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RankName, NumberDetailsDate CapturedUnitPOW NoCamp
SgtDavid James HOLLIDAY (565717) TEMP23
1940-06-14142 SqdnStalag 357 Kopernikus
SgtDennis Arthur WHITING (581047) TEMP23
1940-06-14142 SqdnStalag 357 Kopernikus

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POW and Evaders Database WorkPeter Sgt James Holidet - WO 416 his D.o.B. as 20 March 1914, at Durham. From that gives us [U]David James Hollida[/U]y, b. March 20th 1914, Brandon, Co. Durham. He's on the PoW database as 565171 D. J. Holliday of 142 Sqn, and recorded as 'TEMP23', whatever that may mean...? [url][/url] Regards Simon ....Read More.wwrsimon on 28th May 2021 08:45:58

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