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Spitfire IIa  P7908 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Spitfire IIa  P7908

IIa CBAF MXII 37MU 2.....[TRUNCATED] More information in: Spitfire Site

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Casualties 27-3-1941Can someone please look up the death registration locations of the following 2 Pilots P/O Colin LOGAN - 44178 - 222 Sqn Sgt Walter WILSON - 748084 - 222 Sqn. I expect that they are both in Norfolk, but 1 may be in Bristol The issue is that: Air Britain Serials: P8028: 222 - collided with Spitfire P7908 during practice dogfight and crashed, Easton, Norfolk. Pilot P/O LOGAN killed P7908: 145/485/401/154/58 OTU/2 TEU/13 Grp CF - SOC 25-5-1945. I also have P8028 pres. collided with P7857 of 222 Sqn but also reported as 2 FPP, Engine failure, Force-landed hit building Willsbridge near Bristol. Pilot Sgt WILSON killed P7857: 2FPP engine failed hit house force-landed Willsbridge nearr Bristol 8-3-42 SOC 7-4-42 If anyone could give me the correct 2 Spitfires in the collison - Great! Many Thanks ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 21st August 2008 12:35:18
Casualties 27-3-1941I have found a 'Spring 1941' Reference to P7908 with 485 NZ Sqn coded as OU-M and a reference to it with 58 Operational Training Unit Which supports the P7908: 145/485/401/154/58 OTU/2 TEU/13 Grp CF - SOC 25-5-1945. lineage So unless the collision resulted in the death of the pilot, but not the write off of the aircraft I can't see how it can be P7908. P7857 was definiately with 222 Sqn at the time (arrived 9-3-41) so it could have been the aircraft involved -Assuming pilot died in forcelanding - and then it was repaired and thats why it was involved in forcelanding by a Ferry Pilot on 8-3-42 - But only pure speculation! ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 21st August 2008 01:16:25
Casualties 27-3-1941Hi, Wynn has P/O. Colin Wynn 44178. Killed on March 27th 1941 as a pilot officer with 222Sqn aged 29. Logan is buried in Brookwood Military Cemetery, Woking. Air Brit P1000- R9999 has P8028 222 Collided with Spitfire P7908 during practice dogfight and crashed, Easton, Norfolk 27.3.41. and for P7908 P7908 145/485/401/154/58 OTU/2 TEU/13 Gp CF SoC 25.5.45. But for interest it shows that P7909 was with 222 Sqn and then Coltishall and 266, Converted at some time to a Mk. Va, was later sent to the Royal Navy in Sept 42. Just wonder if the a/c in collision could have been P7909 and not P7908 ? As for P7857, Air Brit has 222/2FP - Hit house in forced landing Wilsbridge, Bristol 8.3.42. There is No mention of a collision except with a house and the year is 42 not 41. And no further info with regards to the history of P8028 after 27.3.41's collision. Nore connection with P7857 Except the date SoC as 7-4 but which year(s) ? Morgan & Shacklady "Spitfire the History" has the following - P7857 38 MU 2-2-41/ 222S 9-3/ 2FPP e/fld hit house f/ld Wilsbridge nr Brostol 8-3-42/ SoC 7-4. P7908 37 MU 2-2-41/ 145S 23-2/ CAC Ops 28-3/ 485S 1-6/ 401S 9-9/ 154S 10-12/ 58 OTU 29-5-42/ 2TEU 2-12-43/ 13Grp Com Flt 14-7-44/ SoC 25-5045. P7909 37 MU 22-2-41/ 222S 13-3/ 266S 14-7/ FACE 14-9/ Sal Con to FVa M45 RNDA 4-9-42/ SoC 6-2-45. P8028 72 MU 28-2-41/ 222S 13-3/ FACE 27-3/ SoC 7-4. Could it be that it was P7909 that was in collision with P8028 and that P7909 survived the collision only to be involved in another incident on 14-9 then to be repaired and converted to an FVa and sent to the RN ? Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 22nd August 2008 10:42:10

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