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Hurricane II  Z2691 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hurricane II  Z2691

Block 5, Hawker Aircraft Ltd, RR Merlin XX, 14th Jan 1941 -28th July 1941 More information in: Dr. Colin James Pratt-Hooson's Hurricane Site

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Loss of Hurricane Z4356You cheeky chappie, Franek, trying to catch us out this way!! That's a double vodka when we meet!! What is the date of the Italian newspaper to which you refer? Regarding Hurricane operations from Malta in mid 1942, an ad hoc small Hurricane fighter-bomber unit was formed by W/Cdr Stan Turner for operations against Sicily, which comprised mainly repaired Hurricanes left over from earlier in the year. One of these was Z2825, but this crashed on an air test on 23 July. Another was BN408. Three redundant FAA pilots then took over the Hurricanes and operated for a short period, flying BG770, Z4941, Z2691 and BE110. On 23 July, seven Hurricanes were destroyed/damaged during an air raid - Z3172, 3453, 5149, BE428,563,BG719 and 794; three more suffered the same fate three days later, BD702, BG787 and BN118. Z3574 was believed to have been the AOC's personal aircraft coded OK-2. I note that Z3456 was lost on 21 October 1941 off Sicily and the pilot killed, possibly into the sea. Perhaps, if the photo was taken in North Africa, Z4356 never reached Malta None of the above, however, answers your query - how did Z4356 end up in Sicily or North Africa! How about posting the picture for all of us to see? And some idea of date would help. Over to you Cheers Brian PS: Just been looking at my ME files and note that the Hurricanes of 238 and 260 Squadron flew via Malta to ME in June 1941; these included Z4353; Z4337 was with 33 Squadon in July 1941; while Z4355, 4373, 4378 and 4379 were with 94 Squadron in September 1941; I have a note that Z4856 (typo for 4356?) was also with 94 Squadron at this time. I am aware that batches of Hurricanes were not necessarily allocated to squadrons in consecutive order, but ...........! ....Read More.brian on 5th June 2008 05:23:36

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