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Spitfire IIa  P8259 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Spitfire IIa  P8259

IIa CBAF MXII 33MU 2.....[TRUNCATED] More information in: Spitfire Site

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 23 Feb 43 Aircraft Name Spitfire IIa Serial Number P8259
Unit 1406 Flt Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details
Source Coastal Command and Fleet Air Arm Losses Forum Henk Welting's Database

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Spitfire IIa P8259

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetery/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantHugh Karl Marx THOMSON (1378417) Pilot Spitfire IIa P8259  Forum Post 1943-02-231406 Flt United KingdomWick Cemetery

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February 1943 - 5Hi All Another batch of casualties for which I would appreciate confirmation or otherwise 21 Feb 1943 Beaufighter VIF, V8410 of No 600 Sqn Sgt GILES, GORDON VICTOR WILFRED (1393344) RAFVR; age: 20 Fg Off SIMPSON, JAMES HAMILTON (130856) RAFVR; age: 20 Wellington III, HF687 of No 1446 Flt Sgt PATEY, GEORGE WILLIAM (1168453) RAFVR; age: 31 22 Feb 1943 Spitfire VC, BR472 of No 59 RSU Sgt GRIFFITH, THEODORE DAVID (1314972) RAFVR; age: 21 23 Feb 1943 Spitfire VA, P8259 of No 1406 Flt Sgt THOMSON, HUGH KARL MARX (1378417) RAFVR; age: ? 24 Feb 1943 Typhoon IB, DN411 of No 56 Sqn Sgt JENNER, KENNETH (1196248) RAFVR; age: 21 25 Feb 1943 Hurricane IIB, HL997 of No 261 Sqn WO II WILLBEE, JACK VINCENT (R/93429) RCAF; age: 21 Mosquito IV, DZ475 of No 521 Sqn Plt Off ORR, NATHANIEL PERCY (139946) RAFVR; age: ? Fg Off PRICE, NORMAN GEORGE (128369) RAFVR; age: 20 Oxford II, N6374 of No 12 (P) AFU Sgt WRIGHT, KENNETH WILLIAM (1238472) RAFVR; age: ? All the best Malcolm ....Read More.malcolm_raf on 10th December 2011 09:30:57
February 1943 - 5Malcolm, Checking up on the met aircraft for details, but this link has a Sgt Barry, RAAF, crashing P8259 from 58 OTU at Slamannan 8 April 1943. Brian ....Read More.Lyffe on 10th December 2011 10:56:52
February 1943 - 5Can confirm Griffiths death at Dunnet Head (P8259) from Scots Death Register. I think that the a/c that Brian refers to should read P8529. regards DaveW ....Read More.davew on 10th December 2011 02:50:58
February 1943 - 5Hi, Can confirm Berry on P8529. I have Sgt. H.K.M Thomson on P8259 at Dunnet head possible after a mid air collision with P8257 which I have noted as having crashed at the same place on the same date. From my notes P8257 was repaired. Hopefully someone can shed some light. Alan. ....Read More.AL90 on 11th December 2011 05:49:34
Spitfire P8259 1406 Met Flt Wick, 23 February 1943Is anyone able to confirm that the deceased pilot of Spitfire P8259 was 1378417 Sgt H K M Thomson RAFVR, whos is buried at Wick Cemetery. His middle initials stood for Karl Marx. Thanks Keith ....Read More.Keith Bryers on 23rd March 2013 06:38:17
Spitfire P8259 1406 Met Flt Wick, 23 February 1943Hi Keith, Can confirm Sgt Thomson on P8259. Alan. ....Read More.AL90 on 24th March 2013 06:53:16
Liberator AL566 loss, near Benghazi, 15 July 1942Greetings fellow curiosity seekers, I tend to be wordy, for those who love detail. Apologies to all others... Can anyone point me to an official document giving the approximate time on [B]15 July 1942[/B] when Liberator [B]AL566 “Y”[/B] of 159 Squadron was lost on an op to Benghazi? Christopher Shores, in his book [I]“History of the Mediterranean Air War 1940-1945, Vol. 2: North African Desert, February 1942 - March 1943“[/I], states that AL566 was shot down at [B]1750[/B]. This sounds close, based upon the flight logbook of an air gunner who flew that day aboard then-S/Ldr J. Leighton Beck’s AL544. Takeoff of AL544 was at 1340 on a 9-hour op, so the halfway point was at [B]1810[/B] and the return to base was at 2240. I’d love to see another official source, if possible. All seven crewmen died – one New Zealander, four Australians, and two Englishmen: RAAF 402134 P/O John Campbell POTTIE (Captain) RAAF 402634 F/Sgt Hilary Eldred BIRK (Pilot) RAF 521648 W/O William Stevenson MILLER (Observer) RAAF 402036 P/O Henry LEISK, H (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner) RAAF 402092 P/O George Gilmour MALLABY (Wireless Operator/Air Gunner) RNZAF 402118 F/Sgt Martin Costin FELL MID (Air Gunner) RAF 812278 Sgt John Stephen Arthur HODGE. Only Birk’s body was recovered; he is buried in Benghazi War Cemetery. The others are commemorated on the Alamein Memorial. July ’42 records are missing from the 159 Sqn Operations Record Book, and the ORB of Headquarters, 242 Wing – to which 159 Sqn was attached – does not give times. The on-line Nat’l Archives of Australia A705 casualty files of two of the Australians aboard, POTTIE and LEISK, include no documents which mention the time of the action. Here is more from Shores: [I][B]Wednesday, 15 July 1942[/B] Six US B-24s and Liberators of 159 Squadron undertook the long flight from St Jean[/I] [Palestine] [I]to attack the harbour and shipping at Benghazi. One RAF crew saw another of the unit’s aircraft under attack by fighters, this spiraling down into the sea. This was also reported by the American crews (see also Chapter Ten). At 1750 two MC.200s of 150° Gruppo had intercepted Liberators over Benghazi. M.llo Augusto Manetti, of 363a Squadriglia, claimed one shot down in flames and Serg Magg Bruno Benassi, of the same unit, chased and hit another, claimed as a probable. [/I] For the record, there is slightly different unit info, in the book’s separate listing of Italian claims by the two MC.200 pilots involved: [I]364a Sq, 150°Gr Aut CT Serg Magg Augusto Manetti 363a Sq, 150°Gr Aut CT Serg Magg Bruno Benassi.[/I] I’ve been told that Chapter Ten of the Shores book has no further detail; I do not have a copy of the book. So, is there corroborating time evidence from British records? There is a possibility that US records at the National Archives, not far from my home, will provide details, but I haven’t been able to snoop there yet. Here is a shor ....Read More.Matt Poole on 22nd March 2016 07:10:53
U-561 claim, 15 July 1942, eastern Med.I figured my post the other day might be tough to answer -- regarding corroborating evidence into the time when Liberator AL566 was lost. One thing is certain -- U-561 did not shoot it down. Which raises the question of [B]which aircraft did U-561 bring down, if any[/B], late on 15 July 1942? Aboard the U-boat the aircraft was seen as a high-winged four-engined flying boat with a large fuselage -- probably a Sunderland. What are the candidates? Regarding Liberator AL566, Norman Franks and Eric Zimmerman wrote: [B][I]"At least, there is certainly no other obvious candidate."[/I][/B] As it couldn't possibly have been AL566, and another aircraft was not seen as a candidate by the authors, one wonders if the story of a U-boat-versus-flying boat encouter was exaggerated by the U-boat crew. Here is the incorrect info from [B]“U Boat vs Aircraft”[/B] by Norman Franks and Eric Zimmerman: [I][B]Fatal Detachment – 15/7/42[/B] [B]...Details of exactly what occurred from the RAF side are sparse, simply because the aircraft failed to return. Nor apparently did it report the discovery of the U-boat to its base, or if it did, that message did not get through, for as far as the RAF were concerned, Liberator AL566 did not return. This is surprising, because while the submarine crew reported two attacks, over an hour apart, there is every indication that there was only this one Liberator involved. The identification of the B24 was also complicated because the U-boat crew saw the high-winged four-engined aircraft with its large fuselage as a flying boat – noting that it was probably a Sunderland. The first attack came at 2207 hours in German Grid CP8259 – east-north-east of Port Said in the Eastern Mediterranean. The aircraft was spotted by its navigation lights and as it closed in it was met by 20 mm gunfire, the gunners claiming hits. As it went over the boat further flak was sent up and the aircraft banked away to port, the sub crash-dived. No bombs were dropped. However, the Liberator crew must have remained in the area for the next hour, and one explanation of why no sighting report was received, was that it had indeed been hit and its radio knocked out. In the event, U-561 surfaced just over an hour later in the same location, and at 2315 a ‘flying-boat’ was observed on a parallel course, at a height of 30-40 metres. With his patience rewarded, the Lib pilot brought his aircraft round and four flares were dropped as a head-on approach became obvious to the German gunners. They opened fire and immediately saw their shells strike home. Smoke began to stream from the aircraft which was seen to jettison its bombs, but the aircraft continued to come on, its gunners strafing the boat despite the flames and, as the U-boat crew described it, with the aircraft starting to break up. Two large objects detached themselves from the machine – possibly men baling out – that were seen to fall slowly to the sea. Moments later the aircraft itse ....Read More.Matt Poole on 25th March 2016 04:48:03
Coastal Command February 1943Coastal Command February 1943 1 - Whitley VII - 3(C) OTU - Z9135. 1 - Wellington VIII - 3(C) OTU - LB222. 3 - Beaufighter VIc - 9(C) OTU - JL544. 3 - Wellington VIII - 547 Sqn - HX596. 4 - Hudson V - 1(C) OTU - AM832. 4 - Hampden I - 5(C) OTU - AE366. 4 - Beaufighter VIc - 235 Sqn - T5134. 4 - Beaufighter VIc - 236 Sqn - JL450. 4 - Beaufighter VIc - 236 Sqn - JL454. 5 - Beaufighter VIc - 2(C) OTU - X8060. 5 - Wellington VIII - 172 Sqn - HX653. 5 - Beaufighter VIc - 235 Sqn - EL405. 5 - Beaufighter VIc - 254 Sqn - JL615. 6 - Beaufighter Ic - 236 Sqn - T4800. 7 - Spitfire PR.XI - 541 Sqn - EN385. 8 - Spitfire PR.VI - 541 Sqn - BP881. 8 - Wellington VIII - 547 Sqn - HX733. 8/9 - Wellington Ic - 304 Sqn - HE103. 10 - Spitfire PR.IV - 541 Sqn - AB125. 10 - Hudson III - 1404 Flt - V8986. 11 - Beaufighter VIc - 235 Sqn - JL446. 13 - Hampden I - 489 Sqn - L4037. 13 - Spitfire IV - 543 Sqn - AA809. 16 - Beaufighter VI - 254 Sqn - JL612. 16 - Spitfire I - 541 Sqn - R7042. 17 - Wellington VIII - 7(C) OTU - HX420. 18 - Martinet I - 9(C) OTU - HN943. 19 - Beaufighter VIc - 2 OTU - T5316 - [2(C) OTU ?]. 20 - Mosquito PR.I - 540 Sqn - W4060. 20 - Mosquito PR.I - 540 Sqn - DZ466. 21 - Whitley V - 10 OTU - Z6812 - [ 10(C) OTU ?]. 23 - Spitfire IIa - 1406 Flt - P8259. 25 - Mosquito B.IV - 521 Sqn - DZ475. 26 - Spitfire PR.IX - PRU - EN151. 26 - Spitfire Va - 543 Sqn - N3111. 27 - Wellington VIII - 7(C) OTU - HX779. 28 - Wellington VIII - 7(C) OTU - HX737. 28 - Spitfire IV - 543 Sqn - AB128. ....Read More.Alex Smart on 12th October 2018 08:08:46

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