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Defiant I N3453 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Defiant I N3453

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/8717Flying Officer W R A Knocker, Flight Sergeant D A Hardy: injured; aircraft accident near Horsham, Sussex, Defiant N3453, 264 Squadron, 31 August 1941.C16924559

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Knocker and Hardy 2 close callsWRA Knocker's first Defiant scrape was in N1547 caused by hitting tree at Rochford on 15th November 1940 (as above). The next 'close call' on Defiants occured the following April on a Night Patrol. The confusion about this accident date at Crowborough in E.Sussex stems from the fact that the 264Sqn ORB has the 15th and 16th for the accident date. This may be I suggest because it was qte close to midnight. Anyway The AM1180(courtesy RAF Hendon) has the 17th April 1941 on the other hand. So take your pick, but its definately one and the same incident. The aircraft was Defiant 3N3369 btw, on a Night Patrol & take off was 2230hrs. So Paul apologies you are indeed correct to raise the matter of the log book date (Matt?). Both bailed out OK after on-board generator power failure due to friendly AA fire accident. The final time that WRA Knocker bailed out of a 'Defiant' was with also with Sgt Hardy but on the 31st of August of same year 3 miles SE of Cuckfield, W.Sussex, in Defiant N3453. It was during a searchlight co-op. This crash was listed as at 'Slaugham' in the book 'Blitz over Sussex'. The 264 ORB (at Kew) states: 'F/O Knocker and F/S Hardy bailed out at approximately 0130hrs. Both suffered from leg fractures though their condition is not serious. F/S Hardy was particularly fortunate as he bailed out from only 800ft.' The 'Defiant File' by Alec Brew lists this incident in connection with N3453 but states incorrectly that they were both killed. Its also the one Andy Saunders found pieces of he says in 1972 (Hello Andy? Do you have his contact please Paul?). Thanks Matt for the rest of this fascinating story. So far away! These are the 'Defiant' accidents I have details of so far, in connection with your Dad. Perhaps you already have some of these details. If not hope it helps. Dave ....Read More.david cullen on 8th October 2011 09:24:36

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