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Spitfire Vb  P8755 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Spitfire Vb  P8755

Vb CBAF M45 33MU 29-.....[TRUNCATED] More information in: Spitfire Site


DateAircraftUnitPilot NameLocation
Spitfire Vb P8755
RemarksThis aircraft is incorrectly listed in AIR81/14692 as being lost with 222 Sqn on 31 May 1942. The aircraft involved in that incident was AD121. P8755 survived to be supplied to Russia in 1943.

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P/O W. H. C. Beaumont, 222 Sqn - Spitfire ID?Hello everyone On May 31st 1942 Wentworth Hubert Charles Beaumont (later Viscount Allendale) of 222 Sqn made a forced-landing on Walcheren (ORB F.540 records 'Walcherew'). He was reported missing, but survived and became a P.o.W. at Stalag Luft III. The ORB Form 541 has him in Spitfire AD121, but Air 81 has him in P8755: [URL][/URL] However, he is also recorded in AD121 on the database on here too: [URL][/URL] So, which is correct? AD121 seems to be the one most mentioned. Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 9th May 2022 11:41:24
P/O W. H. C. Beaumont, 222 Sqn - Spitfire ID?Simon AD121 is what I have (FCL, The History and ABS). P8755 was on charge with 222MU (The History) before being was sent to Russia in November 1942. DaveW ....Read More.davew on 9th May 2022 11:55:47
P/O W. H. C. Beaumont, 222 Sqn - Spitfire ID?Thanks Dave. According to the ORB Form 541 he had flown P8755 on a number of occasions, and it records that he claimed an FW.190 as 'probable' on Circus 144 on April 28th 1942 when flying it: [I]Air/50/85: I was flying Red 4 to the Wing Commander when he carried out an attack on a FW.190. I became separated and attacked another FW.190 which broke away. I was then attacked by a second FW.190 which pulled vertically upwards ion front of me and then broke away. By this time I was at 10,000 feet, when I spotted another FW.190 turning behind me. I turned in on him and delivered an attack from 60 firing a burst of about 1 seconds from 250 – 300 yards with M.G. E/A turned slowly over – keeping its course, and slipped down on its port wing, going over from there to a vertical position. I watched E/A going down, and when he was at an estimated height of 1000 feet was still vertical. Another FW.190 came down behind me so I had to turn away into him. My height was then 6000 feet.[/I] So, at the risk of completely pushing my luck, can anyone tell me the code letter for P8755 in April 1942...? Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 9th May 2022 12:09:23
P/O W. H. C. Beaumont, 222 Sqn - Spitfire ID?P8755 was coded "Y" - confirmed by a log book. Tail damaged by FW190 on May 25th when flown by Cornelis van Houten. AD121 arrived the next day. John Engelsted ....Read More.JohnE on 10th May 2022 07:13:48
P/O W. H. C. Beaumont, 222 Sqn - Spitfire ID?Many thanks John. AD121 didn't last very long with 222 Sqn at all! I've seen a couple of sources that state AD121 was also ZD-Y, so a straight replacement for P8755? Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 10th May 2022 07:30:55
P/O W. H. C. Beaumont, 222 Sqn - Spitfire ID?Thanks for the clarification gents. I have amended the two entries in our database: P8755: [URL][/URL] AD121: [URL][/URL] ....Read More.Andy Marden on 10th May 2022 07:42:16

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