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Beaufighter IIF  T3037 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Beaufighter IIF  T3037

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash 08 Jan 42 Aircraft Name Beaufighter IIf Serial Number T3037
Unit 406 Sqdn Operating Airfield Country
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

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Beaufighter T3037 Crash 8/1/1941 406 SqnHi all. I am seeking information on Beaufighter T3037 that crashed at Widdrington, Northumberland on the 8th of January 1942 while serving with 406 Squadron. I know the pilot was P/O Herbert Basil Wooler, who was commisioned on the 9th of August 1941 (LG 12th September 1941), and had the number 103600 (1190610 prior to becoming P/O). The CWGC also state he was the "Son of Edmund Upton Wooler, and of Dorothy Gladys Wooler, of Halfway Tree, St. Andrew, Jamaica" Any furtehr information about Wooler, the rest of the crew, and what its task was when it crashed would be great. Johnnie ....Read More.johnnie214 on 16th November 2007 11:27:48
New Book - Air Crash NorthumberlandJust a quick post regarding our new book 'Air Crash Northumberland' published by Countryside Books ( The book details 29 crash sites in Northumberland between 1930 and 1983 and has been written by four regulars on this forum, Jim Corbett, Russ Gray, Johnathan Shipley and Neil Anderson. The stories covered are: Whitley P4952 at Bellingham Vulcan XM610 at Wingate Botha's W5137 & W5154 at Morpeth B17 42-30030 at Seahouses B17 44-6504 at Braydon Crag Beaufighter T3037 at Stobswood Beaufort L9797 at Ashington Rapide G-AFMF at Simonburn Venom WR557 at Slaggyford Flycatchers N9679 & N9677 at Falstone Hampden L4054 at Whitley Bay Hunter XG236 at Kielder Hurricane KX190 at Elsdon Tempest EJ859 at Felkington Typhoon MN140 at North Seaton Heinkel HE111 3550 at Morpeth Junkers Ju88 1064 at Bedlington F104 Starfighter D-8337 at Alwinton Mustang AG617 at Bellingham Cherokee G-BHDG at Hedgehope Hill P47 Thunderbolt 42-25530 at Eshott Stirling EH880 at Amble Spitfire's R6596 & X4595 at Hepburn Moor Spitfire P8563 at Weldon Bridge Spitfire P8563 at Blanchland Spitfire AA920 at Longhorsley Spitfire MH388 at Ouston Varsity WL640 at Falstone Wellington X3171 at Greenhaugh The book can be ordered online from Amazon, Tesco, Waterstones and numerous other sites. Would welcome any comments should anyone obtain a copy. All the best. Jim Corbett ....Read More.JimCorbett1977 on 15th October 2008 03:21:42
F.1180This is a snapshot of the 26 cards raised for one day 8th Jan 1942 and covers all accidents of the alphabetic types from Airacobra to Master (rest for the F1180 for the day to be added in the next month or so) I'm in the process of producing an online index and display feature but for the moment this is the raw images copyright of the RAFM. If you cut and paste the link you will get an acrobat image of the card (scroll down to see both sides). This will give a flavour of what was recorded on a daily basis on the F1180. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 11th January 2013 03:15:37

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