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Whitley V Z6752 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Whitley V Z6752

National Archives AIR81

Citation AIR81 Casualty File Description Link
AIR81/7530Flight Lieutenant J E Simmonds, Sergeant E H Alderton, Sergeant S A Evans, Sergeant D Bradley: prisoners of war; aircraft force landed near Eindhoven, Holland, enemy action, Whitley Z6752, 77 Squadron, 7 July 1941.C16756827

Prisoners of War for Whitley V Z6752

RankName, Number, Trade & DetailsDate CapturedUnitPOW NoCamp
E H Alderton (755402) Whitley V Z6752 1941-07-0677 SqdnStalag 357 Kopernikus
D Bradley (940308) Whitley V Z6752 1941-07-0677 SqdnStalag 357 Kopernikus

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Whitley 77 Sqdn shotdown Heeze/Holland 7 July 1941Looking for more info on Whitley Z6752, 77 Sqdn, shotdown by FLAK over Heeze. Pilot P/O J.E.Simmonds, Obs Sgt E.H.Alderton, Wop Sgt S.A.Evans and reargunner Sgt D.Bradley all survived and became POW's. Target for this a/c was Dortmund. Are these survivors still among us?? I would like to get in touch. Also ORB sought for this aircraft and crew. Regards, Adrian ....Read on 3rd November 2009 03:15:08
Whitley 77 Sqdn shotdown Heeze/Holland 7 July 1941Adrian, If you get anything on this, please let me know as l am researching another aircraft lost on this mission from 77 Squadron, in respect of W H E Harwood. Harwood, POW No. 39203, was aboard a 77 Squadron Whitley, Z6642 KN-?, when it was lost on 7th July 1941 and was one of two 77 Squadron Whitley’s lost on this operation, together with Z6752. The aircraft was out from Topcliffe when it was abandoned and crashed at 03.55 Hours at Epe (Gelderland), 16 km North North East of Apeldoorn, Holland. Sgt Harwood received a severe facial injury, caused either by the wire from the trailing aerial or from part of his parachute harness. Sgt N C Bizley POW, Sgt W J Haslam RCAF POW, Sgt G C Carter POW, Sgt W Petch POW and Sgt W H E Harwood POW. Sgt W H E Harwood was in Camps 9C/357, PoW No.39203 with Sgt W Petch, PoW No.39198. Regards, Nick ....Read More.NickFenton on 4th November 2009 10:28:11

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