Hurricane N2402, 5 Operational Training Unit, 29 October 1940.C16688111
AIR81/8474Leading Aircraftsman N C H Clout: died of injuries; aircraft accident, Hurricane N2402, 9 Service Flying Training School, 21 August 1941.C16924316

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Hurricane I N2402

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Leading AircraftmanNorman Charles Herbert CLOUT (1330092) U/T Pilot Hurricane I N2402  Forum Post 1941-08-229 FTS United KingdomChislehurst Cemetery

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410806 - Unaccounted airmen - 6-8-1941What were the places of death registration for: F/Lt (Pilot) Maurice A. GOODWIN - MiD - 39254; Sgt Charles O. HORWOOD - 748467; AC1 Joseph T. HUMPHREY - 1351041; AC2 John F. MAHONEY - 1083617; W/Cdr Philip R. ROBINSON - MiD - 3340; F/Lt (Pilot/Instr.) John W. SMITH - 41328, and AC1 Reginald l. YEATS - 1306506. Any connection to following aircraft losses this day ?: Hurricane I - N2402 - 9 FTS - crashed on landing Babdown Farm. Magister I - N3833 - 24 ERFTS - crashed in forced landing 1 mile SE of Barton-in-the-Clay, Bedfordshire. Oxford II - V3845 - 6 FTS - broke up in air Lasdbarrow. Spitfire I - X4381 - 53 OTU - broke up in air Tonpentre, near Pontyprydd, Glamorganshire. Tutor I - K3254 - CFS - crashed in forced landing Manningford LG. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 16th November 2008 09:58:43
410822 - Unaccounted airmen - 22-8-1941Clout died of injuries in Cosford hospital sustained when he was landing Hurricane N2402 at RAF Shawbury. The aircraft bounced after breaking suddenley on landing and skidded to a halt. I presume his sutton harness was loose, or snapped and he was injured, as it doesnt sound like a very serious crash? He was undergoing pilot training with 9 FTS, Hullavington at the time and again i presume that he was landing at Shawbury due to poor weather closing in. The accident card doesnt specify why he landed at Shawbury, but i know another 9 FTS Hurricane force landed near Ludlow in South Shropshire at the same time due to the weather closing in. Cheers, Tom ....Read More.thorne83 on 30th November 2008 08:16:49
410822 - Unaccounted airmen - 22-8-1941Tom, Air Britain serials has for Hurricane N2402: 9 FTS, stalled on landing Babdown Farm 6-8-1941; aircraft not repaired. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 30th November 2008 09:26:07
410822 - Unaccounted airmen - 22-8-1941Tom, My AB book is dated 1993 (latest edition). CLOUTH died of wounds or injuries received on active service; will not start fighting for the loss date of the aircraft; important to know it was serial N2402 and CLOUT the pilot. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 30th November 2008 11:08:29

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