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Anson I N5019 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Anson I N5019

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/1813Pilot Officer W D Allies, Leading Aircraftman L J Taylor: injured; aircraft accident, Dalwood, Anson N5019, 148 Squadron, 11 January 1940.C16471243
AIR81/2378Pilot Officer T C Watson, Sergeant C J Dent, Sergeant H Hannah, Sergeant A Williams: killed; Sergeant AC Smith: injured; aircraft accident, Builth Wells, Anson N5019, 15 Operational Training Unit, 9 July 1940.C16471776

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Anson I N5019

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantChristopher Joseph DENT (755832) Observer Anson I N5019 AIR81/2378 1940-07-1015 OTU United KingdomShawbury (St. Mary The Virgin)
SergeantHugh HANNAN (629054) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Anson I N5019 AIR81/2378 1940-07-1015 OTU United KingdomWhitburn Cemetery
Pilot OfficerThomas Colvin WATSON (79577) Pilot Anson I N5019 AIR81/2378 1940-07-1015 OTU United KingdomShawbury (St. Mary The Virgin)
SergeantArthur WILLIAMS (646080) Wireless Operator Anson I N5019 AIR81/2378 1940-07-1015 OTU United KingdomLlanguicke (St. Ciwg) Churchya

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ThreadPost TextAuthor
400710 - Unaccounted airmen - 10-7-1940Hi Again Henk Watson,Williams,Dent and Hannon are in Chorley Vol 7 as being killed when Anson I, N5019 of 15 OTU became lost and flew into high ground in Wales,3 mls S of Rhayder in Radnorshire I've looked at Google Maps and I think that it should be RHAYADER(atypo in Chorley) Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 14th January 2008 08:31:39
400710 - Unaccounted airmen - 10-7-1940Thanks Dick for this excellent info. Especially the 1 AAS Blenheim with F/O Lincoln. If you ever find the names of the Army passengers please let me know. I've all 9 volumes BCL of Chorley but missed N5019 completely. Age ?? Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 14th January 2008 10:16:03
400710 - Unaccounted airmen - 10-7-1940I didn't forget to add N5019 into my files. I quoted from the Air Britain Aeromilitaria "Crashes in UK" and on this list N5019 was omitted. I probably forgot to delete the names from my "unaccounted" list. I should have found their names if I had checked my files on their svcnrs. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 14th January 2008 10:33:24
Anson fates 1940Hello Martin, I looked on Geoff's search engine for the 10th July 1940 and these names for RAF came up. LAC Dale 616618 Sgt(obs) Dent 755832 P/o. Goldsmith-Jones 41282 Wop/AG Hannan 629054 F/o Lincoln 70400 A/c Ward 906836 P/o watson 79577 A/c Wilkinson 626304 Sgt Wop/AG Williams 646080 I could not get 17 OTU to work. perhaps you can match some names to the aircraft. Dent,Hannon,Watson and Williams were crew in Anson N5019 of 15 OTU lost this date along with Sgt. A C Smith who was injured (ref: BCL vol 7 OTU's 1940/47). This would in effect leave us with five for at least one more anson crew . Good luck Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 14th August 2010 11:06:07
"Escapes by Parachute" Jan 11 1940Crew were from a 148 Sqn Anson N5019 Full detail of crew are: Flt/Lt Thomas William Piper - Pilot - landed aircraft at Hullavington #37913 (later Air Marshal with KBE, C.B.,. C.B.E., A.F.C.) P/O William Donald Allies #41978 Second Pilot - 4th Bale out Sgt Walter Ernest Boteler #581167- 3rd Bale out Sgt Charles Kenneth Hayden #513240- 2nd Bale out LAC Leslie JohnTaylor #533216 - 1st Bale out ORB has Harwell 1th January 1940. Anson N5019 during a night flight, cut out both engines whilst pilots were changing over. Captain (Flt/Lt Thomas William Piper resumed control. At 2,000 feet he gave order 'Abandon Aircraft'. The crew P/O W D Allies, 514240 Sgt Hayden, C.K. 581167 Sgt Boteler, W.B. 533216 LAC Taylor, L.J. executed the order calmly and with precision landed near Axminster. Flt Lt/Piper turned of the petrol and when turning off switches, the engines picked up again. Turning on petrol and checking switches, he flew aircraft to Hullavington returning next day to base. The Appendices to ORB have a fascinating 3 page article written by P/O Allies detailing the full story. Thanks to Peter Allies (P/O Allies son) who provided me to the clue to the Sqn concerned when he sent me a scan of his fathers Service Record for the period. He was on roll of RAF Harwell as Supernumerary for Operational Training ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 22nd August 2013 01:46:49
400710 - Unaccounted airmen - 10-7-1940Henk passed away last year unfortunatly, but the basics of what happened are stated on the previous page, post #9 I think. For a small record of the crash you can contact the RAF Museum in Hendon and request the Air Ministry Form 1180 for the loss. Email address and contacts are at this link. [url][/url] Also, run a google search for the aircraft - Anson N5019, there are some details online. This google books result also: [url][/url] ....Read More.dennis_burke on 17th October 2013 06:35:37
Anson 148 Sqn K5024 loss 18 Jan 1940Ross Firstly thanks for the offer, and sorry for not getting back sooner as I had to help with an incident Sunday/Monday all sorted now.. Anyway K5024/N5024 Issue from Air 14-47 Air Ministry Dept Z A Harrogate Yorks 30th April 1940 Emergency Parachute Jumps "I am directed to refer to A.M.O.A. 155/1940 and to say valuable data has been collected since the introduction in July 1939 of the questionnaire at para 2 of the above AMO which will materially help towards the detailed analysis of reports covering a period of twelve months which is to be made. "The following reports of emergency parachute jumps known to have been made have not yet been received" 8.8.39 38 Sqn Wellington L4235 9.8.39 102 Sqn Whitley K8950 [B]18.1.40 148 Sqn Anson "K" 5024[/B] I think last incident is confusion of Anson N5019 of same Sqn on 11.1.40 in the same general vicinity of the crash of N5024 Dalwood, near Axminster, Devon. Pilot Captain (Flt/Lt Thomas William Piper resumed control) and other 4 crew bailed out And my mystery 1940 bailouts are as follows 1) Probably between January 15th to Feb 5th 1940 Sgt Herring and AC2 Drake (probably same incident) 2) Probably between 5th Feb 1940 and 14th Feb 1940 Pupil Pilot G Hobbs 3) Probably between 22 Feb 1940 and 26 March 1940 P/O Charles Francis Ambrose and P/O James Reginald Bryan "Jim" Meaker (Probably same incident) I can't be more specific as the List I have only gives years and I [I]assume [/I]the names are in consecutive order (most are) so I am bracketing them via known "other" incidents So for example Ambrose and Meaker are between Ft/Lt Ian Richard "Wedge" Gleed on Feb 18th 1940 and P/O William Hubert Rigby "Nits" Whitty on March 26th 1940 Many Thanks Paul Paul ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 29th March 2016 05:48:07

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