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Wellington Ic  R1503 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington Ic  R1503

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  13 Aug 41 Aircraft Name  Wellington Ic Serial Number  R1503
Unit  99 Sqdn Operating Airfield   Country  UK
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/8286Sergeant C H Harding, Sergeant F A Brodribb, Sergeant W J Gawne: injured; Pilot Officer G J Eccles, Sergeant Boxall, Sergeant H Dacosts: uninjured; aircraft crashed on take off for operational flight, Wellington R1503, 99 Squadron, 12 August 1941. With photographs and identity discs.C16757583

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Wellingtons of 99 Sq summer 1941Hi all, I would like to ask if anybody can help me with individual code letter of following Wellingtons while serving with 99 Sq: T2880/LN-? X2984/LN-? R3222/LN-? T2516/LN-? T2957/LN-A? T2611/LN-? R1503/LN-? X9635/LN-? R1519/LN-? N2856/LN-? TIA Pavel ....Read More.CZ_RAF on 23rd March 2009 05:21:11
Wellingtons of 99 Sq summer 1941Hi Pavel From Chris Ward / Steve Smith's* "3 Group Bomber Command" ... T2880 - code letter not given X2984 - not listed. T2984 is listed but no code letter. R3222 - no code letter given T2516 - no code letter T2957 - no code letter T2611 - ditto R1503 - ditto X9635 - ditto R1519 - LN-Q N2856 - no code letter Sorry about this, not as successful as with the 101 Sqn a/c. Ian * ps Steve, can I have my commission now, for plugging your book? :-) ....Read More.ianh on 23rd March 2009 06:14:39
Wellington R1503 crash August 12th 1941 after take offDoes anyone have anymore info regarding the crash of Wellington 1c R1503 on August 12th 1941 shortly after takeoff from Waterbeach at 22.20 please? My late father was the wireless operator. Chris Gawne ....Read More.chriswgawne on 14th July 2014 06:19:27
Wellington R1503 crash August 12th 1941 after take offHi Chris Only what it says on P.115 of Bill Chorley's 'Bomber Command Losses' (BCL) for 1941 ... 99 Sqn, Wellington 1c, R1503, LN-[ie code letter not known]. Pilot P/O G S Eccles took off from Waterbeach on an op to Boulogne but the a/c failed to gain height due to poor trimming and, after flying into tree tops, crashed 2 miles ENE of the airfield injuring 3 of the crew. No other crew names listed. Ian ....Read More.ianh on 14th July 2014 11:33:22
Wellington R1503 crash August 12th 1941 after take offChris, Hi, If we take the crash location (2 (statute?) miles ENE of the airfield – i.e. on a bearing of 067 degrees) as accurate then it must be somewhere close to one of the farms along Long Drove (running from the east side of Waterbeach village NE towards Upware). There aren’t many trees in that part of the world – did a posting there in the early 50’s!! Looking at the Met charts it would seem that R1503 should have taken off either on 227 (at 2000 yds a good, long, r/way for a heavily loaded Wellington), or on 279 (only 1400 yds!). Try the Waterbeach Parish Council to see if they know where, exactly, R1503 impacted. Try Cambridge Museum/Historical Society. The Police records may have something. And then see if any of the Metal Detectorist clubs in the area have ‘done’ the ground! HTH Peter Davies ....Read More.Resmoroh on 15th July 2014 08:22:13
Wellington R1503 crash August 12th 1941 after take offHi Chris I have the ORB for August 1941for 99 Squadron. The summary for 12th August 1941 states “The three Freshmen had Le Havre as primary target but was later changed to Boulogne. One of these P/O Eccles crashed at Waterbeach shortly after take off. Three of the crew sustained injuries”. The crew on R1503 on 7/8th August was F/Lt Hobbs P/O Eccles Sgt Broadribb Sgt Gawne Sgt Da Costa Sgt Ware Hope this helps Regards Mike ....Read More.Mike Benson on 17th July 2014 11:00:57

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