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Hurricane I V7711 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hurricane I V7711

, lost More information in: Databases

Block 4, Hawker Aircraft Ltd, RR Merlin III, July 1940 - Feb 1941 More information in: Dr. Colin James Pratt-Hooson's Hurricane Site

Sent to Far East. SOC Dt:1942-04-06 Units: More information in: Databases

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  05 Apr 42 Aircraft Name  Hurricane I Serial Number  V7711
Unit  258 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Ratmalana Country  Ceylon
Aircrew details Plt Offr Robert Nason NEILL* (404255)
Details SD K in Air combat
Source ORB / HurricanesOver

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Number of Hurricanes ferried to Ceylon by IndomitableBack in October, 2010, l had a protracted discussion with the late Henk Welting on the identity of AUS404255 F/O Robert Nason NEILL's Hurricane. l wrote: "l found the other reference to AUS404255 Robert Nason NEILL RAAF l mentioned earlier. It was a list of possible Hurricane losses in the Far East on 5-4-1942. It was in my file on AUS400516 Sgt Allan John BROWNE RAAF, of No.30 Sqn., who was also lost on 5-4-1942. It was just a rough list l drew up to give me some idea of the possibilities. One of the Hurricanes on that list was Mk.I V7711 - 1SAAF/FE - SOC 6-4-42. l have no idea if V7711 was Neill's Hurricane, but it looks a possibility." Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 11th October 2013 02:20:19
Number of Hurricanes ferried to Ceylon by IndomitableGraham, thanks for the info. Iíve added that book to my ďto buyĒ list now. Drew, thanks for your post. I wasnít aware that 261 Sqn had Z5620 on its strength. Perhaps it was the aircraft which Bloody Shambles vol. 2 says was lost in an accident on 7 April or the one which WO Griffin damaged on 5 April by taxying into a ditch. I donít have a serial number for either of these. Ď227í would be BE227, flown on 9 April by Sgt Lockwood and shot down. Ď676í would be BG676, flown on 9 April by Sgt Bowie and also shot down. Does Sgt Pearceís log say what time he took off from Indomitable? Col Bruggy, many thanks. Recording ĎV7711í in the ORB as ĎZ7711í would be a more likely error than the one I suggested in my last post. I donít have Halleyís volume which includes the V---- serials (and no longer have the one for the Z---- series which I had borrowed a while ago), but the website at [url][/url] gives V7711 as one of 1250 Mark Iís produced by Gloster starting in July 1940 Ė along with Z4227, Z4247, Z4372 and Z4783. This source says that only 29 of these Mark Iís were converted to Mark IIís. It also says that the converted aircraft were all re-serialled. If V7711 was one of the 29 converted aircraft and itís new serial number was Z5661 this would explain things, but [url][/url] implies that Z5649 - Z5693 were Mk. IIB Hurricanes built by Gloster. Would anyone know if Z4783 and V7711 were converted to Mark IIís? It would be somewhat surprising if they werenít, since they were grouped with Z4247, Z4227 and Z4372, presumably due to having similar performance. ....Read More.Rob Stuart on 14th October 2013 06:41:38
Number of Hurricanes ferried to Ceylon by IndomitableA simple transcription error is likelier - other aircraft in the V7xxx converted to Mk.IIs were for sending to Russia and were recoded in the DG6xx series. I expect all such conversions to be for this reason rather than further RAF use. According to Air Britain, V7711 was with 1 SAAF then Far East. soc 6.4.42. ....Read More.Graham Boak on 14th October 2013 10:48:16
Number of Hurricanes ferried to Ceylon by IndomitableGraham, thanks for your response. The info that V7711 was SOC 6.4.42, the day after the raid on Colombo, certainly makes it likely that the ORB entry for Z7711 should read V7711. This still leaves the question of Z5661, which Halley says was operated only by 258 Sqn and was shot down on 5.4.42 but which is not listed in the ORB as having been flown against the Japanese. I note, however, that the ORB says that F/L Peacock-Edwards flew Z5461. Halley notes only that it was sent to the Far East and gives no clue as to its fate. If "Z5461" was mistakenly entered in the ORB instead of "Z5661", this would explain the discrepancy, but this is probably going to be very hard to confirm. ....Read More.Rob Stuart on 16th October 2013 07:55:04

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