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Spitfire Ia  P9454 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Spitfire Ia  P9454

Ia 617 EA MIII FF 6-.....[TRUNCATED] More information in: Spitfire Site

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 01 Dec 40 Aircraft Name Spitfire Ia Serial Number P9454
Unit 65 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

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Norwegian Spitfire where?The plot thickens! P9454 is logged in The History as crashing at 'Tilehurst, Sussex' (I have it at Tolhurst Farm just South of Bewl Water. regards DaveW ....Read More.davew on 12th October 2009 12:36:19
Norwegian Spitfire where?Hi Dave, thanks for the suggestion but thats a totally different Spitfire Mk & incident, although YES INDEED it was in Ticehurst, Sussex: 01.12.40 SPITFIRE. Tolhurst Fm, Ticehurst. The log book of R H Strang, pilot with 65 Sqn, recorded that on 1 Dec 40 he was flying Spitfire 'W' on his 9th op but 'crashed' and 'baled out' (presumably meaning that the aircraft crashed after his baling out of it), the flight time being entered as 30 minutes. From Air Britain: P9454 - Abandoned after catching fire, Mayfield, Sussex, and crashed, Tolhurst Farm, Ticehurst. This a/c I think (correct me anyone if this is wrong) was excavated by a local group some years back. It would be interesting if the pilot of the Norwegian Spitfire the subject of my original enquiry is still alive and well? Hans Ragnar Isachsen who was born in Vestfold Fylke near the town Tønsberg. After the war, Hans joined Braathen's, a Norwegian airline. Then, in 1950, he rejoined the Norwegian air Force and served as CO of 332 Sqn for some time. Hans worked briefly as a test engineer with Convair on the B-36. Later in the 1950's, Hans joined Transair Sweden, remaining with them until retirement. Then followed a period as ICAO representative in Uganda. He retired and was last living in Malmo, Sweden. Anyone any idea? Dave ....Read More.david cullen on 13th October 2009 05:11:54
421019 - Unaccounted airman - 19-10-1942 (Middle East)Hi Henk, not so much useful but SPitfire production list on the internet contains following list of Spitfires allocated to 92 SQ: K9793 K9951 K9953 K9998 L1009 L1014 L1077 L1080 N3032 N3040 N3106 N3113 N3125 N3167 N3192 N3193 N3194 N3229 N3248 N3249 N3250 N3265 N3266 N3268 N3283 N3285 N3286 N3287 N3290 N3291 P8532 P8537 P8538 P8640 P8700 P8747 P8784 P9316 P9367 P9368 P9370 P9371 P9372 P9373 P9374 P9433 P9434 P9445 P9454 P9462 P9464 P9513 P9542 P9544 P9548 R6596 R6597 R6613 R6616 R6622 R6624 R6642 R6703 R6721 R6760 R6761 R6767 R6770 R6771 R6776 R6777 R6833 R6833 R6838 R6882 R6888 R6890 R6890 R6897 R6904 R6908 R6919 R6922 R6923 R6924 R6960 R6965 R7158 R7161 R7192 R7195 R7218 R7219 R7334 R7346 W3120 W3124 W3128 W3137 W3168 W3179 W3181 W3182 W3183 W3212 W3233 W3234 W3238 W3245 W3253 W3264 W3265 W3308 W3312 W3314 W3319 W3320 W3324 W3326 W3330 W3331 W3375 W3381 W3403 W3409 W3410 W3439 W3444 W3459 W3562 W3568 W3576 W3599 W3656 W3657 W3709 W3710 W3762 W3817 W3895 X4024 X4037 X4038 X4051 X4062 X4069 X4106 X4106 X4257 X4272 X4272 X4279 X4342 X4356 X4412 X4417 X4418 X4419 X4422 X4425 X4427 X4476 X4478 X4480 X4484 X4485 X4487 X4551 X4552 X4553 X4555 X4556 X4557 X4591 X4605 X4606 X4607 X4614 X4616 X4618 X4656 X4719 X4779 X4780 X4781 X4783 X4819 X4847 AA745 AA751 AA753 AA852 AA911 AB779 AB797 AB847 AB910 AB915 AB935 AD111 AD125 AD255 AD293 AD302 AD316 AD319 AD322 AD505 AD577 BL298 BL302 BL322 BL328 BM327 BR171 BR467 BR474 BR475 BR492 BR494 BR515 BR518 ES212 JF298 JF353 JF467 JF964 JK462 JL388 MT715 PT790 So if anyone will be not able to provide you particular serial you can make your try and check each of these serials which may fit - I suppose it will be not so many as some of them will be so old (Kxxxx) and some of the last so new to fit the date. Pavel ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 24th November 2009 10:47:33
A long shot - Spitfire crash in CardiffG'day Greg, A wild stab in the dark here, but a combination of Google and [URL][/URL] throws up no results for 'Pengam'. 'Cardiff', however, returns 2 results:- [TABLE="class: grid, width: 900"] [TR] [TD]Serial: P9454 [/TD] [TD]Mk: Ia [/TD] [TD]Construction no.: 617[/TD] [TD]Factory: EA [/TD] [TD]Engine: MIII[/TD] [TD]History: FF 6-4-40 8MU 8-4-40 92S 4-6-40 engine failed force-landed in bog nr Cardiff P/O Bartley safe 5-7-40 1CRU 65S 26-8-40 shot down over Tilehurst Sussex aircraft abandoned dbf 1-12-40 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Although it sounds like this one was recovered and repaired. Much later, however, is: [TABLE="class: grid, width: 900"] [TR] [TD]Serial: SP146 [/TD] [TD]Mk: Seafire III [/TD] [TD]Construction No.: [/TD] [TD]Factory: COA [/TD] [TD]Engine: GVI [/TD] [TD]History: RNDA 21-4-45 33MU 22-4-45 To Cardiff overshot landing Cat B 2-7-45 (F/Lt G Lockley RAF injured) [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Some potential starting points, anyway. I suspect that the true answer is that it was another aircraft type entirely which, through the magic of folklore, became a 'Spitfire'. Good luck with your search. ....Read More.RecklessRat on 18th December 2017 11:08:05

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