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Hudson I N7283 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hudson I N7283

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/166Pilot Officer R G M Harmston: report of death. Flying Officer A A T Bulloch, Leading Aircraftman A W Hallam and Leading Aircraftman S Lane: missing presumed dead; Hudson N7283 crashed into the North Sea during a reconnaissance flight over the coast of Norway, 24 April 1940. Note: Previously missing at transfer, found August 2014C14141967

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Hudson I N7283

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Flying OfficerAnthony Alexander Talbot BULLOCH (33224) Hudson I N7283  AIR81/166 1940-04-24224 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Leading AircraftmanAlfred William HALLAM (534748) Hudson I N7283  AIR81/166 1940-04-24224 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Pilot OfficerRobert George Meadows HARMSTON (41845) Pilot Hudson I N7283  AIR81/166 1940-04-24224 Sqdn AIR27 NorwayBergen (Mollendal) Church Ceme
Leading AircraftmanStanley LANE (528628) Hudson I N7283  AIR81/166 1940-04-24224 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial

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Hudson N7285 220 Sqn FTR 24 Apr 40Hello Peter, Ross's Coastal Command Losses of the Second World War vol 1 has both detailed on pages 29/30. N7285 was "NR-L" Base was Leuchars Crew all killed. Sgt. EWA Peachey P/O. RH Sanders AC1. RJ Simpson LAC. T Dobson Escort to destroyers when in position MBRU 3452 were sighted two Me109's to starboard diving out of the sun. The first burst of gunfire hit the port engine and the Hudson burst into flames. LAC. Dobson was observed to continue firing. The Hudson was attempted to land alongside a destroyer but control was lost at 500ft and the a/c turned over. One crewmember tried his chute but the canopy caught fire. The Hudson was claimed as shot down at 08:05 hrs by Ltn. Demes and Ofw. Arnoldy of 4/JG77. N7286 was "NR-Z" Crew all killed. P/O. MC Petrie (New Zealander) P/O. RO Lawry ( New Zealander) AC1. KC Merrick (real name Maddocks) LAC. P Wilson The Hudson was claimed as that above. A 224 Sqdn Hudson was also lost. N7283 "QX-S" Same Base Crew all killed. Shot down off Haakonshellen, Norway at 07:30hrs Claimed by two pilots from 5/JG77. Ross beat my post but there is also from Tony wood the following: "2 4 . A p r i l 1 9 4 0 Einsatz in Norwegen: 24.04.40 Ltn. Edgar Struckmann: 4 - 5./JG 77 Hudson - 150 km. S.W. Stavanger 07.40 Refer: Prien/Bock re. Perry 24.04.40 Fw. Robert Menge: 4 - 5./JG 77 Hudson - 150 km. S.W. Stavanger 07.40 Refer: Prien/Bock re. Perry 24.04.40 Fw. Werner Petermann: 1 - 5./JG 77 Hampden - S.W. Stavanger 08.30 Refer: Prien/Bock re. Perry Supplemental Claims: 24.04.40 Fw. Ertel: 1 - 6./JG 77 Hudson - 07.30 Refer: JG 77 Lists f.2379 24.04.40 Oblt. Pointer: 2 - 5./JG 77 Hudson - 07.30 Refer: JG 77 Lists f.2379 24.04.40 Ofw. Jaenisch: 1 - 4./JG 77 Blenheim - 09.25 Refer: JG 77 Lists f.2379" Ertel & Pointer claimed "QX-S". So Luftwaffe pilots names are not those that Ross has given and the time is also not the same ?? Christopher Shores book "Fledgling Eagles" has: "At Leuchars 220 Sqdn had formed a special "Battle Flight" of three Hudsons, and these took off at 0430 to give support to three French destroyers in the Skagerrak; these were L'Indompable, Le Malin and Le Triomphant under command of Cne Bartles. The Hudsons were followed at 0500 by N7283 of 224 Sqdn (F/O. HLM Bullock) on anti sub patrol and at 0635 by three more Hudsons from 233 Sqdn which were also on escort duty. 220 Sqdns "Battle Flight" was attacked at 0805 by two BF109E's of 4/JG77 flown by Lt Demes and Ofw Arnoldy, and a/c N7289 "L" (Sgt WA Peachey) was hit at once. With the port engine on fire Peachey tried to land alongside one of the destroyers while the dorsal turret gunner continued to engage the attackers, but the Hudson fell out of control and crashed into the water. One member of the crew tried to bale out but his parachute caught fire. At this moment N7286 "Z" (P/O MC Petrie) was attacked and was last seen diving towards the sea trailing black smoke. At this, a/c "N" took evasive action at lo ....Read More.Alex Smart on 25th June 2012 10:16:52
Hudson crew for N7249 224 Sqdn lost 23-04-1940[QUOTE=Keith Bryers;86479]I too had the a/c as N7249 per Air-Britain RAF 'N-Serials' as well as Andrew Hendrie's book 'Lockheed Hudson in WWII' (Airlife, 1999); Hendrie lists N7290 as serving with 220 Sqn and being lost through spinning into a house in Middlesborough on 8 November 1939. I had LAC Ness listed as a survivor of N7249 and possibly a PoW but I haven't noted the source of that info. Keith[/QUOTE] P/O Webb was killed when the aircraft was shot down. My father was an AG on board and was one of two rescued by locals and he returned on HMS Galatea, he was never a POW - had he been, I would have never been born as he met my mother 4 months later in St Andrews (Near Leuchars). The details from his logbook are as follows:- 19/4/40 14.30 Hudson N7266 Sgt Webb N.S.P. Battle Flight 20/4/40 11.10 Hudson N7283 Sgt Cargill N.S.P. Battle Flight 23/4/40 09.35 Hudson N7249 P/O Webb Leuchars to Wick B.F. 23/4/40 13.05 Hudson N7290 P/O Webb Moral support to troops at Andalsnes. At 16.20 Aircraft struck by Pom-Pom at Andalsnes Aircraft burning Bailed out at 2,000ft - Shot at by Norwegian troops in mistake for German Paratroopers. Landed in Fjord Picked up by 2 Norwegians Brought to Rosyth in H.M.S. Galatea. Bombed on way back by German aircraft. Pilot killed. Flying Time 4.15hrs As you can see, the aircraft changed from the morning to the afternoon. He was always a bit precise and I find it hard to believe that he would have put down an incorrect aircraft number especially in view of the fact that the log is signed by his CO. An excellent article by Andy Saunders covers the days events in great detail. Regards Ken ....Read More.cainnech on 4th April 2013 04:58:31

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