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Varsity T1  WL640 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Varsity T1  WL640

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FltLt Lambeth & Sgt Garlick killed 21/9/57I am trying to find out more about this man, and his wartime service. He was killed on Varsity WL640 when it crashed near Falstone, Northumberland on the 20th September 1957. He had served as a navigator during the war and was commisioned in 1944. Any help would be great. I a also trying to find out more about any of the other crewmen, although the others would appear to be post war airmen. Garlick seems very interesting as he was a sgt, but had a total flying time of 3,638 hours and was an instructor (age 37). Pilot Flt. Sgt. Thomas Garlick 1059336 Signaller Sgt. Alan Roger James Turner 588104 Navigator Flt/Lt John Page 505475 Navigator P/O Robert George Gaymer 4174045 I have various details from the London Gazette web site, but anymore would be great. Also, is there any way to find where they are buried as the CWGC web site does not go that far. Johnnie ....Read More.johnnie214 on 15th February 2008 12:02:45
Whitley Mk.V PhotoThanks to you both for the replies. I'm looking for something from a private collection ideally as we have a very limited budget for using copyright material and I believe a good proportion of this has gone to using the photos held at the NA showing the crash of Varsity WL640 near Hexham. Robert - you may be interested in our book as it covers crashed over the North East of England. Not sure of the title at the moment but the publisher is Countryside Books. Thanks, ....Read More.JimCorbett1977 on 28th June 2008 09:00:52
New Book - Air Crash NorthumberlandJust a quick post regarding our new book 'Air Crash Northumberland' published by Countryside Books ( The book details 29 crash sites in Northumberland between 1930 and 1983 and has been written by four regulars on this forum, Jim Corbett, Russ Gray, Johnathan Shipley and Neil Anderson. The stories covered are: Whitley P4952 at Bellingham Vulcan XM610 at Wingate Botha's W5137 & W5154 at Morpeth B17 42-30030 at Seahouses B17 44-6504 at Braydon Crag Beaufighter T3037 at Stobswood Beaufort L9797 at Ashington Rapide G-AFMF at Simonburn Venom WR557 at Slaggyford Flycatchers N9679 & N9677 at Falstone Hampden L4054 at Whitley Bay Hunter XG236 at Kielder Hurricane KX190 at Elsdon Tempest EJ859 at Felkington Typhoon MN140 at North Seaton Heinkel HE111 3550 at Morpeth Junkers Ju88 1064 at Bedlington F104 Starfighter D-8337 at Alwinton Mustang AG617 at Bellingham Cherokee G-BHDG at Hedgehope Hill P47 Thunderbolt 42-25530 at Eshott Stirling EH880 at Amble Spitfire's R6596 & X4595 at Hepburn Moor Spitfire P8563 at Weldon Bridge Spitfire P8563 at Blanchland Spitfire AA920 at Longhorsley Spitfire MH388 at Ouston Varsity WL640 at Falstone Wellington X3171 at Greenhaugh The book can be ordered online from Amazon, Tesco, Waterstones and numerous other sites. Would welcome any comments should anyone obtain a copy. All the best. Jim Corbett ....Read More.JimCorbett1977 on 15th October 2008 03:21:42
Navy aircraft loss Northumberland ID helpHello, From "Broken Wings", & 1956 - 4th Nov, Anson C12, PH782 - APS - U/c collapsed on Take off Acklington. 1957 - 15th Apl, Meteor NF.11, WD725 - 29 Sqn - lost power on ground and caught fire. 1957 - 8th Aug, Meteor T.11, VW488 - 13 Gp CF - 1m WNW of Belsay, Northumberland - dived into ground after T/O from Ouston in bad weather, two killed. 1957 - 20th Sept, Varsity T.1, WL640 - 2 ANS - Falstone, Northumberland - Broke up in air on Navex, five killed. 1957 - 13th Dec, Hunter F.6 XG202 - 66 Sqn - 11/4m NNE of Morpeth, Northumberland - Engine flame out abandoned as ASI not working. 1958 - 14th Feb, Hunter F.6 XG236 - 66 Sqn - near Kielder Reservoir, N,umberland - control lost in cloud dived into ground, one killed. 1958 - 7th Jly, Meteor T.7 WL422 - 29 Sqn - Damaged Acklington (?) declared a write off. 1961 - 5th Aug, Whirlwind HAR.4 XL113 - 228 Sqn - Cullercoats Bay, Northumberland - engine cut during winching practice, ditched and sank. 1961 - 4th Spt, Vampire T.11 XD592 - 1 FTS - Radio failed, crew ejected due to low fuel, a/c crashed nr Acklington. 1961 - 18th Set, Provost T.1 WV623 - 6 FTS - Night landing ground looped, Acklington. 1961 - 25th Spt, Provost T.1 WV564 - 6 FTS - landing accident Acklington DBR. 1962 - 16th Jan, Provost T.1 WV607 - 6 FTS - Airframe overstressed following high speed vertical dive, a/c written off. 1962 - 27th Mch, Jet Provost T.3 XN599 - 6FTS - Swung off runway on landing, Acklington. 1962 - 8th May, Jet Provost T.3 XM422 - 6 FTS - Crashed Acklington, Aerobatics, one killed. 1962 - 9th May, Jet Provost T.3 XN604 - 6 FTS - Crased Felton crew ejected following false fire warning. 1962 - 18th May, Javelin FAW.9 XH755 - 33 Sqn - 7m E of Tynemouth, Northumberland - Control lost, abandoned in spin, one killed. 1962 - 14th Aug, Jet Provost's XF684 & XF903 - 6 FTS - Night collision, both a/c crashed, both crews killed. 1962 - 17th Oct, Jet Provost T.3 - 6 FTS - A/c stalled Ouston, Iraqi student pilot injured. FAA losses. 1957 19th Feb - three killed.- JOHNSON, Peter T S/Lt.; SUTHERLAND, Alistair P/O (T); TURNER Geoffrey S Lt. [ GANNET AS4 - XA415(283/CU)]. 28th Mch - 831 Sqn - two killed. - HUNT, Reginald C Lt. [Wyvern WP343(384/O)] ; MAGGS, Maurice S/Lt. [Wyvern WL887(383/O)]. 3rd Aug - 891 Sqn - two killed. - BURT, Brian W Lt.; TOWNEND, Anthony Lt. [ Sea Venom XG619 (435/B)]. 20th Aug - 814 Sqn - two killed. - LLEWELLYN, Raymond K (A) LT(A); SWAYNE,William P.H Lt(O). [ Gannet AS4 - XA416(285/CU ? )]. 1958 12th Mch - 891 Sqn - two killed. - JAKEMAN, John K Lt; MARTIN, Philip M S/Lt. [ Sea Venom XG728(436/B)]. 1st May - 766 Sqn - two killed. - FERGUSON, William A.M Lt/Cdr; MOORE, Michael A. Lt(O) [ Sea Venom XG609(730)]. 23rd Jly - HMS Eagle air crash, two killed. - HAMON, Arthur G Lt; HAYWARD, Alan J S/Lt. [ Sea Venom XG689(490/E)]. 25th Jly - Air crash Taunton, two killed. - WEBSTER, W. John Lt; WOOD, Brian C Lt. [Sea Venom XG625(463/R)]. 25th Sept - 803 Sqn - - one killed. -RUSS ....Read More.Alex Smart on 22nd November 2015 09:10:18

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