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Wellington W5439 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Wellington W5439

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/6842Sergeant G A Johnston (RNZAF), Sergeant T E Schofield (RNZAF), Sergeant W Harrison, Sergeant C Morgan, Flight Sergeant M T Kenny, Flight Sergeant V G I Anderson: prisoners of war; forced landing near Berhaven Holland, Wellington W5439, 149 Squadron, 12 June 1941. With photographs.C16756139

Prisoners of War for Wellington W5439

RankName, Number, Trade & DetailsDate CapturedUnitPOW NoCamp
V G I Anderson (551296) Wellington W5439 1941-06-11149 SqdnStalag 357 Kopernikus

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Sqd.leader John Henry franks dfc. Kia 29.6.1942 (moved). Service no. 86720.Hello Nick, The X-X-Ray, you refer to, was actually; No.149 Squadron's W5439 OJ-X: 31 Mar/1 Apr 1941. The two Wellington Mark IIs were bombed up with two further Wellingtons as escorts, and a similar arrangement was set up at No.9 Squadron. As it turned out, each squadron managed to put only one of their Mark II Wellingtons in the air. W5399, 'OJ-Q', with the nose art 'The Wizard of Oz' failed to get airborne , sliding into a neighbouring field of barley. 'Oz' was the nickname for Australia, so maybe the pilot was Australian, as quite a few Commonwealth crews flew with No.149 Squadron. The target was marked by Wellington R5413 from No.9 Squadron piloted by Squadron Leader K M M Wasse. With Pilot Officer Franks at the controls and Alex More as navigator, No.149's W5439 'OJ-X'* dropped the first 4,000-lb High Capacity bomb over Emden. The bomb fell on the quay at the extreme south of the estuary, with a huge yellowish explosion, covering a large area, and throwing huge quantities of debris into the air. It was followed by a further 4,000-lb bomb dropped by No.9 Squadron. Greg (Greg Gregory) was, 'Second Dickie' on one of the new Wellington Mk.IIs which was being piloted by Johnny Franks, who in Greg's words was; "A first rate chap who was killed on his second tour"... * FTR Dusseldorf, No.149 Sqn. 11/12-6-1941 BCL2/64. See: Strong By Night 'Fortis Nocte':History and Memories of No.149 (East India) Squadron Royal Air Force 1918/19 - 1937-56. Johnston,John & Nick Carter. Tunbridge Wells:Air-Britain (Historians),2002. pp.36-37 Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 22nd September 2016 06:03:24

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