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January 1931 RAF Accident List - Can you add any more info?The below info has been culled from various sources - can you add any more incidents to the list or add any info such as crew and full details or dates??? - If a success the first on many posts! 00-Jan-31 J7991 Horsley unknown 100 Sqn 02-Jan-31 FAA Blackburn Ripon St Paul's Bay, Malta 03-Jan-31 J9664 Fairey IIIF El Massana 05-Jan-31 RAF Westland Wapiti Shaibah, Iraq 84 Sqn Sqn Ldr Harry Stewart Flying near Shaibah. Persian Gulf, on Monday night, Squadron-Leader Stewart crashed and was killed. Squadron-Leader Stewart, a London man, thirty-seven years of age 05-Jan-31 Fairey IIIF J9137 RAF Crashed at Heacham "Sgt. Pilot Herbert Victor Hudson (deceased 2rd April 1932?) LAC. Howard Charles Molyneux" 06-Jan-31 J9664 Fairey IIIF Habil-Barak 08-Jan-31 K1068 HP Hinaidi ground Upper Heyford collision 08-Jan-31 K1071 HP Hinaidi ground Upper Heyford collision 09-Jan-31 K1095 Bristol Bulldog unknown collision, 54 Sqn - landed safely but DBR. 09-Jan-31 K1607 Bristol Bulldog unknown collision, 54 Sqn 10-Jan-31 Atlas TM J9476 3 FTS Welby Hit some tree's in fog. 10-Jan-31 RAF Wapiti 39 Sqn crashed ar Rifaltur "Sgt James Edward Wren and Cpl Thomas William Penny Jeffery, AFM killed. Large eagle flying into the machine and breaking a strut. One of 36 machines engaged in practice for the forthcoming air pagaent in Delhi and wa about to land when eagle flew into it. The aeroplane's wings collapsed and it fell to the ground,. Cpl Jeffrey tried to jump out before the crash but his parachute caught in the fuselage. 12-Jan-31 J8865 AW Siskin North Weald collision Fg Off Frank Lemon Yes "Maybe Angell/Lemon aircraft the other way round. - Lemon 'C' Flight - Plt Off David Victor AngellAcquitted at Court Martial 12-Jan-31 J8946 AW Siskin North Weald collision Plt Off David Victor Angell No See 19-Mar-1931 (for incident in which he was killed 12-Jan-31 "Vimy Jupiter F9168 2 FTS Haxey On delivery flight got lost in the dark. Force landed ran along tho road for some distance, hitting one of dyke banks at Westwoodside, near Park Dram. It then somersaulted - Crashed Misson, Notts" "Flt Lt Geoffrey Maynard Edward Shaw, Pilot Officer John Edward Furlong Chapman, Flight Sergeant Alfred George Rogers #13641 killed AC Cecil Alfred James Jones #362454 OK Crashed into a dyke bank at Westwoodside, near Park Drain, Misson. See: Tue 13 Jan 1931, Hull Daily Mail found the aeroplane containing Major Bailey and Leading Aircraftsman Thomas Graham in a field, with both of them under the wreckage. Flying from Brooklands to Digby aerodrome - Flying training school attached to No. 23 group of the inland area. Jones maybe in crew below? 3 or 4 in Vimy? 12-Jan-31 Aircraft 2 - 2FTS Forcelanded hit telegraph pole and overturned - Crashed Haxey Lincolnshire - Flying-Officer Henry Bailey, LAC Thomas Graham OK - Maybe Jones - Same Sqn as above. 3 aircraft - 2 landed OK. Hull Daily Mail found the aero ....Read More.paulmcmillan on 13th November 2012 09:00:40
RAF Fatalities, 1933Hello, 04/01/33 - ARMSTRONG (NZ) - Bristol Bulldog IIIA Prototype R-5 12/01/33 - SLATTER - Blackburn Iris S1263 17/02/33 - LAWSON - Avro Tutor G-ABZR - Crashed during air display at Cape Town, South Africa. 28/03/33 - LELEU - Armstrong Whitworth Argosy G-AACI 31/03/33 - REED - Armstrong Whitworth Atlas J9452 15/05/33 - LONGMAN - Blackburn Ripon S1667 14/08/33 - CASTLE - Westland Wapiti J9749 16/09/33 - FEW - Vickers Virginia K2670 02/10/33 - BULLOCK/GOBUS - Blackburn Ripon S1428 05/12/33 - ALLEN - General Aircraft Monospar ST.4 Mk.II G-ACKT - Crashed at Thropp's Farm, Lidlington, Bedfordshire. 14/12/33 - O'KELLY - Westland Wapiti J9729 20/12/33 - McDERMOTT - Armstrong Whitworth Atlas K1012 Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 17th October 2014 06:03:23

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