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Whirlwind I  P7119 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Whirlwind I  P7119

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 19 Feb 43 Aircraft Name Whirlwind I Serial Number P7119
Unit 137 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Whirlwind I P7119

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
LieutenantNeville Austin FREEMAN (19862) Whirlwind I P7119  Forum Post 1943-02-19137 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomMargate Cemetery, Kent

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Whirlwind OpsHello Régis and Jerry, I think I send a full translation of the documents to Jerry a couple of years ago. The report of the Préfet states that on 23rd January 1943, at 1:30 PM [French Time], an English plane, single seat fighter, came down in a hamlet near Lille. No damage done [to houses or crops]. The local gendarmerie arrived on the spot after being informed at 14:45. The plane was broken at the pilot’s seat. No trace of blood. No details could be gathered about the pilot who had not been seen. Using FCL volume 2 (I know it’s far from complete, but this is a start) : we only have 3 planes missing on the continent : Two Whirlwinds of No. 137 Squadron : P7054, W/O A.I. DOIG who was captured on 27th January 1943 P7095, Sgt A.E. BROWN, killed in action, and buried in Ennetières les Avelin A Spitfire from No. 416 Squadron, BM245, Sgt J.R. McLEOD, prisoner of war, “Rhubarb to France, pm” Actually, No. 168 Squadron lost two Mustang Is on “Rhubarbs”, in the Pas-de-Calais département, that day, with F/O B.W. KEARNEY who was killed in action, and F/O I.G. GRANT who was captured in Paris on 27th January. I failed to locate a PoW questionnaire for McLEOD in the WO344 series (either I missed it or there’s none). It could have helped to reduce the area where he was shot down and captured (if captured soon after being shot down). I don’t have 416 Squadron ORB for January 1943 (I have a couple of pages for February 1943). Perhaps one of our Canadian forumites might provide informations about McLEOD ? No. 137 Squadron ORB states : P/O J.A. McCLURE (P7104) and W/O A.I. DOIG (P7054) took off at 10.55, and McCLURE landed at 12.55 [English Time]. The pair encountered intense light Flak over Poperinge, split up and no further news was had of W/O DOIG who is missing. Lt N.A. FREEMAN (P7119) and Sgt A.E. BROWN (P7095) also took off at 10.55, FREEMAN landed at 12.50. They attacked with cannon goods train out of Aubigny station, two engine being left enveloped in steam. They then found a goods train of 45 trucks north of Doullens on which they dropped their 2 x 250 lb bombs each. The engine and the first 5 coaches were derailed and left lying on their sides with steam pouring from the engine. Light Flak had been experienced from the centre of the train and the section had lost themselves in cloud. Sgt Brown contacted Lt Freeman on the R/T and told he was o.k. but thought he had been hit in the port engine. No further news was had of Sgt Brown who is missing. The Préfet report unfortunately doesn’t quote the number of engines : it might have definitely answered the question about Spitfire or Whirlwind. In January 1943, German time and English time were equal, so at the time quoted in the French report, the Whirlwinds were theoretically back in U.K., or the time of crash should be about an hour earlier. Time of take-off and landing for the Spitfires of No. 416 Squadron would be useful too. ....Read More.jossleclercq on 5th December 2007 01:16:10
Whirlwind Ops[QUOTE=HughAHalliday;1101]This is great stuff; many thanks. To help those helping me, I can say that I can definitely identify the following as being on Whirlwinds, viz: No.137 Squadron DESHANE, P/O C.W. killed in flying accident, 9 March 1942, aircraft P7036 WRIGHT, P/O R.E.D., killed in flying accident, 4 May 1942 (serial ?) BRENNAN, FS J.R., killed on operations 27 May 1942 (serial ?) MERCER, P/O C.E.. killed on operations, 19 february 1943, aircraft P7114 REBBETOY, F/O J.R., killed on operations, 25 April 1943, aircraft P7058 No.263 Squadron GILL, F/O D.R., killed 7 November 1942, aircraft P7043 McPHAIL, WO D.B., killed 7 December 1942, serial ? BREARLEY, F/O E., killed 16 April 1943, aircraft P6095 [/QUOTE] Hugh Wright was killed in P7103 Brennan's aircraft was P7112 Mercer was, I believe, flying P7119 on the night he was killed, with Freeman, the other fatality, in P7114. Don McPhaill was flying P6987 when he was lost to flak on Roadstead 45. HTH Niall ....Read More.NiallC on 6th December 2007 04:59:01
Bellows argentina presentation whirlwindsHi Again Picking up from Andy's post the full list in Air Britain P serials is P7055 Bellows Argentina I P7116 -,,- II P7117 -,,- III P7118 -,,- 4 (the change from Roman Numerals is as in the book) P7119 -,,- 5 P7120 -,,- 6 P7121 -,,- 7 P7122 Bellows Uruguay P7094 Bellows P7102 Comrades in Arms, which could be from anywhere. Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 15th December 2007 05:29:54

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