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Blenheim IV V6010 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Blenheim IV V6010

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  09 Apr 42 Aircraft Name  Blenheim IV Serial Number  V6010
Unit  11 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Ratmalana Country  Ceylon
Aircrew details Sgt R Garnham
Sgt Boltwood
Details damaged but repaired; Sgt R. Garnham RNZAF, Sgt Boltwood, and Sgt Sutton uninjured. [ORB]. AT 0820 hours 11 ac led by Sqn Ldr K AUTLT took off to bomb the Jap Aircraft carrier. Two aircraft returned with engines u/s/ The formation reached the target and dropped their bombs scoring some near misses. . One of our ac was shot down into the sea by AA. On return the formation ran into 60 Jap fighters returning from escorting a raid on Ceylon. The fomration was attacked and a half hour battle resulted. Four of our aircraft were shot down. Our bombers shot down four enemy fighters. Four ac returned to base, two were badly damaged.
Source ORB
Date of Crash  05 Mar 43 Aircraft Name  Blenheim IV Serial Number  V6010
Unit  11 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Feni Country  Burma
Aircrew details F Sgt J J O DONNELL
F Sgt Keith Charles BIRDSEY*(400523)
Details 6 ac led by Wg Cdr Stumm took off to bomb YEGANBYIN. the target was obscured, so the bombs were dropped in AUNGDANG area. The fighter escort was attacked by enemy aircraft. One aircraft piloted by Flt Sgt O Donnel force landed due to engine failure in paddy field between Ramu and Cox bazaar. O Donnel and Flt Sgt C Williams WOAG sustained slight injuries, but navigator died due to mulitple injuries while being taken by Ambulance to COX Bazaar. F541: TO 1000, force landed 1230
Source ORB

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11 Sqn 1942Simon, I don't yet have the 11 Sqn ORB (which is in AIR 27/157 at the UK National Archives) but I've assembled the following timeline from other sources: 8 April 1507: 240 Squadron Catalina BN-K (Round) reports three battleships and one aircraft carrier in position 90 degrees from Catalina’s corrected position of 20 miles West of 06.10N, 88.23E, course 350 degrees. 9 April 0716: 413 Squadron Catalina QL-Y (Thomas) reports a large enemy force steering 330 degrees. The signal gives no position or time of origin but the position was estimated to be 09.20N, 84.40E. (This is 209 nautical miles from Trincomalee.) It fades before being completely received and it is presumed that QL-Y had been shot down. (It was shot down by Zeros from Hiryu.) There were no survivors. 0725-0730: Japanese raid on China Bay and Trincomalee starts 0740: 11 Squadron ordered to proceed immediately to position 9-20N, 84-40E to attack. Primary objectives the carriers 0820: 11 Blenheims from 11 Squadron take off from Colombo’s racecourse to attack Kido Butai, carrying mixed loads of 250 lb and 500 lb. AS (anti-submarine) and SAP bombs. Two turn back with engine trouble. 1025: 11 Squadron Blenheims sight Japanese 1045/1048: 11 Squadron arrives over the Japanese carriers at 11,000 feet. They take the Japanese by surprise and drop their bombs on the carrier Akagi and cruiser Tone, scoring near misses but no hits. (Kongo TROM says it was attacked too but also without success.) Zeros then attack, with following results: Z7896 (Capt Adcock, SAAF) was shot down at once Z9574 (Lt Knight, SAAF) shot down next R3911 (Sgt Maclennan) went down after a fierce fight. The gunner, Sgt Nell, may have shot down the Zero flown by Lt Nono, which was lost in this action Z7803 (WO Stvenson) was then shot down Remaining five aircraft got away 1105: Five remaining 11 Squadron aircraft encounter Vals from Shokaku returning from the attack on Hermes, escorted by three Zeros from Hiryu. The latter attack. V5592 (S/L Ault) was shot down and crashes on the beach, but in return the Zero of NAP 1/C Makinoda is destroyed. The undercarriage of Z7759 collapses on landing. V6010 and Z7506 arrive at Racecourse riddled by bullets. 1246: C-in-C East Indies reports that “Nine Blenheims took off to attack enemy force of 3 or 4 carriers and 9 other unidentified warships plus escorting destroyers. No hits. Three near misses claimed on one carrier. Bombers were opposed by enemy fighters throughout the attack and five Blemheims are missing and remainder are unserviceable.” I hope this is of some help. Rob p.s. Thanks for your PM with the email address!! ....Read More.Rob Stuart on 30th December 2010 06:36:30

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