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Date of Crash 27 Jan 42 Aircraft Name Blenheim IV Serial Number Z6012
Unit 113 Sqdn Operating Airfield Mingaladon Country
Aircrew details Lt J L B VINEY
Details [ ] Lt. Viney with his usual crew of Sgt John Edwin WOHLERS 400186 and Sgt Ewan Brooking, were one of six crews briefed in the afternoon for a night raid on Bangkok. Our plane was Z6012. We had just become airborne when the port motor cut out. Viney put it back on the runway, which ended too soon, So he pulled up the under-carriage, and we came to rather an abrupt halt. One wheel had collapsed before the other, so we did a ground loop and ended up facing where we had come from. Z6012 was a write-off. I was definitely the N/B in this case. As far as I can remember, while I was with 113, this was the only crash that involved Lt. Viney. The bomb load was 4x250lbs. and 4 incendiaries. (Source Sgt Ewan Brooking)
Source http://113squadron.c

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