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Jet Provost  XN604 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Jet Provost  XN604

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Jet Provost 1962/63 RAF AcklingtonCan anyone supply information on the following a/c please, XN604 09.05.62 XP635 18.04.63 XN603 29.07.63 Thank you Chris ....Read More.Chris Davies on 17th July 2009 07:16:59
Jet Provost 1962/63 RAF AcklingtonHi Chris, XN604. MK T3. 6 FTS. 1/2 Mile WSW of RAF Acklington. 9/5/62. False fire warning light led to abandonment by F/Lt W.D.E.Eggleton and his student P/O M.Hyland. Both OK. XP635. MK T4. 6 FTS. Place Whitton Shields Morpeth,Northumberland. 18/4/63. Abandoned following fire warning. F/Lt Shadbolt and student P/O Gladwin. both OK. XN603. was 29/7/65 NOT 29/7/63. But an incident in similar circumstances occurred on the former date to XM380 a MK T3. of 2 FTS. Abandoned after fire warning and flame out at 1 mile S of Seagrave,Leicester. Instructor was Master Pilot A.Naismith and Student P/O Fisher who both ejected OK. XN603. MK T3. 6 FTS. Loc: Eshott, 4 miles from RAF Acklington. 29/7/65. Crew ejected after false fire warning. Both OK. But no crew details. From Colin Cummings `Lost to Service` Regards Dave ....Read More.highgroundsman on 17th July 2009 11:07:59
Jet Provost 1962/63 RAF AcklingtonDave, many thanks for thank, well spotted on my error of date. XN604 ......abandond...where did it crash?? XN603...I was guided to the site yesterday. Chris ....Read More.Chris Davies on 17th July 2009 01:16:40
Navy aircraft loss Northumberland ID helpHello, From "Broken Wings", & 1956 - 4th Nov, Anson C12, PH782 - APS - U/c collapsed on Take off Acklington. 1957 - 15th Apl, Meteor NF.11, WD725 - 29 Sqn - lost power on ground and caught fire. 1957 - 8th Aug, Meteor T.11, VW488 - 13 Gp CF - 1m WNW of Belsay, Northumberland - dived into ground after T/O from Ouston in bad weather, two killed. 1957 - 20th Sept, Varsity T.1, WL640 - 2 ANS - Falstone, Northumberland - Broke up in air on Navex, five killed. 1957 - 13th Dec, Hunter F.6 XG202 - 66 Sqn - 11/4m NNE of Morpeth, Northumberland - Engine flame out abandoned as ASI not working. 1958 - 14th Feb, Hunter F.6 XG236 - 66 Sqn - near Kielder Reservoir, N,umberland - control lost in cloud dived into ground, one killed. 1958 - 7th Jly, Meteor T.7 WL422 - 29 Sqn - Damaged Acklington (?) declared a write off. 1961 - 5th Aug, Whirlwind HAR.4 XL113 - 228 Sqn - Cullercoats Bay, Northumberland - engine cut during winching practice, ditched and sank. 1961 - 4th Spt, Vampire T.11 XD592 - 1 FTS - Radio failed, crew ejected due to low fuel, a/c crashed nr Acklington. 1961 - 18th Set, Provost T.1 WV623 - 6 FTS - Night landing ground looped, Acklington. 1961 - 25th Spt, Provost T.1 WV564 - 6 FTS - landing accident Acklington DBR. 1962 - 16th Jan, Provost T.1 WV607 - 6 FTS - Airframe overstressed following high speed vertical dive, a/c written off. 1962 - 27th Mch, Jet Provost T.3 XN599 - 6FTS - Swung off runway on landing, Acklington. 1962 - 8th May, Jet Provost T.3 XM422 - 6 FTS - Crashed Acklington, Aerobatics, one killed. 1962 - 9th May, Jet Provost T.3 XN604 - 6 FTS - Crased Felton crew ejected following false fire warning. 1962 - 18th May, Javelin FAW.9 XH755 - 33 Sqn - 7m E of Tynemouth, Northumberland - Control lost, abandoned in spin, one killed. 1962 - 14th Aug, Jet Provost's XF684 & XF903 - 6 FTS - Night collision, both a/c crashed, both crews killed. 1962 - 17th Oct, Jet Provost T.3 - 6 FTS - A/c stalled Ouston, Iraqi student pilot injured. FAA losses. 1957 19th Feb - three killed.- JOHNSON, Peter T S/Lt.; SUTHERLAND, Alistair P/O (T); TURNER Geoffrey S Lt. [ GANNET AS4 - XA415(283/CU)]. 28th Mch - 831 Sqn - two killed. - HUNT, Reginald C Lt. [Wyvern WP343(384/O)] ; MAGGS, Maurice S/Lt. [Wyvern WL887(383/O)]. 3rd Aug - 891 Sqn - two killed. - BURT, Brian W Lt.; TOWNEND, Anthony Lt. [ Sea Venom XG619 (435/B)]. 20th Aug - 814 Sqn - two killed. - LLEWELLYN, Raymond K (A) LT(A); SWAYNE,William P.H Lt(O). [ Gannet AS4 - XA416(285/CU ? )]. 1958 12th Mch - 891 Sqn - two killed. - JAKEMAN, John K Lt; MARTIN, Philip M S/Lt. [ Sea Venom XG728(436/B)]. 1st May - 766 Sqn - two killed. - FERGUSON, William A.M Lt/Cdr; MOORE, Michael A. Lt(O) [ Sea Venom XG609(730)]. 23rd Jly - HMS Eagle air crash, two killed. - HAMON, Arthur G Lt; HAYWARD, Alan J S/Lt. [ Sea Venom XG689(490/E)]. 25th Jly - Air crash Taunton, two killed. - WEBSTER, W. John Lt; WOOD, Brian C Lt. [Sea Venom XG625(463/R)]. 25th Sept - 803 Sqn - - one killed. -RUSS ....Read More.Alex Smart on 22nd November 2015 09:10:18

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