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Wellington IA P9230 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington IA P9230

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/5753Pilot Officer J Hrncir (Czech); injured; Sergeant J Nyc (Czech): uninjured; aircraft force landed near Mundford, enemy action, Wellington P9230, 311 Squadron, 9 April 1941.C16755051

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1448 Flight RAFhello, Combat Codes, by Vic Flintham and Andrew Thomas, has the following : KX : 311 Squadron, Wellington Ic July 40 - July 43, example P9230 KX-B KX : 529 Squadron, Rota I, June 43 - October 45, example K4233 KX-F KX : 529 Squadron, Hornet Moth, June 43 - October 43, example W5754 KX-W KX : 529 Squadron, Hoverfly I, April 45 - October 45, example KK998 KX-R and actually shows a picture of Hoverfly I KK993 KX-R used in the summer of 1945 for calibration work (photo via Eric Myall). So it seems the code was allocated to No. 1448 Flight but not taken up, and there might have been some "overlapping" in June and July 1943 between 311 and 529 Squadron. Joss ....Read More.jossleclercq on 7th February 2010 04:07:15
115 Sqn Wellington Incident Late 1939Hello, Perhaps this list may help. From the Air Brit RAF Serials series. Wellingtons delivered between July 38 & Aug 39. Used by 115 Sqn L4221,L4295,L4299,L4300,L4301,L4305,L4306,L4307,L4317, L4318,L4319,L4321,L4323,L4324,L4325,L4333,L4334 Delivered between Aug 39 & Apl 40 L7774 Delivered between July & Aug 40 N2735 to N2859 In case the July is 39 and not 40 as I assume it to be. N2755,N2756,N2759,N2760,N2855 Delivered between Aug & Dec 39 N2875,N2876,N2877,N2878,N2884,N2885,N2899,N2900,N2901, N2902,N2947,N2948,N2949,N2950,N2987,N2988,N2989,N2990. Delivered between Dec 39 & Jan 40 P2524 Delivered between Jan & Apl 39 P9207,P9224,P9226,P9227,P9229,P9230,P9235,P9236 Good Hunting, All the best Alex ....Read More.Alex Smart on 27th February 2013 08:11:27

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