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Hurricane I Z4257 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Hurricane I Z4257

Block 3/G, Gloster Aircraft Co, RR Merlin III or XX, July 1940 - Aug 1941 More information in: Dr. Colin James Pratt-Hooson's Hurricane Site

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/8922Sergeant A N Stuchbery: injured; aircraft accident at Hastings, Freetown, Sierra Leone, Hurricane Z4257, 95 Squadron, 7 September 1941.C16924764

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Crashed Lancaster Bomber RAF SyerstonHelen, Like Dick, I cannot confirm for certain if this is the aircraft concerned but the following appears in my trilogy 'For Your Tomorrow - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915 (Volume Two: Fates 19423-1998)': Fri 12/Sat 13 Jan 1945 BOMBER COMMAND Night training exercise 5 Lancaster Finishing School, RAF (Syerston Nottinghamshire - 5 Group) Lancaster III JB125 - on returning to base at 2150 encountered low cloud down to 500-600 feet with rain. While turning steeply three miles to the west, 150 feet below airfield level, flew into the ground ĺ mile north of the Elm Tree Hotel, Hoveringham. All seven crew died, the three RNZAF airmen being buried at Botley, just west of Oxford. Captain: NZ425241 Plt Off Guy Rerenui DUNLOP, RNZAF - Age 28. 451hrs (8 solo on Lancaster) Navigator: NZ425790 Flt Sgt Peter John HILL, RNZAF - Age 22. 273hrs. WOpAG: NZ4212868 Flt Sgt Richard Ludgvan STAPLES, RNZAF - Age 23. 215hrs. Hillís brother, Howard Perry Hill, died on 20 September 1940 while flying with 92 Sqn, RAF. Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 8th January 2009 05:42:50
Hurricanes with 95 West AfricaHi Mike, Some bare facts: A Fighter Defence Flight (as part of No.95 Squadron), was created at Hastings, Sierra Leone, with half-a-dozen Hurricane Is, flown in from Takoradi early in August (!941). Although one of its pilots, Sgt Todd, quickly opened the Flight's score by destroying a Martin 167 on the 22nd, the element of surprise had vanished and the French crews became increasingly circumspect in their activities. In truth the old Hurricane Is proved unable to catch the French aircraft and so, on 7 October, the Flight was expanded to become No.128 Squadron with 15 Hurricane IIBs under the command of Sqn Ldr Billy Drake. First six pilots (Mostly ex-261 Sqn.): 1250685/63484 P/O Robert Neil Greig ALLEN - ? - 'Gus' DAVIES 39793 F/Lt John Ignatius KILMARTIN - CO 740427/87382 P/O Percival Alexander MORTIMER 794247/119873 Sgt Arthur George TODD NZ391855 - ? - Douglas Mitchell WHITNEY RNZAF Aircraft: Hurricane Trop. Mk.I Z4256 Z4257 - Ground collision with DC-2 (c/n.1311), Hastings, Freetown, Sierra Leone 7-9-41 Z4313 Z4484 - Sgt A G Todd shot down Vichy French M-167A-3 (Nr.141), Hastings, Sierra Leone 22-8-41 All the above is provisional, hopefully others can add more. MCaaHNY. Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 23rd December 2010 03:06:16
Names of RNZAF airmen in CanadaChristian, P/O S.E. Wilks (NZ415429) Stanley Edward Jack Read NZ422725 Jack Aubrey READ Embarked NZ for Canada as a WOp/AG u/t 29 May 42 or NZ42101 John Byatt READ Embarked NZ for Canada as a WOp/AG u/t 2 Mar 42 John Smart NZ425727 Jack SMART Embarked NZ for Canada as WOp/AG u/t 2 Oct 42 Erol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 12th March 2011 10:24:59
104 Sqd OperationsPhill, Thanks for the crew of HE827. Here are the details on Cockram (mostly, per favour of Errol Martyn): Wed 22/Thu 23 Nov 1944 MEDITERRANEAN ALLIED AIR FORCES Raid on railway yards at Szombathely, South Hungary (by 79 aircraft - 8 lost) 37 Squadron, RAF (Tortorella [Foggia No.2], Italy -231 Wing, 205 Group. Mediterranean Allied Strategic Air Force) Wellington X LP574/U - took off at 1710 captained by Flt Sgt J H Emmett* RAAF. Believed to have been shot down by a night-fighter at about 2100, exploding in mid-air close to the Yugoslav border, wreckage falling over a wide area at Kariapuzta, 1km SE of Pordefolde, about 2km WSW of Peku and 8km WSW of Lenti. The five crew were buried at Pordefolde, but later reinterred at Budapest. Wireless Operator: NZ425763 Flt Sgt Robert Charles CHESTERMAN RNZAF - Age 34. 278hrs. 8thop. Five of Chesterman's ops had been flown with 32 OTU while undergoing training in Canada. See: For Your Tomorrow:A Record of New Zealanders who have Died while Serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Forces since 1915. Volume Two:Fates 1943-1998. Martyn, Errol W. Christchurch:Volplane Press,1999. p.297 * Amendments to Volumes One and Two - Volume Two. p.297. Chesterman, R. C. :- For Sgt J. H. Emmett, read Sgt J. H. Emmott. FYT3/564 (bio of Chesterman, on p.127) Crew: AUS422905 F/Sgt (Captain/Pilot) Jack Harrison EMMOTT RAAF + AUS424815 F/Sgt (Nav.) Leonard Roy YOUNG RAAF + 1622293 Sgt (Air Bomber) Wilfred CARTER RAFVR + NZ425763 F/Sgt ((W.Op./Air Gnr.) Robert Charles CHESTERMAN RNZAF + 1852449 F/Sgt (Air Gnr.) Charles Havill COCKRAM RAFVR + Col. ....Read More.COL BRUGGY on 9th February 2015 05:57:58
Lancaster crash April 26th 1945: NorthamptonFrom my For Your Tomorrow - [I]A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services since 1915 (Volume Two: Fates 1943-1998):[/I] Note the different farm name: Thu 26 Apr 1945 BOMBER COMMAND Ferry flight in connection with Operation EXODUS 50 Squadron, RAF (Skellingthorpe, Lincolnshire - 5 Group) Lancaster I PD339/J - took off (from Wing, Buckinghamshire?) at about 1640 and 15 minutes later south of Northampton hit a tree while turning steeply to avoid cables, crashed and burned out on Hardingstone Lodge Farm. Of the seven crew only the two RAF air gunners survived, injured. The four RNZAF airmen were buried on 2 May at Botley, just west of Oxford. Operation EXODUS involved a large scale airlift to repatriate some 75,000 recently liberated British prisoners of war from Continental airfields to Britain. Lost on the first day of the 12-day operation, it is believed that PD339 was returning to its base after transporting one of the first batches of prisoners from Brussels to Wing. Captain: NZ425740 Fg Off Cedric John EVANS, RNZAF - Age 22. 603hrs (152 solo on Lancaster) 15 ops. Navigator: NZ4215760 Flt Sgt Thomas Richard THWAITE, RNZAF - Age 20. 405hrs. 14 ops. Air Bomber: NZ425688 Flt Sgt Ralph Franklin CARRODUS, RNZAF - Age 22. 530hrs. 14 ops. WOpAG: NZ425580 Flt Sgt Ian James LOVERIDGE, RNZAF - Age 24. 345hrs. 12 ops. Errol ....Read More.Errol Martyn on 6th March 2016 06:46:27

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