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Wellington IA N2948 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington IA N2948

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/1847Flying Officer E G Scott, Pilot Officer E A Wickencamp, Flying Officer J W Cunningham, Aircraftman B F Bax, Aircraftman S I Orford, Aircraftman R G Crocker: injured; Sergeant L G W Smith: uninjured; aircraft accident, Marham, Wellington N2948, 115 Squadron, 24 February 1940.C16471322

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115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Gents, This could be Wellington Mk.Ia N2948 or N2848 of No.115 Squadron which was reported to have crashed at RAF Martlesham Heath on December 24th 1939 at around 18.00hrs skippered by F/O John Francis Newman 37823*. the remainder of his crew appears to have bailed out. If you want the full crew list please let me know. *Later Group Captain DSO DFC Regards Steve ....Read More.Steve Smith on 27th February 2013 02:43:44
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Hello, Perhaps this list may help. From the Air Brit RAF Serials series. Wellingtons delivered between July 38 & Aug 39. Used by 115 Sqn L4221,L4295,L4299,L4300,L4301,L4305,L4306,L4307,L4317, L4318,L4319,L4321,L4323,L4324,L4325,L4333,L4334 Delivered between Aug 39 & Apl 40 L7774 Delivered between July & Aug 40 N2735 to N2859 In case the July is 39 and not 40 as I assume it to be. N2755,N2756,N2759,N2760,N2855 Delivered between Aug & Dec 39 N2875,N2876,N2877,N2878,N2884,N2885,N2899,N2900,N2901, N2902,N2947,N2948,N2949,N2950,N2987,N2988,N2989,N2990. Delivered between Dec 39 & Jan 40 P2524 Delivered between Jan & Apl 39 P9207,P9224,P9226,P9227,P9229,P9230,P9235,P9236 Good Hunting, All the best Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 27th February 2013 08:11:27
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939re: Wellington Mk.Ia N2948 or N2848 of No.115 Squadron on December 24th 1939 Steve this is 100% the incident it is proved by newpaper report on other thread "Martlesham Heath: the story of the Royal Air Force Station, 1917-1973: Book got it? " by fact that one of the crew who parachuted broke hs Ankle which matchs the report in Canadans in RAF that P/O Roy A Gayford broke his ankle in "November 1939! ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 28th February 2013 07:59:45
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Steve Thanks that seals it Now all that reamins is the serial. I note N2948 was lost exactly 2 months later on 24.2.1940 while with 115 Sqn and N2848 in 1942 with an OTU Paul ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 28th February 2013 08:47:14
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Paul, Just checked the AM Form 1180's and could not find any reference to a prang on this date? Decided to check the AM Form 78's. Wellington Mk.Ic N2848 only served on O.T.Us, Wellington N2948 served only on No.115 (B) Squadron! Regards Steve ....Read More.Steve Smith on 28th February 2013 10:11:10
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Steve thanks for looking up AM Form 1180's When you say "could not find any reference to a prang on this date" are you refering to 24.12.39 or 24.2.40 for N2948 Thanks Paul ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 28th February 2013 12:36:36
Sdn Ldr Richard Henry 'Andy' Hardy Medal Collection and Log Books Sold March 2012This is an appeal (in hope) that the "South Wales collector" who bought Squadron Leader Richard Henry Hardy Medal Collection and Log Books from Halls Auction House in Shropshire in March 2012 for £5,800 may find this post sometime! (or someone knows who he is) The reason I ask is that I am still trying to identify the 15 Sqn Welington in which he baled out of as a Sgt (#580825) along with P/O Roy Allen Gayford #40295, Sgt William Livingston MacDonald #580877, LAC William George Smith #551322 and AC1 Robert Charles Peel #629076 on December 24th 1939. As you know I am trying to identify all RAF Caterpillar members from 1926 up to the end of April 1940, and while I know the Wellington was 1 of 17 sent out on this date from Marham for a sweep of the Danish and Norwegian coastal areas. Hardy’s aircraft which was piloted by F/O John Francis Newman #37823 was one of 11 that were sent to Norway. But by the time fog had started to form at Marham. Hardy’s aircraft crash-landed at Martlesham Heath with a hydraulic problem, probably caused by battle damage, and the captain ordered the crew to bale out before he attempted a crash-landing. – This was over East Anglia. And is the incident referred to below Evening Post, Volume (New Zealand), 28 December 1939, AIR FORCE HAZARDS TYPICAL EXAMPLE PILOT OFFICER'S RESOURCE (British Official Wireless.) (Received December 28, 12.30 p.m.) RUGBY, December 27. The hazards of routine reconnaissance which fall to the lot of the Royal Air Force are illustrated in the story of how an aircraft, damaged recently far from its base by an enemy attack, nevertheless reached home and made a safe landing. Its undercarriage and wing flaps were put out of action by enemy anti-aircraft fire during a reconnaissance flight over the coast of north-west Germany. None of the crew was wounded, and the aircraft was able to return safely over the North Sea. Landing, however, presented a great difficulty owing to the danger it involved, both to the crew, and possibly also to civilian lives and property. The pilot officer solved the problem successfully. He ordered the rest of the crew to descend by parachute, and after assuring himself of their safety succeeded in landing the aircraft without any further damage. The crew landed all over East Anglia up to 10 miles apart. Gayford broke his ankle, after landing in a high tree and falling heavily to the ground. One other came down in the middle of a field, and the farmer who found his suspected he was a German spy. Two others landed near each other in a wood. They walked together to a cottage and knocked up an old woman who lives there. She was suspicious of these men in flying suits. She shut the door in their faces, and would not open it again. Anyway, as you can see I know a lot about this incident, my only issue is the ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 19th August 2013 06:09:50
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Today later I was contacted by the son of LAC William George Smith - He landed at Orfordness, East Anglia and was arrested as a spy by a farmer with a Pitchfork. I was hoping to confirm the serial from his notes but he says his father only recorded the aircraft as 'F' So the question is, has anyone got 115 Sqn ORB for the period or can confirm N2948 was coded 'F' thanks Paul ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 8th March 2016 08:53:37
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Bruce Just had a thought and downloaded the 115 Sqn ORB for Dec 1939 It say Wellington 1A N2948 for Newman Crew for 24th Dec 1939 So N2948 'F' it is" Kind Regards Paul Paul ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 8th March 2016 10:49:41
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Paul, . This incident caused me a lot of grief over the last year or so while researching it as part of the ‘EAGLES OVER EUROPE’ project. The Wellington concerned was N2875. . The following notes are extracted from my work for the above. . It had been hit by naval A/A fire 2.15 p.m. during an armed reconnaissance off the Norwegian coast. The radio, hydraulics and bomb doors were all damaged and one wheel was jammed in the up position. . The 115 Sqn. F.541 lists ‘N2948’ as the aircraft used by this crew on this mission. However this flew operationally on 5 January and 11 February 1940. It could have hardly have flown on Jan. 5th if damaged as above. N2948 was written off in a training accident on 24 February 1940 for which there is a F.1180. The F.78 does not help insofar as it has a SOC date of 27 January 1940. The first page only shows one entry, being TOC by 115 Sqn. on 6 November 1939 and nothing after that. However I am convinced N2948 was not damaged on 24-12-1939 but was written off on 24-2-1940. I wondered could ‘N2948’ be a typo for N2848 but this was not so as the latter only flew with 18 OTU and never with a squadron. The clincher for me are statements by four of the crew about the accident in the 115 Sqn. Appendices (AIR 27/894, pages 44-51 & 76-78). The two officers both note the serial as N2875, while the other two quote no serial. The Marham Appendices (AIR 28/519, p.60) has a report about this incident using the serial N2875. It should be noted that N2875 is also listed on the 115 Sqn. F.541 flying on this mission with a different crew and is shown directly above ‘N2948’. It appears to me that the serials – or crews – were transposed in error at the time of writing. . I have the F.78 for N2875 but it has no hint of any accident around this time. It merely shows N2875 going to 115 Sqn. on 17-9-1939 and then to 33 MU on 2-7-1940 with a long service life thereafter. I have also checked the 115 Sqn. F.541 from 25-12-1939 to 31-7-1940 inclusive for any further mention of N2875 and there is not one. There is no F.1180 available for this incident, nor an AIR 81 casualty file. Therefore I am happy the correct serial number for this accident is N2875. . Sources: 115 Sqn. ORB (p.63-64, 72) and Appendices (p.44-51, 76-78), Marham Appendices (AIR 28/519, p.52, 57 & 60), F.78. . The aircraft letter and the AIR 25 file reference were new to me. Something new for both of us ! . Regards, . Martin. ....Read More.Martin Gleeson on 10th March 2016 10:23:57

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