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Date of Crash  30 Aug 42 Aircraft Name  Blenheim IV Serial Number  Z7943
Unit  34 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Asansol Country  India
Aircrew details Sgt John Phillip Reginald JULIAN*(1018129)
Plt Offr John Henry THWAITS*(80219)
Details Crashed in river near Ruhiar village in flooded water near river, crew lynched. . Remains never found . Sgt Francis Murray GREAVES* 1259996 was AG
Source ORB

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Blenheim T2245 (113 Sqn). Crew Murdered? Sgt GOSS, WHITESIDE, MURRAYThe book "The Bamboo Workshop: The History of the RAF Repair & Salvage Units India/Burma 1941-1946" by R S Sansome mentions about the loss of Blenheim T2245 of 113 Squadron operating out of Ranchi on Page 78. The crew forcelanded after engine malfunction at "Kotihar". But were surrounded by a hostile mob (The area was seeing Anti-British unrest at that time). The crew handed over their pistols but were murdered. A salvage party belonging to 122/143RSU went to the site a month later . Very little of the aircraft was salvaged. (There is an account of a second Blenheim meeting the same fate). As per CWGC, the crew of the aircraft who were murdered were Sgt Stanley Arthur GOSS R77142 Sgt Charles Alexander WHITESIDE 1181362 Sgt Arthur Murray 980175 They are all collectively buried in a communal grave at the [URL="'47.4%22N+85%C2%B020'40.1%22E/@23.3631734,85.3438624,295m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0"]Ranchi War Cemetery, Bihar[/URL]. There is a page on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial to GOSS, - [URL][/URL] this includes the following snippet which reports that his body was not recovered. [IMG][/IMG] My questions[INDENT]- is there any additional information in the 113 Sqn ORB regarding this incident? - If his body was not recovered at that time, how did the remains come to be in the Ranchi Cemetary? Any additional information on when his remains were found? - Are there any investigative documents reports available of this incident?[/INDENT] Sansome also writes about a second Blenheim meeting the same fate - crewed by Sgt JULIAN and Sgt GREAVES both killed flying Blenheim Z7943. But I cannot locate them in CWGC. ....Read More.Jagan on 23rd April 2016 06:56:40

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