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Hurricane I  P2812 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hurricane I  P2812

Block 1/G, Gloster Aircraft Company., Nov 1939 - April 1940 More information in: Dr. Colin James Pratt-Hooson's Hurricane Site

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 14 May 40 Aircraft Name Hurricane I Serial Number P2812
Unit 73 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

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Hawker Hurricane QueriesHi Continuing with the Hurricane theme can anyone please give me any information about these - some conflicting information regarding these serials. [B]N2334 or P2812[/B] - any details welcome please on which aircraft Sgt Pyne was flying believed to be one of these two in May 1940 when shot down?. [B][B]Z2394[/B] - [/B]a Malta aircraft but apparently lost on the 14th February 1943 is this date correct and if not what was the aircraft's real Fate?.[B] Z3554[/B] - history of this aircraft is confusing it's listed as Malta, 73, 134, I have also seen it mentioned as with 250 and the OADU it is mentioned as (reported as ditched off Sicillian coast 27th June 1941 en route Malta Sgt D R O'R Sherburne ok) is this correct as I have it listed as SOC 27th October 1944. [B]BE495 [/B]- 245 Squadron, is mentioned as engine cut at night and abandoned over Andover, Hampshire 31st July 1942 crashing at St.Mary Bourne but is also listed as force-landing at Friston on the 19th August 1942 with P/O C L Gotch so clearly not the same aircraft, any clues on this?. [B]BN126 [/B]- missing presumed shot down by Bf.109 near El Alamein 30th August 1942 pilot Sgt J F J Montgomery but also listed as collided with Hurricane BN359which is correct?. [B]HV874 or HW874[/B] - spun into the ground at Mauripur, India 25th March 1944 which one is correct?. [B]LD102 or LD182[/B] - crashed during manufacturer test flight 16th July 1943 which is correct? aircraft was repaired. My thanks Information intended for future use in a possible book regarding production histories of Langley Hurricanes so greatly received. ....Read More.Autogiro on 8th August 2016 09:53:50
Y0043 - Hurricane I - 73 Sqdn - TP-H - 26-05-1940Air81/405, Sydenham, P3274 also . However it would seem that the earlier loss was not P3274 but was P2803. FCL has the following. 26 May Sydenham + P3274 "H". 24 May Bell-Syer, wounded P2803 'L'. Carter Safe 'K", 19 May Langham-Hobart Safe P2543 Thompson Safe N2385 Pilkington Safe P2539 15 May Orton wounded P2579 Humphries wounded L1693 14 May Pyne + P2812 Roe + P2813 Dibden + P2689 McFadden Safe L1891 ....Read More.Alex Smart on 30th December 2020 10:59:30

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