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Hudson III T9413 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hudson III T9413

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  19 Aug 41 Aircraft Name  Hudson III Serial Number  T9413
Unit  320 Sqdn Operating Airfield   Country  Norway/Sea
Aircrew details
Source Henk Welting's Database

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/8397Flight Lieutenant C A Langelaar (RNNAS), Flight Lieutenant J Peetom (RNNAS), Sergeant J P Froweijn (RNNAS), Corporal J G Uljee (RNNAS), Aircraftsman F A Van Der Hurk (RNNAS): missing believed killed; aircraft failed to return from operational flight off the coast off Norway, Hudson T9413, 320 Squadron, 18 August 1941.C16924239

Casualities in the CWGC Register for Hudson III T9413

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Sergeant VliegerChristiaan Anthon Eppe VAN OTTERLOO () Hudson III T9413  Forum Post 1941-11-23320 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomLeuchars Cemetery

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ThreadPost TextAuthor
Lost Hudson of 320 SquadronOn August 18, 1941 the Hudson T9413 of 320 squadron was lost during patrol off the Norwegian Coast near Stavanger. What was the reason that the Hudson was lost ? Was it shot down or was it a technical failure ? I'm looking for the story of this lost Hudson. ....Read More.Ronald on 13th May 2009 08:55:39
Lost Hudson of 320 SquadronRonald, T9413 NO-Y "Ockenburg" (not NO-N) Crash site: North Sea near Norway coast between Stavanger and the Lista peninsula Crash cause: shot down by enemy fighter, at 05.05h by Uffz. L. Scharf with Bf.109 from I./JG77 from Sola airfield. There is confusion over the locations of the crashes of 3 Hudsons from 320 Sqn Coastal Command, leading to the loss of 12 Dutch RAF aviators. The three aircraft were shot down into the North Sea, somewhere between Farsund on the Lista peninsula and Lindesnes. The nearest major city is Kristiansand, 90 km to the East. The name of that city has been used to indicate the crash area. The name has also been confused with Kristiansund, also erroneously spelled as Christiansund, which is 600 km to the North. In Norway the places are indicated as Kristiansund N and Kristiansand S, to avoid confusion. South of Lindesnes, C.A.E. van Otterloo was mortally wounded by a Flak shell fragment. Somewhere along the coast between Stavanger and the Lista peninsula, Hudson 'Ockenburg' was shot down, leading to the loss of another 5 Dutch RAF aviators. Hudson 'Makassar' crashed near Elle, which is at the extreme North of the Lista peninsula. Four Dutch RAF aviators died in that crash. Somewhere along the Norwegian coast, possibly in the Bergen area, we also lost Jhr. H. van Panhuys. In all, 23 Dutch RAF aviators died in or over the coastal seas of Norway. Up to about Bergen, this sea area is still called the North Sea, that flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The Hudsons Mk. II and III, with their top speed of 400 km/h, were sitting ducks for the 550 km/h Messerschmitts Bf.109 T-2 of I./JG77 that operated in this area, from Lista and Sola airfields. Sola is directly Southwest of Stavanger. Even if crew parachuted out, or force-landed at sea, as done by Hudson NO-M, the chances of survival were very limited indeed. Only two of the 26 crew members involved were, after hours, rescued from the cold water by a German floatplane. If you require T9413 crew details, let me know. Regards, Rob ....Read More.Rob Philips on 13th May 2009 06:51:52
Lost Hudson of 320 SquadronThanks for the information !! Do you've the T9413 crew details ? And is the Hudson recovered ? ....Read More.Ronald on 14th May 2009 11:06:22
Lost Hudson of 320 SquadronRonald, You seem to be asking the same crew question twice. Please clarify when that's an error. Crew of Hudson Mk. III Nr. T9413 NO-Y 'Ockenburg' on 18/08/1941: 1. Off Vl 2kl, Carel Arnold LANGELAAR - Pilot - MIA 37 ops, 146 hours. Born 9/12/1915, Pontianak, Borneo, NEI. Age 25. 2. Res Sgt Vl Jan Pieter FROWIJN, Copilot - MIA 5 ops, 18 hours. Born 3/12/1919, Heemstede, NL. Age 22. 3. Vl Schutter Felix Alfonse VAN DER HURK, Ag - MIA Born 29/06/1918, Bandjermasin, Borneo, NEI. Age 23. 4. Res 2Lt Vl Jan PEETOOM, Obs/Nav - MIA 1 op, 3 hours. Born 29/09/1916, Hoorn, NL. Age 24. The four above arrived in GB on 31/5/1940 with Dutch vessel 'Batavier II' from Cherbourg, France, after an escape from Holland on 16/5/1940* None of these men has known decorations. 5. Korp Telegr KMR Jacobus Gijsbertus ULJEE, Wop - MIA Born 25/07/1913, Amsterdam, NL. Age 28. GB arrival: 22/5/1940 from France after he, in a group of 24 aircraft, mostly Fokker trainers, had escaped from Holland on 14/5/1940 He was awarded the ON.BEMx.: Bronzen Eremedaille, verbonden aan de Orde van Oranje-Nassau met de zwaarden, 26/8/1941 (postuum), wegens "Het verrichten van uitstekende diensten als vliegtuig-telegrafist op zeer vele konvooi-vluchten waarbij hij blijk heeft gegeven van grote plichtsbetrachting en kennis van zaken." All are known to OGS, None are registered by the CWGC. The wreck of Hudson Mk. III Nr. T9413 NO-Y 'Ockenburg' has not been found. Regards, Rob ....Read More.Rob Philips on 14th May 2009 01:25:54

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