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Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
Pilot OfficerL. Arthur Vyvyan BURROWS (188890) Pilot Typhoon  Forum Post  NA/PRO 1945-01-01137 Sqdn AIR27 NetherlandsEindhoven (Woensel) General Ce
Flight LieutenantHoward Plaistowe GIBBONS (131023) Pilot Typhoon  NA/PRO  Forum Post 1945-01-01168 Sqdn AIR27 NetherlandsEindhoven (Woensel) General Ce
Warrant OfficerCharles George POINTS (655554) Pilot Typhoon  NA/PRO 1945-02-14263 Sqdn AIR27 NetherlandsVenray War Cemetery
Pilot OfficerJames Frederick DECK (100648) Pilot Typhoon  NA/PRO 1941-11-0156 Sqdn AIR27 United KingdomHonington (All Saints) Churchy

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263 Squadron individual id lettersHi, Can anyone add to my list of serials/individual aircraft letters for 263 Squadrons Gladiators, Hurricanes, Whirlwinds and Typhoons? Gladiator: N5579/D, N5908/F, N5633/K Hurricane: V6703/A, N2349/V Whirlwind: P7043/A, P7061/A, P6992/C, P7117/E, P7116/F, P6968/H, P6983/H, P6984/H, P7011/H, P6984/J, P6985/J, P6989/J, P7116/J, P6887/L, P7062/L, P7102/N, P6991/R, P6993/S, P7014/T, P7094/T, P6969/V, P6976/X, P6974/Z Typhoon: JR382/A, MN187/A, EK211/B, MN769/B, SW419/C, JR442/D, MN476/E, JR532/H, PD550/H, MN883/J, MN738/K, MN250/M, RB300/M, JR253/N, MN404/O, JR365/P, MN139/R, MN295/S, MN515/S, RB305/S, MN407/T, MN477/T, RB923/U, RB926/U, RB927/V, JR531/V, RB604/W, JR446/X, MN527/X, MM989/Y, MN261/Y, MN407/Y, MN292/Z Any help appreciated. Regards, Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 14th November 2007 03:05:33
263 Squadron individual id lettersHi Alex What is left of the History section of the raf.mod site gives profile paintings of a Typhoon RB309/S in the part devoted to 263 Sqn History which is still made available with a little work to get to Sqn Histories. You might get something from a Google Image search under Westland Whirlwind but you do get a lot of helicopters and photos of plastic kits. The latter often show markings but may not have been properly researched. Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 14th November 2007 05:00:07
F/O. Yi. 257 Sqdn.Hello, That knows the place of the burial of the F/O. Yi. Burma nationality. 257 Sqdn. KIA or MIA Ocean ? 31 December 1943. Loss Typhoon ? Regards, Dan ....Read More.dan35 on 15th November 2007 06:35:28
263 Squadron individual id lettersAlex, don't know where you got them, but some of the Typhoon serials on your list are incorrect. 'RB923' not a Typhoon serial; no doubt an error for R8923 which has been reported as HE-U. 'RB926' not a Typhoon serial; R8926 was not allocated to 263 either. 'RB927' not a Typhoon serial; R8927 has been reported as HE-V but was actually lost in action 19 August 1943, months before 263 received Typhoons. 'RB300' not a Typhoon serial. JR442 serial ok but was not allocated to 263 Sqn. Food for for thought. 263 used at least 136 different Typhoons... CT ....Read More.Chris Thomas on 15th November 2007 07:04:30
F/O. Yi. 257 Sqdn.Name: MAUNG HLA YI Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Flying Officer Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Unit Text: 257 Sqdn. Date of Death: 31/12/1943 Service No: 123632 Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 126. Memorial: RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL As he is on the Runnymede Memorial it seems to imply that his body was not found. Franks states in FCL Vol 2: Typhoon JP742 'R' Ramrod, pm. Combat with fighters off St Brieuc ....Read More.Amrit on 15th November 2007 07:05:11
F/O. Yi. 257 Sqdn.[QUOTE=Amrit;164]Name: MAUNG HLA YI Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Flying Officer Regiment/Service: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Unit Text: 257 Sqdn. Date of Death: 31/12/1943 Service No: 123632 Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: Panel 126. Memorial: RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL As he is on the Runnymede Memorial it seems to imply that his body was not found. Franks states in FCL Vol 2: Typhoon JP742 'R' Ramrod, pm. Combat with fighters off St Brieuc[/QUOTE] Thank you very much. Dan ....Read More.dan35 on 15th November 2007 10:07:12
263 Squadron individual id lettersHi Dick, Chris Thnaks for your replies. John Shellard sent me a list of the Typhoons he flew while with 263 Sqn. RB923 was one of them. It's possible he miswrote the serial and it is indeed R8923. RB926 and RB927. I'll own up to that one. My source was the Profile Publication on the Typhoon and it has them as R8926 and R8927. As I've transferred them from paper to PC I've mixed up the R8 with RB. Easily enough done. RB300 and JR442 are in the Profile Publication under 263 Squadron. As yet I don't have any of the Air Britain RAF serials books to check these serials are all genuine 263 Sqn machines. I have got 2nd TAF on order for Christmas but I don't know if it has much info on 263 Sqn Typhoon ops. I haven't been able to get a copy of your Typhoon book yet. Regards, Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 15th November 2007 12:49:52
263 Squadron individual id lettersG'day Alex Gloster Gladiator Mk. I K7946 HE-R K7942 HE-H Gloster Gladiator Mk. II N5586 HE-K Westland Whirlwind P7116 HE-F *NOTE: This aircraft was later re-coded as HE-J Hawker Typhoon MN139 HE-Q MN823 HE-J Cheers...Chris ....Read More.Dakota on 15th November 2007 12:56:53
263 Squadron individual id lettersHi Alex A quick look through Air Britain Serials DA- and EA- gives 3 more Typhoons DN 254 EJ 899 EK 211 As normal with Air Britain there no Sqn ID Letters Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 16th November 2007 03:28:17
263 Squadron individual id letters[QUOTE=Dick;214]Hi Alex A quick look through Air Britain Serials DA- and EA- gives 3 more Typhoons DN 254 EJ 899 EK 211 As normal with Air Britain there no Sqn ID Letters Regards Dick[/QUOTE] Hi EK211, HE-B, info from a photo of it. oddly in the middle background off the photo is the church spire that EK211 later hit before crashing. cheers Jerry ....Read More.brewerjerry on 16th November 2007 07:19:51
e aby typhoon crash photo R8943, which unit?Hi Currently on e bay a nice typhoon photo, was R8943 still with 175Sq on 13 mar 44 ? or had it gone to 247Sq ? there seems to be a faint outline of a i/d letter by the cockpit a ' U ' ? cheers Jerry ....Read More.brewerjerry on 17th November 2007 12:08:47
263 Squadron individual id lettersHi Jerry, Thanks for the link. I haven't come across many photos of 263 Sqn Typhoons. Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 17th November 2007 03:12:29
263 Squadron individual id letters[QUOTE=Alex Crawford;265]Hi Jerry, Thanks for the link. I haven't come across many photos of 263 Sqn Typhoons. Alex[/QUOTE] Hi Alex, If you need a copy of it let me know. cheers Jerry ....Read More.brewerjerry on 17th November 2007 12:52:22
263 Sqn, 26th April 1945Hi, Today I received a letter from John Shellard, a Typhoon pilot with 263 Sqn. He described the events of 26th April in which he shared in the destruction of a Me262. Four pilots, Flt Lt Gus Fowler, Plt Off David Morgan, Plt Off John Shellard and Wt Off Jock Barrie were detailed to attack a train in Niebull station on the German/Danish border. During the atack Plt Off Morgan was shot down by flak. Then two Me262s dived in to attack the remaining three Typhoons. Gus got inside the leading Me262 and fired off a burst. Jock came in next and fired at the 262 as it started to turn in the opposite direction. John was close behined Jock and also fired at the 262 before pulling way to fire at the second jet, which was now climbing skywards at full power. Gus had done likewise. Jock had stayed with the 262 and was joined by Jock and John. They watched as it slowly spiralled down and went vertically into the ground. Plt Off Morgan had been taken prisoner and when he was released he told John of his experience. He was taken to the base that the Me262s had came from. From what he was told the pilot of the crashed jet had 60 claims to his credit. The other German pilot claimed to have shot down Morgans Typhoon. Would anyone know the identity of the German pilot or the unit involved? And does anyone have any additional info on Flt Lt Gus Fowler and Wt Off Jock Barrie? I have a W J Fowler on my pilot roster with a note that he was with the squadron in June 1944. From the LG I found W J Fowler 114283 promoted from Act P/O on Prob to P/O on Prob in Feb 1942 and promotion to F/O in Nov 1942 but nothing else. I have W/O Jock Barrie who joined the sqn in October 1944. Any help appreciated. Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 24th November 2007 12:52:52
Typhoon 438 Sqdn crashlanding in BelgiumHello , On october 7th 1944 a Typhoon from N° 438 Sqdn made a wheels up landing in a field near the village off Lantremange ( east of the town of Waremme ) in Belgium.Can someone identify this machine and the fate of his pilot. Alain ....Read More.Alain on 27th November 2007 03:38:18
Typhoon 438 Sqdn crashlanding in BelgiumHi Alain For the 7th Oct'44 2nd TAF Vol 2 records only 1 loss for 438 Sqn. Typhoon 1B, MP135, "G", flown by F/Lt A B Newsome(KIA).Reported as shot down by Flak, S Coesfeld at around mid-day. There is no mention of how it hit the ground. Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 27th November 2007 03:49:10
F/O T Hartnett 438SqnHi again, does anyone know where the following airman crashed: 23. Apr 1945 438 Sqn 2nd TAF Typhoon 1B RB342 F3-Q F/O Pilot T Hartnett +, Becklingen 18.F.4 Last seen SW Lüneburg. regards Steve ....Read More.Mosquito on 1st December 2007 07:51:37
Whirlwind OpsHi Hugh, Similar to Chris I'm working on 263 Sqn with Phil Listemann. Below is a list of RCAF pilots who flew with 263 Sqn on Whirlwinds and some info I have on them. The dates below their names is when they joined the sqn and when they left or were lost. Barr, Alexander P/O RCAF 09/43-14/10/44 (†) RCAF No J/26504 From 55 OTU. Brearley, Edgar Sgt RCAF 09/10/41-16-17/04/43 (†) Can J/15157 Posted in from 55 OTU. Brennan, John Robert Sgt RCAF 09/10/41-26/10/41 RCAF No R/72637 Posted in from 55 OTU. Posted out to 137 Squadron. Failed to return from ops. (†) 27/05/42 Whirlwind P7122, 137 Squadron Coyne, James Patrick* Sgt RCAF 09/10/41- No J/15233 Posted in from 55 OTU. Born in October 1930 and brought up in God’s Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Enlisted in RCAF on 10th October 1940. Initial training at 1 ITS and then 1 EFTS and 2 SFTS. Graduated as Sgt. Posted to UK in July 1941. Coyne was posted to 55 OTU at Usworth. In October he was posted to 263 Squadron at Charmy Down. Pilot Officer in February 1942. He completed his first tour in August and was posted to a non-flying desk job as President of the RCAF Aircrew Re-selection Board at Warrington. Flying Officer in October. Flight Lieutenant in February 1943. After a spell of leave in Canada he was posted to Harwell for Mosquito conversion before being posted to 418 Squadron. Squadron Leader in December 1943. He remained with that until the end of the War. Returned to Canada in March 1946. DFC : LG 15/06/43 Gill, Donald Ross F/O RCAF 09/10/41-07/11/42 (†) No J/15111 Posted in from 55 OTU. Failed to return from operations. Kennedy, Irving Farmer Sgt RCAF 09/41-06/42 RCAF No J15273 Known as ‘Hap’, Posted in from 55 OTU. Irving was born in Cumberland, Ontario, Canada in 1922. At the outbreak of WWII Irving joined the RCAF but being only 17 years old he was told to come back when he was 18. He finally enlisted in October 1940. Basic training was done in Canada with 2 ITS for 4 weeks. From there he went to 3 EFTS and then to 10 SFTS. On 16th August 1940 he arrived in the UK as a Sergeant Pilot and was posted to 55 OTU on Hurricanes. In September he was posted to 263 Squadron. His commission to Pilot Officer came through in March 1941. ‘Hap’ flew a number of low level operations but he always wanted to be a fighter pilot. His wish was answered in June 1942 when he was posted to 421 ‘Red Indian’ Squadron RCAF, flying Spitfire MkVs. The Squadron was mainly employed on convoy escort duties with the occasional sweep over France. ‘Hap’ hankered for action and volunteered to be sent to Malta. In October was posted to 249 Squadron. In November 249 Squadron was transferred to Gibraltar to cover the Torch landings in Tunisia. It was here that ‘H ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 1st December 2007 01:31:50
Master T8553 59 OTU 20/02/1943758018 / 114086 Flight Lieutenant John Edward Van Schaick, DFM A Canadian, on 8th March 1941 whilst flying Spitfires in 266 Squadron from Wittering, Sergeant van Schaick and Flying Officer Ferris attacked Ju.88A5 W/Nr 0404 FG+BM of Lessmöllman and shot it down into the sea off Skegness at 10:13hrs. As well as Lessmöllman, 86406 F/O Ferris was killed in this engagement. A British pilot, Sergeant van Schaick joined B flight of 609 Squadron on 14th July 1941 at Biggin Hill under S/Ldr Robinson. He Damaged 2 Bf.109F’s on 21st July whilst flying Spitfire PR-L on Circus 54, taking off at 07:44 hours and escorting 3 Stirlings to Lille. 609 were top cover of the Bigin Hill Escort Wing and flew in 6 pairs, 3 pairs on either side of the bombers, at 23,000ft. He was attacked by 2 fighters from up-sun shortly after leaving the target area and felt his Spitfire taking hits in the tail. He broke away downwards and headed for home reaching Calais at a height of 3,000ft. Seeing a gun emplacement he was about to attack it when he saw tracer going past his aircraft and then saw 2 Bf.109’s. All 3 went into a tight circle at 500ft over the rooftops, after which van Schaick broke away across the Channel. The Germans gave chase and hit the Spitfire in the starboard mainplane, only for van Schaick to execute a tight turn which put him on the tail of a 109, allowing him to shoot away a piece of the 109’s wingtip with cannon-fire. The other Bf.109 attacked head-on, and after turning full circle at sea level van Schaick opened fire and the 109 withdrew streaming oil and glyclol. Van Schaick had previously called M’Aidez on Button D and now, in answer to the Controllers query replied that he thought he could reach the coast, which he did and landed at Manston. On 5th August he hit a gun post in PR-S and on the 21st he was flying as part of the Biggin Hill Escort Cover Wing on Circus 83, 6 Blenheims attacking the Chocques Chemical Works. The bombers came under attack by Bf.109’s, van Schaick Probably Destroying a straggler, black smoke being seen after his attack. Arriving alone over Dunkirk at 3,000ft he spotted an E or R boat firing at him. Descending to 100ft he attacked it with cannon-fire, causing a bright flash followed by volumes of smoke, being credited with a Probably Destroyed. On 27th September he was flying as high cover to 12 Blenheims bound for Mazingarbe. Crossing the coast at Mardyck at 27,000ft, a large formation of Bf.109’s was spotted 5,000ft below. The wing dove after them, and van Schaick was attacked 4 times. On 9th October it rained, and in the morning the pilots watched a film on the use of oxygen at the Intelligence Office, followed by a recognition film on which they were tested. Pilot Officer du Monceau and van Schaick made no mistakes. On 7th November, flying Spitfire PR-V at 28,000ft as top cover with the Biggin Hill Wing on a Ramrod, van Schaick took off at 13:15hrs. Rendezvousing with the Northolt Wing, the formation swept east of Dunkirk, ....Read More.Mark Crame on 7th December 2007 05:07:55
Master T8553 59 OTU 20/02/1943Thanks for that. The photograph is great. I am interested in losses in the north east hence my interest in the Master crash. I have been working my way through the police book and trying to add mroe to them. I am also working on the loss of Typhoon MN140 with F/P Detal. I have quite a lot on him (from a Belgium web site) but could I contct you off board with a few questions I have. ....Read More.johnnie214 on 7th December 2007 06:15:05
Master T8553 59 OTU 20/02/1943Here you are, I'll post it here - I prefer putting stuff in the public domain where anyone can find it at a later date. Not so much written up on Detal as yet as I haven't done many of the Belgians yet (I have a lot of data for them which had to go in). Here's some snippets: DETAL, Charles F. J., flew with the Belgian Air Force in 1940, serving with Groupe de Chasse 5/III on Fairey Foxes. He was shot down on 10th May 940, but was unhurt, and managed to escape to England. After training and other duties, he was posted to 609 Squadron in 1943 to fly Typhoons. On 16th October 1943 he shared in destroying a Me410, and on 4th December shot down two Do217's. He claimed a Fw190 on 3rd January 1944, and got another Do217 next day. On the 27th he got a Bf110 and a Bf109, and on the 30th destroyed a Ju88 on the ground. He was killed on 23rd March 1944, after promotion to Flying Officer. Reg Plt Off CFJ Detal DFC 1943-44 (Belg) Killed 23 Mar 1944 Sept 1st. Yesterday, Detal and Raehill – a Canadian pilot went on another long-range rhubarb – incidentally, these are now called rangers (Later addition: These codenames for the various kinds of ops had by this time reached very large numbers, and it was sometimes difficult to remember what they all meant). On this effort Detal made 10 attacks on an aerodrome, destroying grounded JU52’s and ME110’s, and also shooting up a train. It was a wizard show and it seems a shame that they cannot be added to the squadron score. March 24 2 new Belgians, this time Sergeants (to keep Blanco company) arrive today from OTU. Names: Detal and Baron van Zuylen. Nah, no time to go through it all this morning. Tell you what, give me a bit of time and I'll write him up over the next week or so. There's a bit to be going on with anyway. ....Read More.Mark Crame on 8th December 2007 04:51:33
263 Squadron RosterHello , There is a slight confusion regarding Proctor : there were two Proctors with 263 Sq at the same time . Harold Medd Proctor aka " Proc 1 " killed in action Normandy , still missing , I know the crash-site near Le Havre. The other was A.R.S. Proctor known as " Proc 2 " . Both could be seen on a 263 Sq group picture , standing beside Typhoon. Yes Purkis is still alive , I have also his address . Oddly a friend of mine has in hands his battle dress left behind when he was shot down near Bernay on 16 August 1944. Laurent ....Read More.spitXII on 15th December 2007 03:26:05
Typhoon queryHi, I'm trying to trace/confirm a Typhoon loss for 29th May 1944. The Typhoon File has MN312 (263 Sqn) as missing of Cape Frehel on this date. I can't find any details of this in Fighter Command Losses Vol 3 by Franks. The ORB entry for this date has the squadron as being released 1600-0800hrs for Squadron party. Two Roadsteads were carried out on 30th but ne mention of any casualties. F/Sgt Pringle was lost on 28th when he crashed into the top of Yelverton Church in EK211. The only other loss I have for May 1944 is MN545, which according to FCL Vol 3 was shot down by flak off Cape Frehel in 21st. In Typhoon file the entry for MN545 simply states Probably Struck off Charge 21/06/47. Could it be that the date for MN312 is a typo and should read 21st instead of 29th and the entry in the Typhoon File for MN545 is correct? Any help would be appreciated. Alex ....Read More.Alex Crawford on 29th December 2007 06:07:57
Typhoon queryHi Alex, The only Typhoon I can trace on the 29th May is JR534, of 175 Sqn, which crashed on landing at Holmsley South. The next four were lost on 21st May; JR433, 137 Sqn. Shot down by fighters 10 km SW of Bruges. MN252, 184 Sqn. Missing off Walcheren Island. MN312, 137 Sqn. Crashed into the sea off Ostend, after being hit by flak. MN545, 263 Sqn. Hit by flak and crashed 10 km off Cap Frehel. Doug. ....Read More.Doug Cuthbertson on 29th December 2007 07:44:20
Typhoon queryApologies for the confusion caused by the 'The Typhoon File' - but it was published in 1981 and the information has been superceded by that in 'Typhoon and Tempest Story' (1988), later Air-Britain serial registers and Norman's FCLosses (for which I supplied my updated Typhoon records). The basic histories in Typhoon File were collated by Jim Halley and myself; I did squadrons numbered below 200 and Jim did those above 200 so I am not sure where the 263/29.5.44 info came from. MN312 was indeed a 137 Sqn aircraft, and was lost on 21 May 44, Flt Lt Hawker killed in action. No known link with 263. Our main sources were the Forms 78 (movement cards), the accident record cards and the ORBs. This left many gaps - MN545 is an example - the F.78 said 263 Sqn 26 April 44, then 'PSOC 21.6.47'. This latter date we knew was a paper write-off date used to close records where the real fate was obscure on the F.78. In many cases the missing fate could be resolved by the ORB but, as you will probably know, 263 does not record serials for most of its Typhoon period. For 'T&T Story' MoD casualty records were accessed through AHB5 to establish the identities unavailable in the ORBs; as a result I believe the serial information on losses in that publication is substantially correct. However, research does not stand still and no one published source can claim to be infallible. Doug, it would be helpful (in unravelling these mysteries) if you quoted the source of your information. Chris Thomas ....Read More.Chris Thomas on 1st January 2008 01:36:46

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