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National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/2555Pilot Officer L Williams, Sergeant C W McKenzie, Sergeant A G Allen: killed; aircraft accident, Abingdon, Whitley V1495, 10 Operational Training Unit, 9 August 1940.C16471694
AIR81/3414Flight Sergeant C H Ashley, Sergeant N R Foley, Sergeant D Proudfoot, Sergeant E S Millard, Sergeant I Hay, Sergeant P H Lucas: killed; aircraft accident, Whitley VP5006, 19 Operational Training Unit, 24 September 1940.C16687512
AIR81/4012Sergeant J R Brown: died of wounds; Pilot Officer N E Sharp: injured; Sergeant D H Crocker, Sergeant A Brittain: uninjured; aircraft accident, Whitley VP4972, 51 Squadron, 30 October 1940.C16688110
AIR81/6361Pilot Officer P Myers, Sergeant B Kipling, Sergeant G A Selby, Sergeant H G Browne, Sergeant A Jackson: killed; aircraft shot down and crashed near Marheeze Weert, Holland, Whitley VP510, 51 Squadron, 10 May 1941.C16755659

Casualities in the CWGC Register for

Rank Name, Number, Trade & Details DateUnit Country Cemetary/Memorial & Loc Ref
SergeantJohn William BELL (754397) Pilot Whitley V  NA/PRO 1941-11-0878 Sqdn AIR27 NetherlandsLemsterland (Lemmer) General C
SergeantRaymond BOUCHER (759315) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Whitley V  NA/PRO 1941-11-0878 Sqdn AIR27 NetherlandsGaasterland (Nijemirdum) Gener
SergeantDonald CAMERON (985637) Whitley V  NA/PRO 1941-11-0878 Sqdn AIR27 NetherlandsGaasterland (Nijemirdum) Gener
SergeantAnthony Leonard Roger COOK (748179) Pilot Whitley V  NA/PRO 1941-03-13102 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyHamburg Cemetery
SergeantAlexander Charles ELLIOTT (754431) Pilot Whitley V  NA/PRO 1941-03-13102 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyHamburg Cemetery
SergeantSamuel Hugh Albert JESS (635446) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Whitley V  NA/PRO 1941-03-13102 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyHamburg Cemetery
Pilot OfficerGeorge Marshall McCOMBE (104492) Pilot Whitley V  NA/PRO 1941-11-0878 Sqdn AIR27 NetherlandsGaasterland (Nijemirdum) Gener
SergeantJohn Molesworth OXLEY (759253) Observer Whitley V  NA/PRO 1941-03-13102 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyHamburg Cemetery
SergeantNorman Reginald SKINNER (903147) Wireless Op./Air Gunner Whitley V  NA/PRO 1941-03-13102 Sqdn AIR27 GermanyHamburg Cemetery
SergeantGilbert Terence WEBB (924137) Observer Whitley V  NA/PRO 1941-11-0878 Sqdn AIR27 NetherlandsGaasterland (Nijemirdum) Gener

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Escape packetHi Soren, The mentioned Mathews was on board Whitley V Z9387 from 51 Sqdn (Chivenor). Lost on a BP 29 patrol. Regards Finn Buch ....Read More.Argus on 6th December 2007 10:45:20
Bomber crashlanding on Ouessant (Ushant)Hi Gildas, I was considering your crash for this loss on 04/02/42 At 00:38 hrs Whitley V, P5050, No.502 Sqn, YG-M took off for a Stopper Patrol from RAF St Eval. Crew was S/L N S F Davie Sgt B C Gillespie RAAF Sgt M F Sikal RCAF Sgt T R Calder Sgt G S Harris Sgt J F Barnes Missing from patrol off Ushant. Several w/t messages were passed between 08:15 hrs and 08:38 hrs before the Whitley was possibly shot down by Fw H Baudach of 1./JG 2 at 09:55 hrs. All the crew are listed as PoW. A Stopper Patrol was a patrol during darkness off Brest. 48 35N 05 25W 48 03N 05 23W 47 43N 04 40W Modified Stopper Patrol was 48 25N 05 25W 47 52N 05 25W 47 17N 04 38W There were two Mosquito losses into the sea off Ushant in 1944 21/07/44 248 Sqn HP973 Hit by return fire from He177 and caught fire. Crashed into the sea off Ushant. 10/06/44 248 Sqn HR117 Hit by flak from R boat and crashed into the sea off Ushant. L9851 crashed 24/12/40 on solo flying training at Denzel Downs, UK. Gosden was the pilot of L9859. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 18th December 2007 08:16:27
138 sqdn Whitley Z9275 NFG26-27 september 1942 138 Squadron Whitley V Z9275 NF-G Op. SOE Crew F/S. D H. Freeland. + F/S. E G. Hayhoe + Sgt. J H. Cox pow F/S. F G. Green + Sgt. P G. Moore pow took off Tempsford. Crashed in the vicinity of Merville (Nord) a town on the north bank of the river Lys, 12 km SE of Hazebrouck, France. Those who died rest in Merville Communal Cemetery Extension. RAF Bomber Command Losses Volume 3. W R. Chorley. Regards Peter. ....Read More.peter on 22nd December 2007 06:53:44
Red seats in bomberHello In a previous post last December, I was trying to elucidate a crash on Ouessant island, north west of Brest. I called again my contact who did show to the last witnesses alive the picture of a crashed Whitley « near Brest », but they kept on thinking the aircraft was a Wellington. They do confirm the light grey or white colour. But I keep on thinking, as proposed by Ross, it may be Whitley V, P5050 lost on 04/02/42. What about the red seats seen in this bomber by a 18 years old lady ? Was this usual in some particular aircraft ? in Coastal command ? Wouldn’t any member have the POW report of any of this crew of 502 Sqn Whitley V, P5050. This may answer the question where they fell, and say which one was lightly wounded. S/L N S F Davie Sgt B C Gillespie RAAF Sgt M F Sikal RCAF Sgt T R Calder Sgt G S Harris Sgt J F Barnes Thanks again Gildas ....Read More.Gildas on 28th March 2008 04:46:22
Whitley? 102 Squadron, 01/05/1940, UKHello Bart Whitley V N1500 FHG at Hill of Foundland, Insch, Aberdeen. There were six fatalities; not mentioned by you were Hopper JH Hart AWH Main G regards DaveW ....Read More.davew on 11th April 2008 09:26:09
Whitley? 102 Squadron, 01/05/1940, UKHi Bart Chorley BCL Vol 1 has Whitley V,N1500 of 102 Sqn as crashing on the slopes of Hill of Foudland, 6mls SE of Huntley in Aberdeenshire, whilst being ferried from Kinloss to Driffield. The full crew/passenger list is :- F/O K N Gray DFC,Czechoslovak War Cross Sgt J H Hopper, Sgt F J Bass, AC1 A W H Hart, AC2 G Main, AC1 H Buttery AC1 J A Hewitt AC1 F Wallwork Hewitt, Main and Wallwork survived the crash but Wallwork died on 6/5/40 and Main on 25/5/40. Chorley does not comment on the Czech War Cross. Apart from the 3 airmen, all on board died at the time of the crash. In Vol 9 Chorley indicates that Gray was a N Zealander. Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 11th April 2008 09:31:33
401016 - Unaccounted airmen - 16-10-1940What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for: F/Sgt (Pilot) William T.C. MORMAN - MiD - 560125 - killed on active service, and F/O (Pilot) Thomas D. TROUNCER - 74264 - killed on active service. Proposed aircraft serials for this day: Blenheim IV - Z5964 - 4 FPP - crashed in forced landing Bradford-on-Avon road near Bath, Somerset Hurricane I - L2003 - 6 OTU - crashed on landing Sutton Bridge Hurricane I - L2603 - 55 OTU - crashed in forced landing between Clapton Village and Old Down Inn, Chewton Mendip, Somerset (approx. 184/6251) Tutor I - K3293 - CFS - crashed on overshoot Marlborough LG Whitley V - T4225 - 4 FPP - flew into high ground High Eldwick, near Bingley, Yorkshire Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 19th April 2008 10:42:24
401113 - Unaccounted airmen - 13-11-1940What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for the following airmen, all three names not found in Flight archives: AC2 Cyrill BARR - 1014834; Cpl (Obs) Henry C.H. WEBBER - 916068, and AC2 John WILSON - 1163192. Proposed aircraft losses for this day: Oxford I - N6336 - 3 FTS - crashed in forced landing North Cerney/Gloucestershire. Whitley V - N1491 - 9 BGS - crashed on take-off Penrhos. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 14th May 2008 11:13:09
Sgt Philip Marsden Jones - 1052291 - Died 16/10/42 - 51 SqdSteve, Following info obtained via Ross McNeill: Whitley V Z9153 FTR after being shot down by Lt Meister of 13./KG40 in pos. PLQ 14W/0817 at 1614h. Crew missing and commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. P/O A.H.S. BROWN - RAAF 404867 (digital file NAA) Sgt R.J. BENN - 701008 Sgt R.S. Fielding - 655280 Sgt P.M. JONES - 1052291 Sgt J.J. KERR - 959887 Sgt A.A. GILLIES - 636033 Take-off was from Chivenor 0846h. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 16th May 2008 04:55:45
Crashes off the Scilly IslesGentlemen, A survey of Allied aircraft that crashed at sea off the Scilly Isles reads as follows: 17 aircraft, 1940-1945 83 crew involved 1 rescued, safe 1 found dead in a dinghy 4 washed ashore in the UK 0 washed ashore elsewhere 77 remained MIA List of aircraft involved: 1. L 7396 Manchester I 61 Sqn 31/1-2-1942 2. N 3101 Spitfire I 234 Sqn 2-3-1941 3. R 1345 Wellington Ic 21 OTU 18/19-8-1942 4. W 5714 Wellington Ic 15 OTU 22/23-12-1943 5. AD 753 Hampden I 50 Sqn 5-4-1941 6. AM 167 Mustang I 414 Sqn 15-6-1943 7. AR 522 Spitfire Vc 412 Sqn 17-6-1943 8. BD 428 Whitley VII 502 Sqn 12-9-1942 9. BD 729 Hurricane IIb 1449 Flt 3-10-1943 10. BZ 819 Liberator GR.V 53 Sqn 21-11-1943 11. DP 179 Sunderland III 10 RAAF Sqn 2/3-10-1943 12. DV 971 Sunderland III 119 Sqn 15-12-1942 13. HF 172 Wellington XIV 612 Sqn 27-9-1943 14. HZ 957 Wellington XIII 3 OADU 3-10-1943 15. JM 336 Beaufighter X 248 Sqn 7-7-1943 16. NC 419 Wellington XIV 14 Sqn 19-4-1945 17. TA 438 Mosquito NF.XIX 1 OADU 21-1-1945 If the list above is complete and the data accurate, this would answer my question raised when starting this thread: bodies of airmen crashed off the Scilly Isles did NOT wash ashore in France or elsewhere in mainland Europe. I welcome any additions and/or corrections. ....Read More.Rob Philips on 17th May 2008 05:31:20
Sgt Leslie Joseph George Lockwood 906101 (W. Op/Air Gnr)Hi Nick From RAF Coastal Command Losses Vol 1 , Ross McNeill, 612 Sqn Whitley V,T4296, WL-L, hit buildings of the Fever Hospital whilst on approach to Wick and crashed at South Road Wick, killing all on board plus 2 of the hospital Staff. The crew were as you have them plus 817310 Sgt A Maitland who was I think the rear gunner.Ross did not have details as to the duty for which the a/c was airborne Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 28th August 2008 04:48:14
Sgt Leslie Joseph George Lockwood 906101 (W. Op/Air Gnr)Thanks for your replies Dick and Andy. Another question has sprung to mind though, I thought the Whitley V only had a crew of five unlike the VII which had a crew of six. Was it common to have two pilots on these operations or was the second pilot there to gain experience before flying with his on crew? Regards, Nick ....Read More.nicks on 29th August 2008 11:57:16
W/O Alexander Murray 97 SqnSteve, Murray is listed in Chorleys Bomber Command Roll of Honour ! From his service number he was a pre war regular enlisting in January 1939 ! 19-20 May 1940 102 Sqn Whitley V N1376 DY-O Gelsenkirchen F/S E.L.G HALL (M.B.E) P.O.W P/O J.T GLOVER P.O.W Sgt D.L DICK P.O.W LAC J McCUTCHEON DFM POW AC2 A. MURRAY P.O.W I believe it could well be the same man. 102 Squadron were at Driffield, 97 Squadron were also at Driffield flying Whitleys non operationally at the same time ! Co-incidence ? So he could still of been in 97 Squadron maybe he volunteered or they were short of air gunners ? Also by 1944 his seniority would of made him an Warrant Officer. I've tried searching the flight archive for confirmation it is the same man (service number) without any luck. Mark ....Read More.Marks on 13th September 2008 04:14:45
n. ireland crashes - crew detailsHere we go again (most info rcvd via Ross McNeill): AM604 - Hudson V - 206 Sqn - VX-J: Hit trees unauthorized low flying - crashed near Aldergrove - 11.30 hrs. Killed were: P/O Hugh O. FRASER - RAAF 402051 Sgt Archibald D. CAMPBELL - RAAF 400858 Sgt Geoffrey T. KETTLE - 913612 Sgt Philip A. FRY - 920055 T4277 - Whitley V - 502 Sqn - YG-J: Bad weather conditions - crashed in the Ballykelly area - 18.50 hrs. Killed were: F/Lt Charles W. REES - 90050 F/O Michael L. WORTHINGTON - 76024 Sgt William A. ADAMS - 564507 Sgt Patrick J. MILLER - 625296 Sgt V.S. BROWN - 816242 survived (wounded) EV954 - Liberator GR.VI - 1674 HCU: Hit hill near Collinvale, ¾ mile NW of Ballyclaire, Co.Antrim. Killed were: Sgt John E. MORGAN - 992269 F/Lt Kenneth D. FAULKNER - dfc - 78086 F/O Allan F. WHITNEY - RCAF J/44099 F/O Ernest R. MATTHEWS - 159166 F/O Peter G. SIM - MiD -149164 Sgt Albert BLADON - 2206239 Sgt Henry E. BENWELL - 2221864. Both pilots: F/O Peter C.E. COX - 141720 and P/O Garrett J. FENWICK - RAAF436200 and also Sgt William HOWDEN - 1624424 survived. FK234 - Liberator III - 86 Sqn - BX-W: Gained insufficient height taking off from Aldergrove and crashed Edge of Crumlin. Killed were: S/Ldr Dennis F. WYKEHAM-MARTIN - DFC - 72587 (died the day after) Sgt John McK. LESLIE - 1346156 Sgt Henry B. LITTLE - 1099718 P/O Henry F. BURNEY - 145808 F/Sgt William G. McGHEE - DFM - 965726 W/O Harold L. CARTER - 1378716. P/O S. NEAL and F/Sgt A.L. COWAN survived the accident. Regards, Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 24th September 2008 08:30:42
612 Sqdn loss 27 Feb 1943Hi Linzee, From draft Vol 2 27/02/43 612 Sqn Whitley VII BD683 WL-B Op: A/S Patrol, Wick, 08:10 hrs F/O G D Wright Sgt A Waterworth P/O F L S Wismer RCAF Sgt N Hallett Sgt W H Young Sgt C S Berger Missing on an Flora U patrol. An unfinished call sign and SOS was heard from this aircraft at 15:38 hrs but despite an extensive search nothing was found of the aircraft. Both Sgt Waterworth and F/O Wright rest in Stavne Cemetery, Trondheim, Norway, while the remainder of the crew, including P/O Wismer of London, Ontario, are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. ... As a Buy One Get One Free bonus FLORA U 6054N 0121W 6536N 0137W 6535N 0219W 6054N 0126W Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 28th September 2008 01:44:38
FS SJ Collett KIA 19/8/1942Hi John, A Coastal OTU loss from RAF Cranwell. 19/08/42 No.3 OTU Whitley V BD233 Coded U Casualties: Sgt S J Collett Sgt B E Ridett Training, RAF Cranwell Crashed in sea on navex near Holy Island, Northumberland. Port engine caught fire. Approached Low Newton from the sea. It then turned north towards Beadnell beach, passing low over Links House, crashing just south of Long Nanny burn. As it careered over the dunes and sand it cut a pathway through the rough ground, totally breaking up in the process. Possibly flew too close and struck friendly ships. Regards Ross ....Read More.Ross_McNeill on 5th October 2008 03:06:49
F/S John Thomas - 545987 - Died 12/7/42 - 51 Sqd - Runnymede MemorialHi Steve John T Thomas is on the memorial of 51 Sqn at He was on board Whitley V,Z9511. From the Air Britain Z Serials it was shot down by enemy A/C over the Western Approaches. 51 Sqn were based at Chivenor in Devon at the time. The 51 Sqn website places them in 4 Gp Bomber Command suggesting that they were on loan to Coastal Command at the time of the loss. Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 10th October 2008 01:46:11
410615 - Unaccounted airmen - 15-6-1941What were the places of death registration for: AC2 William A. BOWKER - 1133886, and LAC Stanley EDGINTON - 942975. Proposed aircraft losses for this day: Hurricane I - P3659 - 9 FTS - crashed on approach Castle Combe. Hurricane I - V6880 - 52 OTU - crashed in forced landing 3 miles SE of Debden. Oxford I - R6153 - 15 FTS - crashed in forced landing Grafton Underwood. Spitfire - X4015 - 53 OTU - crashed on take-off Heston. Whitley V - T4163 - 7 BGS - crashed on take-off Kenfig Sands, Glamorganshire. Regards and thanks for your help. Henk. ....Read More.Henk Welting on 12th October 2008 08:28:55
P/O M D D McCarthy RNZAF 27.2.42Steve, The info on the site Dick refers to is an unauthorised copy from my 'For Your Tomorrow - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915 (Volume One: Fates 1915-1942)' : Fri 27/Sat 28 Feb 1942 Bomber Command Raid against the battle-cruiser Scharnhorst at Wilhelmshaven, Germany (by 33 aircraft - 3 lost) 77 Squadron, RAF (Leeming, Yorkshire - 4 Group) Whitley V Z9148/L - brought down over Germany and crashed near Esens, 35km WNW of Wilhelmshaven. All five crew died, the two New Zealanders being buried in the Esens Cemetery, probably with some or all of the others. All were later reinterred at Sage, 24km south of Oldenburg. Captain: NZ403976 Plt Off Morris Donald Darwin McCARTHY, RNZAF - Age 19. 419hrs. 14th op. Observer: NZ404029 Flt Sgt Bert Gordon HIBELL, RNZAF - Age 21. 266hrs. 9th op. McCarthy’s brother, Raymond William McCarthy died over southern Germany on 15 April 1943 while flying with 7 Sqn, RAF. After the war Raymond’s body was exhumed from Stuttgart and buried alongside his brother’s at Sage. And from the Amendments section of my Vol Three: p186; McCARTHY, M D D – shot down by a night-fighter at Holtgast, 2km SW of Esens, at 2138. Yet another brother, Robert Colin McCarthy, died on 25 Oct 42 while serving in the Middle East with the 2NZEF. 'Oberstenfield', relating to Raymond, is an error by the Museum, not my book. Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 22nd October 2008 05:15:33
Red seats in bomberHi Gildas W/O B C Gillespie 402117 RAAF's casualty file has not yet been digitised on but the title states" Aircraft - Whitley VII T5050: Place - Germany: Date - 4 February 1942" For a fee of $16.50 AU you can have the file digitised and displayed on naa website. You can then print file. In addition to the file subject, the following servicemen are mentioned in this record: DAVIE N S F – (Squadron Leader); Service Number – 90373 CALDER T W – (Sergeant); Service Number – 627441 SIKAL M F – (Sergeant); Service Number – R61024 RCAF HARRIS C S – (Sergeant); Service Number – 1166732 BARNES J F – (Sergeant); Service Number – 923213 Also there is a photo of W/O Gillespie with the Australian cricket team at Stalag Luft I. Go to, collections, collections search, Type in UK2534A. Hope this helps Lorraine ....Read More.Lorraine on 26th October 2008 08:26:57
81 OTU Losses 1944Whitley VLA770 COO at Belconwood Farm, Myddle, Shrewsbury 3/6/44. No idea about casualties. HTH regards DaveW ....Read More.davew on 30th October 2008 08:26:39
Whitley P4971In my ancient copy of AB's 'P' Serials (1978,p.27), this aircraft is listed as :- 51/3 OTU/1 OTU - Crashed on take-off, Silloth 16/7/41. On the AWM148 Roll of Honour, AUS400164 WHITBOURNE,Arthur Ernest RAAF, is mentioned as being killed in a Ground Accident on 16/7/1941. His Unit being quoted as, 3(C) Op Training. At the NAA, the following crew (In no particular order), is mentioned in the Item notes of Whitbourne's A705 Title page :- AUS400164 Sgt A E Whitbourne RAAF (+16/7/41) AUS402168 Sgt C O'Donnell RAAF (On CWGC as +11/8/41) ? F/O J E Jordan 950638 Sgt A Green (+16/7/41) 995714 Sgt R N Lord 1356087 Sgt J Davis To further complicate matters, O'Donnell's original AWM148 Card/Fiche (The AWM148 RoH DB being compiled from this source), quotes his Unit as, 3(C)OTU, this being crossed-out and 1(C)OTU being substituted. Can anyone provide an accurate account of the fate of Whitley V P4971 and crew? Regards, Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 1st November 2008 01:04:14
14 Sep 1942 P/O David M Wilson[QUOTE=dennis_burke;17743]I wonder if anyone could place a loss for this airman P/O David M WILSON 120352 Panel 72 The CWGC records an airman with his serial number as David Ma Well WILSON. I mailed them with the London Gazette entry as it seems unlikely he was named "Ma Well". probably a scanning error. He is remembered on the Runnymede memorial and has no unit against his name so likely it was a training loss perhaps. They might be unconnected but other RAFVR casualties that day on Runnymede with no unit are: Sgt. DAVIES, STANLEY 1381571 Panel 81 Sgt. FREESTONE, THOMAS HAROLD 1050023 Panel 83 * Missing P/O GRANT, ALAN GEORGE 127011 Panel 69. Missing Sgt. HANCOCK, BERNARD LESLIE 1191244 Panel 84. KIA P/O JENKINS, ARTHUR DOUGLAS CHARLES 122135 Panel 289 Sgt NICHOLLS, RAYMOND GEORGE 1384306 Panel 90. * Missing Those with asterix are listed in Flight archives as missing in same group as Wilson. Any ideas welcome, cheers Dennis[/QUOTE] Hello Dennis Chorley has P/O. D M. Wilson, Sgt. T H. Freestone and Sgt. Nicholls as being lost on 13-14 September 1942 when 16 OTU Wellington IC X9660 was lost on a raid to Bremen. Sgt. S. Davies and Sgt. B L. Hancock were lost on the same raid with the loss Wellington IC HE116 SJ-B. P/O. A G. Grant was lost when Whitley V BD267 UO-K of 19 OTU was lost on a training flight. Regards Peter. ....Read More.peter on 8th November 2008 07:59:19
139 sqn airman iinfo req.Hi Peter From Chorley Bomber Command Losses Vol 3, Gold was the pilot of a Whitley V ,Z6728, engaged on an operation for SOE. This could have been agent or supply dropping in an Occupied Country, a type of Op for which 138 Sqn became one of a number of Specialist Sqns. The normal crew of a Whitley was 5 but this one was carrying 7 and the Loss card mentions an 8th for whom Chorley could find no details.It is possible that the extra crew included Agents.The a/c came down in the sea and Chorley reports seeing a report that 2 of those on board died of exposure and he believes that they were found on a Dinghy that was washed ashore nr Hawkinge on 9/2/42. The rest ,incl. Gold, have no known graves. Look also on, which suggests that the a/c was operating into Belgium Regards Dick ....Read More.Dick on 11th November 2008 02:23:48
Sergeant D G GREEN 31 May 1942 - 297 Squadron ?Hello, First of all: Happy new year! According to the fantastic new book of Colin Cummings 'Though Without Anger' Sergeant Donald George Green (Wireless Operator) has been lost onboard Whitley V BD371 of 297 Squadron on 31 May 1942. Sergeant Green isn't reported in 38 Group Roll of Honour and I can't confirm that this man was from 297 Squadron. Can somebody help me? Thanks in advance. Bruno ....Read More.Bruno on 2nd January 2009 04:45:34

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