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Master I N7604 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Master I N7604

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  29 May 40 Aircraft Name  Master I Serial Number  N7604
Unit  8 FTS Operating Airfield   Country  UK
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/2176Pilot Officer W G Bibby, Sergeant J C Wood, Sergeant J F Palmer, Sergeant R L K Parker: killed; mid-air collision between Master N7559 and Master N7604, 8 Flying Training School, 29 May 1940.C16471606

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Master I N7604

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantJohn Frederick PALMER (740287) Pilot Master I N7604  AIR81/2176 1940-05-298 FTS United KingdomCoventry (London Road) Cemeter
SergeantLeonard Kenneth PARKER (754067) Pilot Master I N7604  AIR81/2176 1940-05-298 FTS United KingdomOxford (Rose Hill) Cemetery

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UK Collisions Late 1939 Early 1940Can any one add to this list (of possible Collisions) in the time frame Sept 1939 to April 1940 Trying to ID incident that Meaker/Ambrose were involved in in (probably 1940) See [url][/url] [B]Collisions Late 1939[/B] [LIST] [*]19.09.39 Wellington I L4232 99 Sqn Carew Cheriton Possible Coll [*]19.09.39 Henley L3249 ?? Carew Cheriton Possible Coll [/LIST] [INDENT]Crew list (all injured) Flight Sergeant John William Lewis Goldie Brent #355953, Killed 1 May 1940 Pilot Sergeant Herbert Philipson Atkinson #580281 -> Herbert Philipson Atkinson #47360 Navigator Leading Aircraftsman S. K. Love -> almost certainly Samuel Kennedy Love #520028 Aircraftsman 1 Howard Eric Beaumont 516285 -- Killed Dec 14th 1939 Aircraftsman 2 Richard Hampton Willis 569344 - Killed 20-12-1939 Aircraftsman 2 J. W. Haynes -> almost certainly John William Haynes #545930 [/INDENT] [LIST] [*]19.09.39 Gladiator II N2305 605 Sqn near Tangmere Coll Fg Off John Henry Warren (23) #90253 killed [*]19.09.39 Gladiator II N2313 605 Sqn near Tangmere Coll Fg Off Norman ("Bricky") Forbes #90252 baled out of N2313 [/LIST] [LIST] [*]23.9.39 Harvard I P5791 1 SFTS, Collision, 5m NE of Netheravon Pilot: Midshipman (A) John Clutha Casey, RN, of HMS Pembroke (FAA) - Age 21. Killed Passenger AC1 William Roderick Walter Phillips (21) killed [*]23.9.39 Harvard I P5792 1 SFTS, Collision, 5m NE of Netheravon Pilot Mid/A Roger Malcolm Brennen KETTLE - HMS Pembroke - sole occupant Killed [/LIST] [LIST] [*]25.09.39 Tiger Moth II N6850 9 EFTS Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warks. Coll Pupil Pilot Philip 'Brandy' Brandon-Trye Later #42792 baled out OK [*]25.09.39 Tiger Moth II N6855 9 EFTS Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warks. Coll Pupil Pilot William Sydney "Bill" Longhurst Later #42852 baled out OK [/LIST] [LIST] [*]01.10.39 Spitfire I L1059 603 Sqn Grangemouth Coll L1059 landed on top of L1047 while taxiiing at Grange, F/O (Pilot) James Alexander Brownlies Somerville #90916 killed [*]01.10.39 Spitfire I L1047 603 Sqn Grangemouth Coll Pilot P/O James Storrs Morton's #90727 survived [/LIST] [LIST] [*]06.10.39 Spitfire I K9854 19 Sqn Newmarket racecourse Coll Flt Lt Wilfred Clouston #39223 - sustained minor injuries**. [*]06.10.39 Spitfire I K9821 19 Sqn Newmarket racecourse Coll F/O George Eric Ball #39843 OK [/LIST] [LIST] [*]18.10.39 Battle I K9398 52 Sqn l m NW of Dorchester, Oxon. Coll Plt Off John Ross Anderson #41647 (26) killed (Canadian) and AC1 Robert Allan Walker Keogh #569519 (20) killed [*]18.10.39 Battle I K9399 52 Sqn, Benson Coll landed Safely - Pilot Unknown [/LIST] [LIST] [*]30.10.39 Wellington I L4288 9 Sqn near Honington the Water Mill , Sapiston , Suffolk Coll [*]30.10.39 Wellington I L4363 9 Sqn near Honington the Water Mill , Sapiston , Suffolk Coll [/LIST] [INDENT]L4288 Sqn Ldr Lennox Stanley Lamb (29) #29171 killed Fg Off Peter Edward Torkington-Leech (26) # ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 24th February 2017 07:12:39
UK Collisions Late 1939 Early 1940Hi Paul, 25.4.40 Hurricane I ???? 605 Sqn 6m W of Thurso, this was N2358 which landed ok. L2013 crashed at Forss Wood. Collided during formation break and L2013 spun in. 29.5.40 Master I N7559 8 FTS Collided with N7604. I have Palmer and Parker both on N7559 and Bibby and Wood on N7604, Both aircraft came down at North Mains of Luther, Angus. 01.10.39 Spitfire I L1059 After the ground collision at Grangemouth it was repaired, hitting a building on approach to Wittering with 266 Sqn Well known Bob Pilot's name escapes me, at work at the moment, 9/8/40, repaired and transferred to 58 OTU 29/01/41 crashing at Hillhead Farm Slamannan 14/02/41r killing Sgt. John Sylvester. Memorial at Slammanan Village is made with the recovered prop blades. Alan. Alan. ....Read More.AL90 on 24th February 2017 08:50:07

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