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Wellington IA N2875 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington IA N2875

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/1756Pilot Officer R A Gayford: injured; possible enemy action, Wellington N2875, 115 Squadron, 24 November 1939.C16471082

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No.24 Sqn - 3-12-1943Dennis/Amrit, Thanks for your help. No.24 Sqn operated Wellingtons N2875, N2990 & P2522. My AB Registers are too antiquated to be of any use. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 12th January 2010 01:01:45
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Hello, Perhaps this list may help. From the Air Brit RAF Serials series. Wellingtons delivered between July 38 & Aug 39. Used by 115 Sqn L4221,L4295,L4299,L4300,L4301,L4305,L4306,L4307,L4317, L4318,L4319,L4321,L4323,L4324,L4325,L4333,L4334 Delivered between Aug 39 & Apl 40 L7774 Delivered between July & Aug 40 N2735 to N2859 In case the July is 39 and not 40 as I assume it to be. N2755,N2756,N2759,N2760,N2855 Delivered between Aug & Dec 39 N2875,N2876,N2877,N2878,N2884,N2885,N2899,N2900,N2901, N2902,N2947,N2948,N2949,N2950,N2987,N2988,N2989,N2990. Delivered between Dec 39 & Jan 40 P2524 Delivered between Jan & Apl 39 P9207,P9224,P9226,P9227,P9229,P9230,P9235,P9236 Good Hunting, All the best Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 27th February 2013 08:11:27
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Paul, . This incident caused me a lot of grief over the last year or so while researching it as part of the ‘EAGLES OVER EUROPE’ project. The Wellington concerned was N2875. . The following notes are extracted from my work for the above. . It had been hit by naval A/A fire 2.15 p.m. during an armed reconnaissance off the Norwegian coast. The radio, hydraulics and bomb doors were all damaged and one wheel was jammed in the up position. . The 115 Sqn. F.541 lists ‘N2948’ as the aircraft used by this crew on this mission. However this flew operationally on 5 January and 11 February 1940. It could have hardly have flown on Jan. 5th if damaged as above. N2948 was written off in a training accident on 24 February 1940 for which there is a F.1180. The F.78 does not help insofar as it has a SOC date of 27 January 1940. The first page only shows one entry, being TOC by 115 Sqn. on 6 November 1939 and nothing after that. However I am convinced N2948 was not damaged on 24-12-1939 but was written off on 24-2-1940. I wondered could ‘N2948’ be a typo for N2848 but this was not so as the latter only flew with 18 OTU and never with a squadron. The clincher for me are statements by four of the crew about the accident in the 115 Sqn. Appendices (AIR 27/894, pages 44-51 & 76-78). The two officers both note the serial as N2875, while the other two quote no serial. The Marham Appendices (AIR 28/519, p.60) has a report about this incident using the serial N2875. It should be noted that N2875 is also listed on the 115 Sqn. F.541 flying on this mission with a different crew and is shown directly above ‘N2948’. It appears to me that the serials – or crews – were transposed in error at the time of writing. . I have the F.78 for N2875 but it has no hint of any accident around this time. It merely shows N2875 going to 115 Sqn. on 17-9-1939 and then to 33 MU on 2-7-1940 with a long service life thereafter. I have also checked the 115 Sqn. F.541 from 25-12-1939 to 31-7-1940 inclusive for any further mention of N2875 and there is not one. There is no F.1180 available for this incident, nor an AIR 81 casualty file. Therefore I am happy the correct serial number for this accident is N2875. . Sources: 115 Sqn. ORB (p.63-64, 72) and Appendices (p.44-51, 76-78), Marham Appendices (AIR 28/519, p.52, 57 & 60), F.78. . The aircraft letter and the AIR 25 file reference were new to me. Something new for both of us ! . Regards, . Martin. ....Read More.Martin Gleeson on 10th March 2016 10:23:57

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