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Lysander I P1686 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Lysander I P1686

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  17 Feb 42 Aircraft Name  Lysander II Serial Number  P1686
Unit  28 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Mingaladon Country  Burma
Aircrew details Fg Offr Cecil Coope DICKSON*(68719)
Sgt Eric Benjamin George SEDGWICK*(529889)
Details “BF-M” Unfortunately before Dickson could take up his new assignment, his Lysander P1686 blew up during take-off from Mingaladon when one of the bombs separated and exploded below him. The explosion caused the Lysander to burst into flames and turn over. His gunner Sergeant Sedgwick was also killed.
Source ORB

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