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Wellington IC T2718 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington IC T2718

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  12 Dec 40 Aircraft Name  Wellington IC Serial Number  T2718
Unit  40 Sqdn Operating Airfield   Country  UK
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/4552Pilot Officer B H Tweedale, Sergeant H Smith: injured; Squadron Leader R G C Arnold, Sergeant J T Darby, Sergeant J T Peters: uninjured; aircraft accident, Wellington T2718, 40 Squadron, 12 December 1940.C16688650

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Wellington T2518 crash 12. 1. 41Hello, The conversion programme (to Wellingtpn Ic's) went well with only one mishap, on 12 December(1940), when Sqn/Ldr R. G. C. Arnold, who had replaced Eric Springhall as OC A Flight, swung on take-off, the Wellington (T2718)* ending up in a field adjoining the aerodrome. Two crew were injured (the aircraft hit lighting cables on the airfield boundary and crashed). Sqn/Ldr R.G.C. Arnold P/O B.H. Tweedale - injured ........................... Sgt H. Smith - injured ........................... ........................... See: Sweeping The Skies:A History of No.40 Squadron, RFC and RAF, 1916-56. Gunby,David Bishop Auckland:Pentland Press,1995. pp.152-3 & 385. * John Foreman in his Battle of Britain:The Forgotten Months (p.186), has the following entry: Casualties, 12/13 December 1940 - Royal Air Force. 40 Sqn. Wellington T2718 - Crashed on take-off from Wyton, Huntingdonshire. (S/L Arnold) Aircraft wrecked. Elsewhere: Wellington Ic T2518, was a No.301 Sqn a/c., which was believed shot down on 1/2-1-1941 by an intruder (Uffz. Arnold I./NJG2), and crashed at Wellingore. BCL2/12. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 9th October 2012 02:27:51
Wellington T2518 crash 12. 1. 41I can help a bit, though the incident recorded in the 40 Squadron ORB relates to 12 December 1940. S/Ldr. Roy Arnold was posted in on 26 November 1940 to command A Flight. I recall being told that he was not experienced on Wellingtons, with which the squadron was re-equipping, and he is recorded as flying as second pilot in a raid on Ostend on 22 December. The ORB entry for 12 December says that 'At night short cross country flights were made. S/Ldr. Arnold swung on taking off and his aircraft crashed in a field adjoining the aerodrome. P/O Tweedale - second pilot, and Sgt Smith, wireless operator, sustained slight injuries and were admitted to the R.A.F. Hospital.' Among the recollections of Hugh Lunch-Blosse, who was deputy Flight Commander of A Flight, and took it over when Roy Arnold was posted, I find however the following: 'In January [sic] Roy Arnold crashed in 2718 one night, writing the aircraft off'. He got away with it, but was posted and I was made acting Squadron Leader to command A Flight'. Hugh's interest in T2718 stemmed from the fact that he regarded it as 'his' aircraft, affectionately known as 'Wendy'. The Air Britain Serials book lists T2718 as crashing on take off on 12.12.40. On 16.1.41 Arnold was indeed posted to command 9 Squadron at Honington. He died on 9 June 1941, while engaged in what from this distance seems like a suicidal 'Armed Reconnaissance' off the French and Belgian coasts, beginning at 3.30 pm. His Wellington was intercepted by Bf.109s off Calais, and shot down, Arnold managing to hold the aircraft in the air long enough for all the crew to bale out, but not able to get out himself. Another 9 squadron crew was similarly shot down, all but the rear gunner perishing. Hoe this helps, despite conflicting dates! David So, to sum up. It seems the aircraft was T2718, not T2518, and the incident occurred on 12 December 1940, not 12 January 1941. T2518 was on charge to 301 Squadron when it crashed on 2.1.41. Incidentally, I missed the loss of T2718 in my 'Sweeping the Skies' loss appendices. Naughty! Naughty! David ....Read More.David Gunby on 9th October 2012 02:50:20
Wellington T2518 crash 12. 1. 41Colin. The plot thickens. I have now found an ORB entry for 3 February 41 as follows: 'There was a slight improvement in weather conditions and practice flights were made by day. On one of these P/O Ross, pilot of machine No. T2718, was concerned [sic] in an accident when he overshot the aerodrome and badly damaged the aircraft. The pilot and crew were unhurt, but shaken, and because of this a night operational flight, for which he had been detailed was cancelled'. 'Ross' was P/O K. Ross. It now appears to me that T2718 was repaired after the December crash, presumably on station, since it remained on charge to 40 Squadron, but probably written off in the February one. Can you tell me whose logbook you have, Colin? David Hugh Lynch-Blosse clearly mixed the two up, thinking Roy Arnold was at the controls in the February crash. David ....Read More.David Gunby on 9th October 2012 04:40:25

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