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Beaufighter TFX  NE481 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Beaufighter TFX  NE481

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Beaufighter serials 254 Squadron and external appearanceDear Hans, unfortunately I have no such information for you but I have searched the RAF serials for serials you already have and look for 254 Sq so here is the list of "possible candidates" :-) ! - I suppose this plane was at unit on 17.1.45 as it was lost with 254 Sq very soon afterwards ? - I am not so sure if this plane can be at the unit on 17.1.45 RD350! RD351 RD354 RD356? RD434 RD435 RD438 RD439 RD456 RD457? RD458 RD464? RD467 RD483 RD500 RD501 RD502 RD504-RD509 RD524 RD538-RD540 RD578-RD579 RD690 RD717 RD772? RD853 NE216 NE218! NE428 NE436 NE438! NE481 NT945 NV118!!! LOST 19.1. NV174 NV178? NV185 NV190 NV390? I know that this is very long shot but maybe it can be useful for you. Pavel ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 1st January 2008 03:06:42

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