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Lancaster BI  NF960 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Lancaster BI  NF960


DateAircraftUnitPilot NameLocation
28 Oct 44 Lancaster l NF960 115 Sqdn Germany
RemarksTook off 1305 28 Oct 1944 from Witchford. Cause of loss and crash-site not established.Henk Welting's Database

Casualties in the CWGC Register for Lancaster l NF960

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
Warrant OfficerArthur Benjamin BRENNAN (426030) Lancaster BI NF960  IBCC 1944-10-28115 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flight LieutenantBrian Maurice HYNES (415971) Pilot Lancaster BI NF960  IBCC 1944-10-28115 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyReichswald Forest War Cemetery
SergeantCharles Francis RAYBOULD (2221557) Lancaster BI NF960  IBCC 1944-10-28115 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
SergeantPercy Weston TAYLOR (1084566) Lancaster BI NF960  IBCC 1944-10-28115 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomRunnymede Memorial
Flight SergeantGeorge Harold WIGGIN (1582724) Navigator Lancaster BI NF960  IBCC 1944-10-28115 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyRheinberg War Cemetery

Prisoners of War for Lancaster BI NF960

RankName, NumberDetailsDate CapturedUnitPOW NoCamp
Flt SgtJohn Macauley BOVILL (428015) Lancaster BI NF960
1944-10-28115 SqdnStalag Luft L7 Bankau near Kreuzburg, Upper Silesia

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list of POW Stalag luft 7 BankauHi Alain Unfortunately haven't got time to do a full look-up and answer at the moment, but Heddle, Hunt and McGarvey are all listed on Clutton-Brock's "Footprints", as having been with 76 Sqn, lost with Halifax MZ531 on 7/6/44 on a raid on Juvisy. Gooch was 115 Sqn (Lanc NF960, 28/10/44, Cologne), Day 158 Sqn (Halifax LK875, 2/6/44, Trappes), French 115 Sqn (Lanc ND805, 14/10/44, Duisburg), and Collingwood 514 Sqn (Lanc LL727, 7/6/44, Massy-Palaiseau). Will try to look up the others later, unless someone else does so by then. Cheers Ian ....Read More.ianh on 15th January 2010 03:20:58
Bomber Losses, 28 October 1944Hi Steve Got interrupted first time! Same source gives the Lancasters Cologne 35 Sqn,Lancaster III, PB612,TL-F,Lost without trace 115 Sqn,Lancaster I,NF960,KO-R,No details give but 2 crew became POW 419 Sqn,Lancaster X,KB712,VR-L,crashed at Hurth(cant do the umlaut) Walcheren, 90 Sqn,Lancaster I,HK602,WP-X, crashed in the target area near Flushing Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 18th February 2010 06:47:03
Bomber Losses, 28 October 1944I have PB612 as TL-P and the two crew members from 115 Sqdn Lancaster NF960 who became POW's, Bomb-aimer and Flight Engineer. Bill ....Read More.BillG on 18th February 2010 07:05:26

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