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Blenheim IV Z9799 [Royal Air Force Aircraft Serial and Image Database]

 Blenheim IV Z9799

Aircraft Accident / Loss Entry

Date of Crash  11 Mar 42 Aircraft Name  Blenheim IV Serial Number  Z9799
Unit  45 Sqdn Operating Airfield  Magwe Country  India
Aircrew details Sgt Douglas James SMYTH*(406118)
Details hit by ground fire near Mingaladon; all-RAAF crew Sgt D. Smythe (Pilot) fatally wounded, Sgt D. Golder (Obs) and Sgt J. Alt (WOp/Ag) baled out safely over Magwe. daik pegu DISTRICT 1500 HOURS. Shot through heart, interred at Magwe Cemetary. Aircraft left Magwe at 1500 hours and precced to fly low over troop concentratoins. Over Nyauclebia, at 50ft altitude, met with concnetrated fire . Smyth was hit in the heart by the bullet andd died instantly. Observer Golder along with AG Alt removed body from control seat, flew aircraft back to base. Golder and Alt dropped smyths body by parachute and then baled out over Magwe at 7000 ft. landed safely uninjured. Aircraft crashed and was beyond repair.
Source NAA

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