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Hudson I N7249 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hudson I N7249

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Hudson I N7249

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Pilot OfficerHector Garmen WEBB (43154) Pilot Hudson I N7249  Forum Post 1940-04-23224 Sqdn AIR27 NorwayAndalsnes Church Cemetery

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Hudson crew for N7249 224 Sqdn lost 23-04-1940Hello Linzee, Hudson N7249 224 Sqdn. Two crewmembers survived the crash caused by "friendly fire" according this report below: Report upon operations carried out by force "Primrose" commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel H W Simpson, Royal Marines, during the period 13th to 30th April, 1940. 25. On the 23rd April occurred a most regrettable and disturbing incident. At about 1100 hours I had met the Air Staff Officers at a conference and had been informed that no British planes could be expected for 48 hours. Some little while afterwards I received a signal from H.M.S. "Curacoa" saying "Battle flight expected 1600". I discussed this with my Adjutant, and ask for a check from my own signal station. Lieutenant Colonel Clarke, the War Office liaison officer, who was also at my H.Q. also saw the signal which was interpreted to mean that we were being warned a of enemy action at about 1600. At about 1605 three planes appeared, and one, if not two, were shot down by either ships or shore A/A guns. (As I did not see the actual shooting had my evidence is a only hearsay, but the navigator and wireless operator of one of the planes, who escaped by parachute, were interviewed by me and they both said that ships’ guns opened fire upon them for a short while, and this was confirmed later from H.M.S. "Curacoa"). Linzee, suppose you are trying to find a connection between the unidentified airman, buried at Andalsnes Church Cemetery and P/O Hector Garmen Webb, RAF, 43154 from Hudson N7249, who is lost without trace. P.S. Hudson N7264 of 224 Sqdn returned to Wick heavy damaged. Best regards Finn Buch ....Read More.Argus on 9th January 2008 04:39:54
Hudson crew for N7249 224 Sqdn lost 23-04-1940Hello Finn, good to hear from you. Thanks for the interesting info. First to answer your question. I'm not actually trying to establish a connection between the as yet unknown airman at Andalsnes and P/O Webb. I think there are several people already working on that side of things. What I'm actually trying to establish are the names of ALL the crew who were onboard that Hudson. So far only two names (Webb & Pearson) seem available from sources that I've seen or heard about and I do feel that is a low number for a Hudson crew. The report in your post is interesting because it mentions a wireless op and navigator escaping from the aircraft by parachute and being interviewed. I don't know what crew positions the two crew already mentioned in my original post were (Webb & Pearson). The CWGC website sheds no light on crew position of Webb. So, still the original question...........who were the additional crew members on Hudson N7249 and in addition, can anyone tell me what crew positions were for Webb and Pearson please. Many thanks Finn, although your post throws up more questions than answers it still moves things forward another tiny step. Kind Regards Linzee ....Read More.Linzee on 9th January 2008 05:33:19
Hudson crew for N7249 224 Sqdn lost 23-04-1940The mentioned Hudson Mk I #N7249 is delivered in the first lot of 200 units (N7205 - N7404), agreed to order by AM on 23/6 1938. A crew of 4 airmen in following order from front to rear: Navigator Pilot Radio Operator Rear Gunner Best regards Finn Buch ....Read More.Argus on 9th January 2008 06:28:00
Hudson crew for N7249 224 Sqdn lost 23-04-1940Hello to all in this thread, My father was one of the crew surviving this crash - his name was LAC John Ness. The aircraft was in fact N7290 not as is reported N7249. I have his flying logbook and if anybody is still interested in this thread, I would like to hear from them. Ken Ness ....Read More.cainnech on 2nd April 2013 03:57:39
Hudson crew for N7249 224 Sqdn lost 23-04-1940I too had the a/c as N7249 per Air-Britain RAF 'N-Serials' as well as Andrew Hendrie's book 'Lockheed Hudson in WWII' (Airlife, 1999); Hendrie lists N7290 as serving with 220 Sqn and being lost through spinning into a house in Middlesborough on 8 November 1939. I had LAC Ness listed as a survivor of N7249 and possibly a PoW but I haven't noted the source of that info. Keith ....Read More.Keith Bryers on 3rd April 2013 04:33:39
Hudson crew for N7249 224 Sqdn lost 23-04-1940[QUOTE=Keith Bryers;86479]I too had the a/c as N7249 per Air-Britain RAF 'N-Serials' as well as Andrew Hendrie's book 'Lockheed Hudson in WWII' (Airlife, 1999); Hendrie lists N7290 as serving with 220 Sqn and being lost through spinning into a house in Middlesborough on 8 November 1939. I had LAC Ness listed as a survivor of N7249 and possibly a PoW but I haven't noted the source of that info. Keith[/QUOTE] P/O Webb was killed when the aircraft was shot down. My father was an AG on board and was one of two rescued by locals and he returned on HMS Galatea, he was never a POW - had he been, I would have never been born as he met my mother 4 months later in St Andrews (Near Leuchars). The details from his logbook are as follows:- 19/4/40 14.30 Hudson N7266 Sgt Webb N.S.P. Battle Flight 20/4/40 11.10 Hudson N7283 Sgt Cargill N.S.P. Battle Flight 23/4/40 09.35 Hudson N7249 P/O Webb Leuchars to Wick B.F. 23/4/40 13.05 Hudson N7290 P/O Webb Moral support to troops at Andalsnes. At 16.20 Aircraft struck by Pom-Pom at Andalsnes – Aircraft burning – Bailed out at 2,000ft - Shot at by Norwegian troops in mistake for German Paratroopers. Landed in Fjord – Picked up by 2 Norwegians Brought to Rosyth in H.M.S. Galatea. Bombed on way back by German aircraft. Pilot killed. Flying Time 4.15hrs As you can see, the aircraft changed from the morning to the afternoon. He was always a bit precise and I find it hard to believe that he would have put down an incorrect aircraft number especially in view of the fact that the log is signed by his CO. An excellent article by Andy Saunders covers the days events in great detail. Regards Ken ....Read More.cainnech on 4th April 2013 04:58:31
Aircraft Registration- reused numbers?I'm sure Ross will verify this, but Webb was piloting N7249 when killed. You could request a copy of AM Form 1180 for N7290, just to see what Accident catagory it was deemed at time of accident in November 1939, and whether or not it was salvaged for repair. Alan ....Read More.AlanW on 15th April 2013 09:58:57
Aircraft Registration- reused numbers?Hi Ken From Air Britain N7290 stalled on approach and crashed into a house in Middlesbrough while with 220 sqn on 8.11.39. Written off. From same and Ross's Coastal Command Losses the aircraft lost in Norway on 23.4.40 was N7249 of 224 sqn, lost due friendly fire from HMS Curacoa. P/o Webb killed and P/o A J Pearson survived. No other crew members mentioned which seems odd for a Hudson. regards Peter ....Read More.PeterColwill on 15th April 2013 10:34:36
Aircraft Registration- reused numbers?Hi Ken, I can confirm what was already stated - in case of aircraft produced in series in Britain I have never met the case of one serial used twice. There were only few cases of for example experimental or captured individual aircraft that in few cases two different aircraft got the same serial. As for Hudson N7249 you can also check (if not already) older thread of this forum: But to be sure I suggest the same as Alan - visit/contact RAF Museum Hendon and get the copy of Aircraft movement card for N7290/N7249 and also Flying Accident Card (AM Form 1180) for N7290/N7249. Pavel ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 16th April 2013 08:15:36
Anson N5204 Blue on Blue Shootdown 27th October 1939Mark Thanks for looking I suspect the unknown Hudson may be N7249 off= 224 Sqn lost 23-04-1940 Crew: P/O Hector Garmen Webb killed , P/O A B J Pearson who was wounded (Parachuted) and LAC William Ferguson Shaw (Parachuted) Paul ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 12th February 2014 04:38:12

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