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Hurricane XIIA PJ662 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hurricane XIIA PJ662

Lost FE, lost More information in: Databases

Block 7/C, CCF Canada, Packard Merlin 29. 1942-1943 More information in: Dr. Colin James Pratt-Hooson's Hurricane Site

Sent to Far East. Lost SOC Dt:1945-05-15 Units: FE More information in: Databases

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  15 May 45 Aircraft Name  Hurricane IIc Serial Number  PJ662
Unit  7 Sqdn IAF Operating Airfield   Country  India
Aircrew details Fg Offr Dorab Maneckshaw Engineer*(1751)
Details 0530-0700 Last seen carrying out attack on a boat UK7359 at 0645 hrs. Dam by GF at Henzada,Hopes were expressed that he may have survived as he announced that he was belly landing. A Second formation in area heard him make the R/T call.

The following information has been received from Govt. of India, War Department, in a letter to the Red Cross, SIMLA.

"On the 15th May, 1945, F/O. D. M. ENGINEER took off in Hurricane K.E.662 to carry out an operational TAC/R, with F/Lt H. C. DEWAN, as the leader. The latter, before returning to base after attacking a boat load of Japanese, called out to F/O. ENGINEER to ascertain whether he was following, but there was no response. A report from 20 DIV., stated that a Hurricane force landed N.N.E. Henzada and was assumed to be the same aircraft. A subsequent report from the Township Officer, MONYO, revealed that one NG KYAW DUN, a Keren Christian,living in UDO village, found a wrecked plane. He removed the headgear of the dead pilot and found written on it, "DOLI ENGANEER". He removed the dead body and buried it in UDO village cemetery. While NG KYAW DUN was arranging for the burial, some men calling themselves members of the B.N.A., searched the plane and took away the dead pilot's effects, including his headgear. On returning to the plane after the burial, NG KYAW DUN found nothing in the plane and parts of the plane had been detached by somebody."


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