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Blenheim IV T2245 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Blenheim IV T2245

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  18 Aug 42 Aircraft Name  Blenhiem Serial Number  T2245
Unit  113 Sqdn Operating Airfield   Country  India
Aircrew details Sgt Stanley Arthur GOSS* (R77142)
Sgt Charles Alexander WHITESIDE*(1181362)
Details Crashlanded at Kotihar, Goss killed in Crash, but rest of crew murdered by locals, Parohha town Sgt Arthur Murray 980175 was third crew member.
Source http://discovery.nat
Date of Crash  18 Aug 42 Aircraft Name  Blenheim IV Serial Number  T2245
Unit  113 Sqdn Operating Airfield   Country  India
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

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Blenheim T2245 (113 Sqn). Crew Murdered? Sgt GOSS, WHITESIDE, MURRAYThe book "The Bamboo Workshop: The History of the RAF Repair & Salvage Units India/Burma 1941-1946" by R S Sansome mentions about the loss of Blenheim T2245 of 113 Squadron operating out of Ranchi on Page 78. The crew forcelanded after engine malfunction at "Kotihar". But were surrounded by a hostile mob (The area was seeing Anti-British unrest at that time). The crew handed over their pistols but were murdered. A salvage party belonging to 122/143RSU went to the site a month later . Very little of the aircraft was salvaged. (There is an account of a second Blenheim meeting the same fate). As per CWGC, the crew of the aircraft who were murdered were Sgt Stanley Arthur GOSS R77142 Sgt Charles Alexander WHITESIDE 1181362 Sgt Arthur Murray 980175 They are all collectively buried in a communal grave at the [URL="'47.4%22N+85%C2%B020'40.1%22E/@23.3631734,85.3438624,295m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0"]Ranchi War Cemetery, Bihar[/URL]. There is a page on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial to GOSS, - [URL][/URL] this includes the following snippet which reports that his body was not recovered. [IMG][/IMG] My questions[INDENT]- is there any additional information in the 113 Sqn ORB regarding this incident? - If his body was not recovered at that time, how did the remains come to be in the Ranchi Cemetary? Any additional information on when his remains were found? - Are there any investigative documents reports available of this incident?[/INDENT] Sansome also writes about a second Blenheim meeting the same fate - crewed by Sgt JULIAN and Sgt GREAVES both killed flying Blenheim Z7943. But I cannot locate them in CWGC. ....Read More.Jagan on 23rd April 2016 06:56:40
Blenheim T2245 (113 Sqn). Crew Murdered? Sgt GOSS, WHITESIDE, MURRAYJagan, Goss was not murdered by the mob, he was killed in the crash of Blenheim IV T2245 on 18-8-1942. 1018129 F/Sgt John Phillip Reginald JULIAN RAFVR, 80219 P/O John Henry THWAITS RAFVR and 1259996 Sgt Francis Murray GREAVES RAFVR (of No.34 Squadron), were murdered on 30-8-1942 They are commemorated on the Singapore Memorial. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 24th April 2016 06:04:27
Blenheim T2245 (113 Sqn). Crew Murdered? Sgt GOSS, WHITESIDE, MURRAYSome additional mentions of the incident - arrived via a friend: [URL=""] 113 Squadron website[/URL] reports Blenheim T2245 113 Squadron [QUOTE]T2245 "18/08/1942 T2245 Mk? Crashed at Kalihah during internal security flight. F/Sgt Stanley. Goss killed in crash. Crew murdered by local inhabitants. The following [sic!] is an excerpt from the 113 ORB's as stated and recorded in F/O Woodwards book, page 10 NOTE: The date of this crash is recorded by Graham Warner as 18-08-1942” at [URL][/URL][/QUOTE] [URL][/URL] Goss: [QUOTE] "F/Sgt Stanley Goss, RCAF, a US citizen and former member of 45 Sqn attached to 113 Sqn. On August 20, 1942 Blenheim Mk? serial T2245, piloted by F/Sgt Goss crashed at Kalihah (Kotihar?) during internal security flight. The aircraft was one of two aircraft on an internal security patrol to watch for civil rioting. When the aircraft was found it was discovered that Goss had been killed in the crash but the Navigator and Air Gunner were murdered by the local inhabitants." ([URL][/URL])[/QUOTE] Murray: no mention at [URL][/URL] Whitehead: [QUOTE]"Charles Alexander Whiteside was born on 14th March,1919 son of Rev J.Whiteside of Derrytagh. He was a pupil at Lurgan College from 1st September, 1931 until 31st August, 1934, when he left to complete his education at Portadown College. During the war he served in 113 Squadron, R.A.F. Volunteer reserve, in which he was a Flight Sergeant. He saw service in India and Burma and it was there that Flt. Sgt. Whiteside died, on 18th August 1942. He is buried at Ranchi War Cemetery, India. Remembered on the Lurgan College memorial. The Memorial is situated in the entrance hall, beneath the bell tower, and consists of two stained glass windows, along with two brass plaques, containing the names of the dead. It is a custom of the school for a wreath to be laid at the memorial each Remembrance Day. [URL][/URL] *NOTE: According to F/O Pat Woodward book as derived from the Orbs, a P/O Whiteside died of a ruptured [sic] appendix on the 25th August 1942. I believe this to be one and the same person given the unlikely event that two Whitesides were on the same squadron and died within 7 days of each other. The fact that Charles has a known grave is another indication he died of an illness.” [/QUOTE] Woodward “No 113 (Crusader) Squadron Royal Air Force” (privately printed PG Woodward 2001)[QUOTE] Essentially as reported by the 113 Sqn site author/s. Woodward cites the Sqn ORB but notes Goss's crash as 20 August and that Whiteside “died from an abscess [sic] on his appendix”.[/QUOTE] Halley, RAF Aircraft T1000-V9999 (Air Britain 1997) reports [QUOTE] Blenheim IV: "T2245 11/113 [Sqn] Missing on internal security flight near Katihar [note sp] India 18.8.42"[/QUOTE] W ....Read More.Jagan on 26th April 2016 09:33:54
Blenheim T2245 (113 Sqn). Crew Murdered? Sgt GOSS, WHITESIDE, MURRAYI'm jumping back to the loss of 113 Squadron Blenheim T2245 and the three crewmen on 18 August 1942. Jagan, perhaps you have already viewed the subset of F/Sgt Stanley Goss's RCAF personnel file that has been scanned and put on-line, but I felt compelled to type up a few things found in that file. It's sad to read the words of his mother and his father. Goss's widow in the UK died in a tragic fire not long after he died, and apparently because she was listed as Next of Kin, yet she was dead, some problems ensued regarding personal effects. The Goss family's tragedies, including the death of Stanley's widow in a fire, are very sad, and, of course, the tragedy also involved the murder of two crewmen. I have highlighted a few more details about what happened on 18 August 1942, though I can't vouch for the accuracy of all material. Cheers, Matt Handwritten on stationery of the Hotel Springfield by Frank Goss, father, to casualty officials: HOTEL SPRINGFIELD 1827 MAIN STREET SPRINGFIELD MASSACHUESTTS Sun Dec 20th 42 Dear Sir, I am very much obliged to you for giving information of the exact spot where aircraft was found that carried Flight Sgt Stanley A. Goss and his crew. In looking over the map I find that there are numerous little villages in that vicinity where[were?] they enemy or friendly [?] villages on Aug 18th? If their bodies where not found in aircraft isn’t possible that they bailed out? My son Stanley was a powerful swimmer and no matter how wide the Ganges river is I am sure that he could swim it. I am beginning to think that he and his crew are Japanese Prisoners. You have been so patient with me that I feel I am taking advantage of your good nature. But, after all, so far you are the only person that has pacified me. Please give me your honest opinion. Do you think there is hope for my boy? Do you think he is done for? It was four months Friday that he was reported missing. As yet I have not received the letter that Stanley’s C.O. said he wrote to us. . .I am Frank Goss [signed] ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ [I]From the Proceedings of a Standing Committee of Adjustment, RAF India, 26 August 1942, for the purpose of dealing with the estate in this Command of R.77142 F/Sgt Goss, S.A., (45 Squadron att. 113 Squadron) who was killed while on Active Service on 18th August 1942:[/I] . . .The deceased was reported killed on 18th August 1942 near Katihar and subsequently recategorised as “Missing believed Killed” on 8th November 1942. He was finally further recategorised as “Dead” on 28th May 1943. [B]He was detached from 45 Squadron, his parent Unit, to 113 Squadron. [/B] His kit and effects were sent by 113 Squadron to the American Consulate, Calcutta, from whom they were received by the Committee in due course. The deceased was stated by 113 Squadron to be an American citizen but this has not been confirmed. . . .The recorded Next of Kin was the Widow, Mrs R. Goss, 3 Seft ....Read More.Matt Poole on 5th April 2018 11:34:29
441008 - Unaccounted Airmen - 8-10-1944[QUOTE=malcolm_raf;101211] PAKISTAN BATH, Edwin Donald - Sqn/Ldr - 223 Group. HAMMOCK, George Harold - Sqn/Ldr - 223 Group. STEEPER-OWENS, John - F/O - 223 Group. [/QUOTE] Matt Poole's info in this post [URL][/URL] very likely refers to these three officers [QUOTE] One of my now-departed friends who had been a navigator/bomb aimer on a full tour of ops with 159 Squadron in '43/'44 was an RAF officer, Denis Boissier, whose uniform and medals I now have in my possession. I also have his unpublished manuscript -- filled with fascinating stories, though many dates and flying details are hard to pin down or match up to ORB info. Still, here's one of his experiences in Peshawar, India following his stint on 159 Squadron. Because I know that he finished up on 159 Sqn at the end of April '44 and began another tour of ops on 99 Sqn Liberators in December '44, I can safely conclude that the incident described below dates between these months in 1944: [I]...So the time was coming when I was due for a rest [B][following the conclusion of his 159 Sqn tour of ops], [I]which meant an office job at H.Q. somewhere. I had been on operational flying for thirteen months in the heat and discomfort of Bengal, so I submitted a 'persuasive' letter to Personnel at Delhi that I was aware of some work I really wanted -- the job was Group Navigation Officer to the whole of the Royal Indian Air Force with the rank of Squadron Leader (which sounded much more important that it really was), but the main point was the location, Peshawar on the North-West Frontier, one of the best situations anywhere in India. . . . . .My only other recollection was the evening I was very nearly assassinated -- and I shall never forget that. It was about 8.30 p.m., and I had just had a bath and changed for dinner. The Mess was right next door to my bungalow, and I had to go out through the gate, on to the road and round a corner to get to the Mess -- a matter of not more than 50 yards altogether. I strolled over and went up to the bar to order a drink when two shots were heard very close by. We looked at each other for a second or two, and went outside in a group, about five of us. Just round the corner and outside our fence, three officers were lying in the road bleeding profusely, their bicycles with them. Someone went to phone the M.O. [B][Medical Officer] [I], and none of us knew what to do, so we tried to prop the chaps up. The doctor was there very quickly, only to tell us that all three were dead. As I had turned out of my gate, I could see these three chaps wheeling their bikes up the road from the Club, obviously coming back to the Mess for dinner -- they were well-known to all of us. Having got them to Sick Quarters, the M.O. had examined them, and he told us on his return that the two had been shot at point blank range with .303 bulle ....Read More.Jagan on 18th April 2018 08:11:55

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