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Wellington Ic  R1323 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington Ic  R1323

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/6843Squadron Leader M E Redgrave, Sergeant A F Potter (RNZAF), Sergeant C Rofe, Sergeant P Rockingham, Sergeant R Alldrick (RCAF), Sergeant J A S Abernathy: prisoners of war; aircraft crashed off coast of Holland, Wellington R1323, 40 Squadron, 12 June 1941.C16756140

Prisoners of War for Wellington Ic R1323

RankName, Number, Trade & DetailsDate CapturedUnitPOW NoCamp
J A S Abernethy (513096) Wellington Ic R1323 1941-06-1140 SqdnStalag Luft L6 Heydekrug
R Alldrick (R/65645) Wellington Ic R1323 1941-06-1140 SqdnStalag Luft L6 Heydekrug
A F Potter (401408) Wellington Ic R1323 1941-06-1140 SqdnStalag Luft L6 Heydekrug
M E Redgrave (40015) Wellington Ic R1323 1941-06-1140 SqdnStalag Luft L3 Sagan and Belaria

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Legionary Obits 1958-1966Legionary Magazine (now Legion Magazine) has always carried "Last Post" notices - chiefly Canadian army but with many RCAF. The following comprises some 680 names that appeared in issues from January 1958 to July 1966 (the issue of October 1961 happened to have no air force obituaries). They are short, often incomplete, but perhaps better than nothing. I hope to add to these lists (both pre-1958 and post-July 1966), but it is a slow task, usually performed at the end of working day when I am otherwise unwilling to open a new archives box. The date is as given in the magazine, rendered for data entry (i.e. 640903 = date of death being 3 September 1964) and is sometimes incomplete (the entry for BAKER, Charles Martin, gives his date of death only as 630900, meaning the magazine gave the month (September) and year (1963) but not the precise day). Similarly, "Legionary 6411" indicates this was the November 1964 issue that carried the notice, "5811" indicates November 1958, etc. The magazine entries normally indicate the town where the person died (or at least the town where he held Royal Canadian Legion membership) but I have not transcribed such information for the sake of expediting the compilation. ADAMS, John Henry, R260763 - 640903 - Legionary 6411 AFFLECK, William E, F/L, C4444 - 580915 - Legionary 5811 AKERLY, Albert James, Cpl - 590127 - Legionary 5904 AKERMAN, Herman George - 630206 - Legionary 6304 ANDERSON, Charles, F/L J9678 - 630515 - Legionary 6307 ANDREWS, Glenn William (R74506) - 621228 - Legionary 6302 ANNETT, Russell M., rank ? R146068 - 630620 - Legionary 6309 APPLETON, George S. - 580000 - Legionary 5903 AUCOIN, C.P. - 610818 - Legionary 6206 AYERS, Harold P.. F/L - 600622 - Legionary 6008 BAIN, Leslie A., F/O, J48785 - 640111 - Legionary 6403 BAINE, Harold Gordon, LAC, R209777 - 640510 - Legionary 6409 BAKER, C.H. Cpl, R110586 - 640225 - Legionary 6503 BAKER, M.G., Cpl - 620119 - Legionary 6203 BAKER, Charles Martin, R78507 - 630900 - Legionary 6312 BARBER, Robert R., R149305 - 600519 - Legionary 6007 BARSS, E.H., FS, R79880 - 600718 - Legionary 6009 BARTON, E.W., Captain (RNAS/RAF) - 610303 - Legionary 6108 BARTON, John Evelyn - 630209 - Legionary 6304 BATH, Edward Arthur, WO, R263348 - 650220 - Legionary 6505 BAZINET, J.H. Andre, Cpl, R95735 - 610228 - Legionary 6107 BEAMISH, Albert E, LAC - 650618 - Legionary 6509 BEATON, William Angus, Sgt, R110999 - 610801 - Legionary 6109 BECKER, Thomas Charles, Cpl - 640503 - Legionary 6407 BEDDOW, B.V., LAC, R203591 - 611207 - Legionary 6202 BEGG, John A., F/O, J17975 - 651219 - Legionary 6604 BELL, George, F/L - 611121 - Legionary 6201 BENOIT, R.E., LAC, R147729 - 611023 - Legionary 6112 BERG, Herbert, LAC, R154713 - 660214 - Legionary 6605 BINNS, Leonard Driffill, R151541 - 650818 - Legionary 6510 BIRD, Robert P., LAC, R121816 - 590000 - Legionary 6001 BJUR, Karl Henry, LAC, R109308 - 580114 - Legionary 5803 BLAKE, Gerald P., Cpl, R50899 - 65 ....Read More.HughAHalliday on 30th May 2010 06:26:53
National Archives at Kew - Help needed.Dear All, I am going to Germany to place a memorial to the crew of Lancaster DV329 (KM-W) of 44 Sqn. My Great Uncle was the pilot and killed on 23/11/43. What I am really after if a photo of him or any of the crew of the aircraft, as all I have is one image of him in civilian clothing and nothing from his RAF days. The crew were: Pilot Flight Lieutenant. Charles Ellison HILL RAF Number 127356 Killed Flt Engineer - Pilot Officer. Edric George WRIGHT RAF Number 156351 Killed Navigator Pilot Officer James MARSDEN RAF Number 156915 Killed Bomb Aimer / Air Gunner - Flying Officer Charles William NUNN RAF Number132381 Killed Wireless Operator - Flight Sergeant Thomas MYERSCOUGH RAF Number 1230232 - Killed Rear Gunner - Sergeant Ronald LEDSHAM RAF Number 1535227 Killed Mid upper Gunner - Sergeant Patrick Baldock KIRWAN RAF Number 700738 - Prisoner of war (Stalag IVb Muhlberg. Prisoner no 263692). I have been told that RAF Form AIR29/645 may contain crew or individual photographs of the crew and as such could have something with one of DV329's crew members. So if anyone of off to Kew could they have a shuftie for me to see if any images of him, the crew or aircraft exist? I will pay any expenses incurred. Thanks Fred ....Read More.bigf on 2nd May 2013 09:30:05
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Forenames (No. 35 Squadron personnel)Hi Pete, R132398 Sgt. Lawrence Earl Williams (J23607) 5th Feb 1943 Air Bombers Regards Mojmir ....Read More.vrajm on 28th January 2016 04:15:35

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